Pike County, KY Land Deeds


Jack Looney Land Deed

July 17, 1970


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This deed was submitted by Betty Wirsen , she describes the deed in her own words below. Any queries should be addressed to Ms. Wirsen.

Until seeing this deed I was unaware that my great uncle, Jack Looney, was a partial owner in land that my grandparents owned on the Lick Fork branch of Bowling Fork.

The deed says that Jack sold my grandfather and grandmother his part of the parcel for $150.

This land was once owned by Miles and Mary Bowling  Looney, and I would guess (though I do not know and will have to research this some day) that Mary inherited it from her father, who in turn likely inherited it from his, etc as I understand that at one time all of Bowling Fork belonged to Mary's great grandfather Henry Bowling.

The land in full, around two acres, is now owned by my maternal uncle Carlos Gene Looney.

I debated on sending this to you for archiving, but then realized that a public copy may no longer be in existence today.

Thanks again,

B Wirsen

PS, the description of the land boundaries almost seem cryptic now because none of the markers that are mentioned are there, nor were they that I am aware of when I was a child.

The only way one could tell now is that the land is fenced on one side at the line between Ernest Turner's land, and on the other side by land owned by Loyal Thomas Coleman...land that once belonged to Bud and Dolly Mullins.  This parcel is viewable on Google Earth.


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