Owsley County, Kentucky Death Certificate Index

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Death Certificate Index
File Description Size Date Submittor
c2000001 Couch, Elijah 2k 3-22-1999 Tim Spence
c2000002 Couch, Henry 2k 3-22-1999 Tim Spence
c5120001 Combs, Mary 2k 4-19-1999 Debi Kendrick
c5120002 Combs, Nancy 2k 4-19-1999 Debi Kendrick
c5120003 Combs, Samuel 2k 4-19-1999 Debi Kendrick
g4160001 Gilbert, Darity 2k 3-22-1999 Tim Spence
g4160002 Gilbert, Kennis 2k 6-4-1999 Tim Spence
g4160003 Gilbert, John 2k 6-4-1999 Tim Spence
h3250001 Hudson, Martha 200kb 8-27-2005 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard
s5300001 Smith-Jackson, Meary 254kb 8-27-2005 Charlotte Ann Miller

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