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Nelson County was formed in 1784 from Jefferson County

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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
v02-019.txt Some Nelson Co Marriages 02-25-2002 Anette Rardin
a0000001.txt Some names starting with "A" 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
c6550001.txt A List of Marriages by Joshua Corman 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
f6220001.txt A List of Marriages by Joseph Ferguson 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
t4600001.txt A List of Marriages by William Taylor 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
w4250001.txt A List of Marriages by Joshua L. Wilson 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
misc.txt Miscellaneous 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
misc2.txt Miscellaneous, 1787-1802 09-27-2000 Pat Settle
miscmarr.txt Misc. Marriages of Nelson County from 1853/54 06-26-1999 Anne Livingston
bonds.txt Marriage Bonds "B" 01-09-1999 Theodora DeFord
various.txt Misc. Marriage Bonds--1797-1832 04-11-2000 Mary
various.txt Various Marriages 09-26-2000 Pat S.
b6500001.txt Brown, Samuel  Marriages 09-11-1999 Mary Yoder
b6200001.txt Burch to Brown 08-04-2000 Sallie Cannon
c6350001.txt Cartmill, 1815-1844 05-05-1998 Jeni Ann Kaelin
d1200002.txt Davis, Philip to Herron, Elizabeth 1797 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
d1200006.txt Davis Marriages, 1787-1830 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
r2630001.txt Graham, Elizabeth Ann to Richardson, Charles  05-16-1998 Rita Fox
g660001.txt Greer Marriages in Nelson & Shelby Cos., 1852-75 09-19-2000 Pat Settle
h6250001.txt Harrison, 1812-1830 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
h6500003.txt Herron Family Marriages 05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
a4500001.txt Marcus, Mary to Allen, James  05-05-1998 Phyllis Hill
n400001.txt Neal Marriages in Nelson & Shelby Cos., 1854-76 09-19-2000 Pat Settle
rachford374gmr.txt Rachford, Mary Ellen - Rasor, John Henry, 1872 Dec 2007 Lynn Hubin
t5400002.txt Tinnell, Hail Columbus  to Tucker, Annie 03-22-2000 Nancy Lloyd
5424001.txt Tinsley, Marriages 09-21-2000 Pat Settle
m2340001.txt Trunnell, Louisa to McDowell, Woolford 08-28-2002 Patricia Payne
t5400002.txt Tucker, John A. to Tichenor, Annie M.  03-22-2000 Nancy Lloyd
w3620001.txt Weathers, Green D to Bevin, Elizabeth N.  05-16-1998 Rita Fox

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