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 bios.html  Oldham County BIOS A-Z  LINK  04/27/2003  Betty Brooks    The Registry
 a352001.txt  Adams, John R.  3.04k  01/22/1998  Virgina Tolman
 a425001.txt  Allison, Joseph  1.91k  01/18/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 b6230001.txt  Bright, William H., MD  2.58k  08/05/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 b6500001.txt  Brown, Rice Evans  2.51k  08/19/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 c6540001.txt  Cornwell, Benjamin  2.51k  08/19/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 gbs35davis.txt  Davis, Joseph B., 1853  2.51k  08/29/2004  Sandi Gorin    The Registry
 e5220001.txt  Enochs, William P., Esq  2.35k  08/09/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 p63000001.txt  Pruitt, Daniel  4.11k  08/31/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 p63000002.txt  Pruitt, Rev. Eli  2.97k  08/31/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 s200001.txt   Shake, Lemuel H. & Benjamin  2.00k  07/09/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 s200002.txt   Shake, John   1.00k  07/09/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 s1300001.txt  Swift, Capt. William T.  2.75k  07/14/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 w430001.txt  Wilhite, Aaron  2.11k  10/15/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 w430002.txt  Wilhite, Thomas  2.09k  10/15/1998  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 w45500001.txt  Welman, Jeremiah L.  2.51k  09/07/1997  Diana Flynn    The Registry
 gbs169withers.txt  Withers, Owen B.  2.51k  01/25/2005  Sandi Gorin    The Registry
 gbs5yager.txt  Yager, Thomas C. 2.00k  07/11/2004  Sandi Gorin    The Registry


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