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Obituary of: Size Date Submitted by:
Bacon, Bertha Word 882b 11/16/04 Sandi Gorin
BAILEY, Alene 1k 9/14/03 Sandi Gorin
Balay, Mattie E. 1.2 KB 2/9/05 Sandi Gorin
Ballard, Lydia Smith 1k 10/6/03 Sandi Gorin
BAKER, Albert 1k 9/14/03 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, Billy 1k 6/14/04 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, Henry Floyd 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, James Dale, Jr. 1k 9/15/03 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, Jettie 919 b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, Lodema Carnahan 1k 1/19/04 Sandi Gorin
Bartley, William Cleo 1.1 KB 3/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Baxter, Martha Bell 742 b 11/22/04 Sandi Gorin
Baxter, Sidney 980 b 9/14/03 Sandi Gorin
Bell, Landon McDonald 1k 6/16/04 Sandi Gorin
Bertram, Rebecca Ann      Sandi Gorin
Charles Finn
Bibau, Mary Alice 939b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Biggers, Carter Westerfield  2k   Sandi Gorin
Charles Finn
Biggers, Dorcie Clarkston 1k 10/12/03 Sandi Gorin
Biggerstaff, Mary Kirpatrick  1.2k 11/18/04 Sandi Gorin
Billingsley, Elva 999b 10/25/03 Sandi Gorin
Birge, Chloe Nell 1.38 6/01/2005 Sandi Gorin
Birge, Elston 832b 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Birge, Frances Lenora 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Birge, Johnny 963b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Birge, W. Clayton 1.81k 9/13/03 Sandi Gorin
Bland, James D. 0.8 KB 3/3/05 Sandi Gorin
Blankenship, William Carson April 8, 2005 2k 4/20/2005 Sandi Gorin
Bowles, Carl H. 776b 5/9/0 Neal Byrge
Botts, Chloe Kingrey  1.2k 11/19/04 Sandi Gorin
Botts, Oral Carl 1k 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Bowles, Frank 1981 727 b 11/17/04 Sandi Gorin
Bowman, Billie 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Bowman, Irvin 1k 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Bowman, Jesse Sampson  1k 11/20/04 Sandi Gorin
Bowman, Rexford Thomas  1.6k 12/1/04 Sandi Gorin
Brady/Ford 2k 11/17/04 BLTDEFORD
Bradshaw, Cloe 939 b 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Bray, Lizzie Pedigo 1k 2/8/04 Sandi Gorin
Bray, Margaret 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Brown, Billy Ray 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Brown, Mrs. CLyde  1.2k 11/20/04 Sandi Gorin
Brown, George Dewey 916 b 10/28/03 Sandi Gorin
Bryant, Denton 1.2 KB 3/1/05 Sandi Gorin
Bryant, Jesse 2k 11/17/04 Sandi Gorin
Burks, Jackie Stephens
April 10, 2005
2k 4/27/2005 Sandi Gorin
Burks, Mary Vergie 1k 1/5/04 Sandi Gorin
Burnett, Nellie Dean Wilson  1.2k 11/20/04 Sandi Gorin

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