In the doc you will note that the groom name is Banty Looney.  His name was

actually Owen Banty Looney.  The bride's name is listed as Leona Hopkins. 

In fact, Leona's name was Leona Damron. 


Further, you will see that The wife's father is listed as Buck Hopkins. 

His name was actually Farley Damron and he was not deceased at

the time of the union as indicated.


After searching extensively for Leona's birth certificate two years ago

I ordered the certified copy that lists Leona's name as Damron, and

her father's name as Farley.


The witnesses were Margie Coleman, she was the sister to Leona Looney,

and Myrtle Wright, who was the sister to Banty Looney.


On the back is a certification by Ramona Roberts, dated 28th of

 September, 1989.  The county seal is present.  I assume this is a copy

that my grandmother got because of the death of my grandfather

 in June same year.



B Wirsen