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File Description Size Date Submitter
 g416-002 Gilbert, Isaac - 1839 Land Grant, (Clay Co.) 2k 7-2-1998 Tim Spence
 g416-001 Gilbert, Isaac - 1848 Land Grant, (Perry Co.) 3k 7-2-1998 Tim Spence
 g416-001 Gilbert, Isaac - 1852 Land Warrent 2k 8-22-1998 Tim Spence
 g416-002 Gilbert, Isaac - 1852 Land Warrent 2k 8-22-1998 Tim Spence
 g416-002 Gilbert, Isaac  deed to  Gilbert, Clayborn 3k 7-24-1998 Tim Spence
census index 1850 Owsley County, Kentucky census     Misty Flannigan
census index 1860 Owsley County, Kentucky Census   4-23-1999 Many Transcribers
census index  1870 Owsley County, Kentucky census`   !0-23-1999 Many Transcribers
census index 1910 Owsley County, Kentucky Census    9-16-1998 Debi Kendrick
 abner Abner Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 ahall Alfred Hall Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 ambrose Ambrose Cemetery 2k 9-17-1998 Tim Spence
 ami-bak Amis / Baker Cemetery 8k 10-12-1998 Tim Spence
 bot-bow Botner / Bowman Cemetery 3k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 bowman Bowman Cemetery 3k 7-10-2000 K.L. Garland
 brewer Brewer Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 callahan Callahan Cemetery 7k 10-19-1998 Tim Spence
 callahananno Callahan Cemetery "Annotated" by Michael Dye 14k 10-1-2000 Michael Dye
 clk-sct Clark / Scott Cemetery 4k 12-05-1998 Jim Clark
 combs Combs Family Cemetery 9k 2-15-1999 Carolyn Clendenin
 cortcem Cortland Cemetery 16k 9-21-1998 Ann Baker
 cortano Cortland Cemetery "Annotated" by Ann Baker 29k 9-21-1998 Ann Baker
 cowcreek Cow Creek Cemetery 9k 10-19-1998 Tim Spence
 edwards Edwards Cemetery 5k 9-26-2000 Tim Spence
 gab-cre Gabbard / Creech Cemetery 5k 8-28-2001 Dannita Morgan
 gibson Gibson Cemetery 5k 2-4-1999 Tim Spence
 hseale Henry C. Seale Cemetery 7k 10-21-1999 Kathy McKenzie
 jbaker John Baker Cemetery 3k 1-22-1998 Tim Spence
 jwilson James H. Wilson Cemetery 1k 2-4-1999 Tim Spence
 longfield Long Field Cemetery 3k 5-9-2001 Diana Wells
 mistletoe Mistletoe Cemetery 3k 9-22-1998 Tim Spence
 mor-add Moore / Addison / Smith Cemetery 8k 11-22-1998 David Moore
 nbrewer N. Brewer Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 nwbrewer N. W. Brewer Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 pmoore Pleas Moore Cemetery 4k 10-15-1998 Tim Spence
 price Price Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 oliver William H. Oliver Family Cemetery 4k 5-31-1999 Andy Oliver
 shepherd Shepherd Cemetery  ( A - F ) 23k 6-14-1999 K.L. Garland
 shepherd Shepherd Cemetery ( G - M ) 18k 6-14-1999 K.L. Garland
 shepherd Shepherd Cemetery ( N - Z ) 25k 6-14-1999 K.L. Garland
 tayl-shep Taylor / Shepherd Cemetery 3k 9-23-2000 Tim Spence
 unknown Unknown "NAME" Cemetery 3k 5-31-1999 Andy Oliver
 wellrose Wells / Rose Cemetery 4K 10-21-1999 Betty Berish
 wilson Wilson Family Cemetery 6k 6-14-1999 K.L. Garland
 young Young Cemetery 2k 9-18-2000 Tim Spence
 a4500002 Allen, Johnny 2k 4-4-2008 Pat Ball
 a4500001 Allen, Hazel 2k 4-4-2008 Pat Ball
 c5120001 Combs, Winford 2k 4-4-2008 Carter L. Combs
 g2000001 Guess, Fannie 2k 4-4-2008 Pat Ball
 h5260001 Honaker, Ethil (Gabbard) 2k 9-3-2007 Connie Spurlock
 L3000001 Loyd, Serena 2k 4-4-2008 Pat Ball
 n5500001 Newman, Florence 1.5k 9-3-2007 Mary Hatton
 v2300001 Vest, Margie 2k 4-4-2008 Pat Ball
Index Owsley County Death Certificates      
 a156001 Abner Sidney - Gabbard Bertie 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 c512001 Combs Clifton - Peters Lucy 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 c512002 Combs Marion - Campbell Clarice Mae 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 g163001 Gabbard Leonard - Baker Flora 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 h400001 Howell Walter - Combs Ena Fay 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 m200001 Mayes Jack - Peters Belle 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 p362001 Peters William - Turner Ruth L. 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 v620001 Vires Green B. - Thomas Dovie 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 w425001 Wilson Robert - Gabbard Opal 2k 3-22-2000 Lynda
 a536001 Anderson, Franklin - widows pension 8k 10-22-1999 John Anderson
 g416-001 Gilbert, John - 1907 Pension Application 5k 6-22-1998 Tim Spence
 s534001 Sandlin, Willis - 1883 Pension Application 24k 7-2-1998 Tim Spence
 h435-001 Helton, James and Murray, Sopha 2k 10-10-1998 Debi Kendrick
 r543001 Reynolds, Joseph 3k 5-25-2000 Michele Douglas
 b4520001 Bolling, Jesse Walker 4k 8-27-2005 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
 b6600001 Brewer, Howell Cobb 3k 4-20-2002 Hazel Roach
 c5120001 Combs, James Slaughter 7k 6-10-2001 Glenda Flaugher
 c5120002 Combs, Kathryn 5k 6-10-2001 Glenda Flaugher
 e3630001 Edwards, Brown 4k 7-1-2001 Glenda Flaugher
 h4350001 Helton, Roscoe 4k 6-10-2001 Glenda Flaugher
 Queries Owsley County Queries Various Various Jennifer Elam Bawden

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