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Obituary of Size Date Submitted by:
Cain, Grace L.  1k 11/11/04 Sandi Gorin
Cain, William 2k 9/13/03 Sandi Gorin
Cantrell, Cullom D. 2k 7/26/04 Sandi Gorin
Capps, Wesley Eugene 1.0 KB 1/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Capshaw, Minnie Elizabeth 1k 10/6/03 Sandi Gorin
Carey, George 735 b 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
Carroll, Martha Boyles 0.75 KB 6/12/05 Sandi Gorin
Carter, Amelia 785 b 9/13/03 Sandi Gorin
Carter, Annie Ray 2K 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
Carter, Wilma Hall 1K 6/16/04 Sandi Gorin
Caruthy, Kitty January 14, 1977 1k 7/3/2005 Sandi Gorin
Cary, Rubye 1K 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
CEEOLL, Martha Boyles 0.76 KB 6/12/05 Sandi Gorin
Chapman, Leon 873 b 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Chapman, Queeney 823 b 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
CHISM, Benjamin D. 1.42 K 9/13/03 Sandi Gorin
Chism, William 1k 6/6/04 Sandi Gorin
Clements, Jewel 913 b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Clemons, Rev. J. T. 1k 6/16/04 Sandi Gorin
Coe, Ray Dowell 1.2 KB 1/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Coffelt, Reggie 1k 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
COMBS, Joshua Wm. 1k 11/17/04 Sandi Gorin
COPASS, Burkett 1.46 K 9/14/03 Sandi Gorin
Copass, Edna Irene  1.1k 10/31/04 Sandi Gorin
Copass , Robert Clyde  1.1k 11/20/04 Sandi Gorin
Cooksey, William Lewis 1k 9/24/03 Sandi Gorin
Cooper, James M. 1k 2/7/04 Sandi Gorin
Cornwell, David 784 b 11/17/04 Sandi Gorin
Costa, Dora Hood 1k 1/5/04 Mary Lou Hudson
Coulter, Bedford 1.0 KB 1/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Courtney, A. J. 3KB  10/30/04 Sandi Gorin
Crabtree, Grover F. 1K 8/22/04 Sandi Gorin
Crain, Dorothy 919 B 10/25/04 Sandi Gorin
Crawford, Carlie 940 b 10/25/03 Sandi Gorin
Crawford, Dona 1K 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Crawford, Maude L. 2K 6/10/04 Sandi Gorin
Creek, Roxie Ann Key 1K 5/7/04 Sandi Gorin
Cropper, Winfred 875 b 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Cross, Nannie 715 b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Cross, Tip 886 b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Crowe, Sallie 586 b 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
Curtis, Lydia 1k 9/13/03 Sandi Gorin
Curtis, Maxine Vance 1.1 KB 3/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Curtis, Saretha 1K 4/14/04 Sandi Gorin


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