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Pulaski County, Kentucky
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Pulaski County was formed in 1799 from Green & Lincoln Counties
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File Name Description Size Date Submitted Submitted By
vitals index 1852-1859 Pulaski County Deaths   6/4/1999 Valerie DavisThe Registry
vitals.txt 1874 Deaths For Pulaski Co.   12/16/2006 Yvonne Lay LogueThe Registry
baugh526gdt.txt Baugh, Achilles  March 26, 1914 2k 5-2006 Tanya Curtis
baugh530gdt.txt Baugh, Sarah C.  June 13, 1927 2k 5-2006 Tanya Curtis
Carter, William 43k
3/4/2006 Kelly Courtney-BlizzardThe Registry
Carter, William Andrew 42k
3/4/2006 Kelly Courtney-BlizzardThe Registry
Combest, Julia 43k 3/4/2006 Kelly Courtney-BlizzardThe Registry
debord.txt Debord  Misc. info 2k 6/6/1998 Judy Tillison Wright
farmer851.txt Farmer, Stephen Langford  February 28, 1915 Death Certificate 1.45k 7/20/2007 Georgia Wells-WestThe Registry
girdler1311gdt.txt Girdler, Milford P March 4, 1926   8/24/2013 William King
hall1310gdt.txt Hall, Jonas September 9, 1915   8/24/2013 William King
hall1308gdt.txt Hall, Vola January 17, 1987   8/24/2013 William King
lester1309gdt.txt Lester, Mary Jane December 1, 1924   8/24/2013 William King
lester1307gdt.txt Lester, Verla April 27, 1937   8/24/2013 William King
oaks538gdt.txt Oaks, Elizabeth  January 19, 1923 2k 5-2006 Tanya Curtis
Polston.Jane.1911.jpg Polston, Jane  1911 Death Certificate 55.7k 1/20/2004 Edith BastinThe Registry
Polston.Sarah.1948.jpg Polston, Sarah Elizabeth Sadler  1948 Death Certificate 82.4k 1/20/2004 Edith BastinThe Registry
s512001.txt Simpson, Minerva  Death Certificate 2k 3/30/1999 Sharon Dykes
s463005.txt Souleyrette, Era Dell  Death Certificate 1.78k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463006.txt Souleyret, Henry Peter  Death Certificate 2.40k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463007.txt Souleyret, James Carl  Death Certificate 1.87K 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463001.txt Souleyret, Leyman  Death Certificate 1.75k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463002.txt Souleyret, Lucy McKee  Death Certificate 2.08k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463004.txt Souleyrette, Ray  Death Certificate 2.10k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
s463003.txt Souleyret, Willy  Death Certificate 1.80k 9/11/2002 Sherri HallThe Registry
surber531gdt.txt Surber, Rebecca  December 16, 1915 2k 5-2006 Tanya Curtis
vanhook536gdt.txt Vanhook, Larkin J.  March 21, 1918 2k 5-2006 Tanya Curtis
ndt3warner.txt Warner, Everett  Death Certificate 1k 5/1/2004 Darrell WarnerThe Registry
nph118warnerev.jpg 184k 11/2/2004
whitis270gdt.txt Whitis, Benjamin Franklin  Death Certificate 1k 7/9/2005 Ron Howell
whitis228gdt.txt Whitis, Charles  Death Certificate 1k 6/24/2005 Ron Howell
whitis235gdt.txt Whitis, Charles Franklin  Death Certificate 1k 6/26/2005 Ron Howell
whitis290gdt.txt Whitis, Ed  Death Certificate 1k 8/14/2005 Ron Howell
whitis309gdt.txt Whitis, Manda A.  February 18, 1938 2k 10-2005 Ron Howell
whitis272gdt.txt Whitis, Sarah Jan  Death Certificate 1k 7/9/2005 Ron Howell
whitis271gdt.txt Whitis, William Thomas  Death Certificate 1k 7/9/2005 Ron Howell
y520001.txt Young, Mary Brough 4k 7/13/1998 Evelyn Young

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