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Deaths & Obituary/Death Notice Index
  Name Death Year Date Submitted Submitted By
1852-1911 Deaths4/6/2000Sandi Gorin   
1860 Deaths from Microfilm5/20/1998Sandi Gorin   
1870 Deaths from Microfilm5/20/1998Sandi Gorin   
1880 Deaths from Microfilm5/20/1998Sandi Gorin   
AAcree, Opal Magadalene200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Alley, Mary19777/3/2005Sandi Gorin   
Anderson, J. R. 191310/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Ater, Wanita Marie 200312/31/2018Sandi Gorin   
BBall, J. M.191910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Ball, Maxie Leroy199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Ballard, Clarence "Modie" 200412/31/2018Sandi Gorin   
Ballard, Kathleen England20005/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Barrett, Clayton198010/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Barrett, Effie Elizabeth Witty200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bartley Marshall Davis20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Bartley, Ervin Wayne200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bartley, Ralph197310/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bartley, Raymond199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bartley, Ruth Lois199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bartley, Wallace Franklin 199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Beard Ada198010/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Beasley, Dora Elizabet19674-2006Sandi Gorin   
Bebee, J.E.189710/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Belcher, Clyde Houston20011/1/2019Sandi Gorin   
Bell, Enos200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bell, Frank Edwin199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Benton Melton19765/9/2004Sandi Gorin   
Berryman, Evie Pauline200310/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Berryman Lillian Inez20015/3/2017Sandi Gorin   
Billingsley Stephen Walton198112/19/2007Deborah Billingsley
Birge Quentin200412/15/2004Sandi Gorin   
Boston, Willis (Buck)199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bowman CLarence Garland20053/4/2005Sandi Gorin   
Bragg James Leonard20017/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bragg, Dora Agnes199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bragg, Helen20054/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Branstetter Ruth Coleman20045/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Brewer Dorsey Lee20042/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Britt, Mattie 200410/12/2018Sandi Gorin   
Brooks, Rev. Herbert Thomas (H. T.)200002/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown Junior Ray "Pete"200410/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Brown Pearl20041/4/2005Sandi Gorin   
Brown Rev. Hubert20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Fowler199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Harry Lloyd199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Malcome Terrell199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Meddie Elizabeth199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Myrtle Christine200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Brown, Wayne Jackson200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bryant, Mrs. Ann19761/10/2019Sandi Gorin   
Bryant, Bobby Joe200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Buckley Addie Lois Hopkins19996/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bunch Aron Malcolm19997/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bunch Riley William200412/23/2004Sandi Gorin   
Bunch, Alma Hazel200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bunch, Joseph Depp200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Burris Lilie196812/5/2004Sandi Gorin   
Butler Harriette Ann20045/13/2004Sandi Gorin   
Butler Jesse Richard20055/23/2005Sandi Gorin   
Buys, James L. "Poppy"200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Buys, James Lleweyln200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Bybee, Josephine Judith199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
CCaffee Richard & Justin19987/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Caffee, Elton Dennis20053/16/2005Sandi Gorin   
Carver, Willie Ethel20005/5/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cassady, James W.193511/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Cassady, Ralph R.200210/27/2018Sandi Gorin   
Cawthron, John D.197710/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Chambers, Blondella200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Chaney, Fannie18967/1/2004Sandi Gorin   
Chapman, Clifton199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Chapman, Randell W.198202/09/2018Sandi Gorin   
Chapman, Wayne20033/8/2004Sandi Gorin   
Christie, Orlena Rae199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Clark, Owen Garnet200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Clemmons, Lizzie Ellen199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cloyd, John189711/19/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cochran, Linville199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coffey, James P.199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coffey, Linda Hope200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coffey, Marie Gilley20005/5/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coffey, W.C.19785/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Compton, Eugene A.200502/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Compton, Mary Lucille200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Compton, Mr.18745/4/2004Sandi Gorin   
Conkin Gladys L.19995/3/2017Sandi Gorin   
Conrad, Robert L.20035/4/2004Sandi Gorin   
Cooksey, Jessie, uated10/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coomer Georgia Ann19987/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coomer James Terrill20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Coomer, James Allen20056/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Coomer, Roger Paul20049/10/2004Sandi Gorin   
Cope, Lonnie Edward200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Crabtree, Maude19654/24/2004Sandi Gorin   
Crabtree, Mauree W20035/13/2019Sandi Gorin   
Crane, Timothy Wayne20042/2/2004Sandi Gorin   
Crawford, Otis N19673-2006Sandi Gorin   
Crenshaw Magdalene Brewer19986/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cross, Elsie N.19996/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cross, Kitty Oakes199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Cross, Samuel (Bill)199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Crowe, Betty Jean19995/5/2017Sandi Gorin   
Curry, Steven Dale199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
DDavis, Albert Owen20001/28/2018Sandi Gorin   
Davis Eula Lee19987/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Davis, Daniel M.198010/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Delk, Jeffrey200402/09/2018Sandi Gorin   
Deep, Joel R.194003/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Demumbrum, Layne19761/29/2004Sandi Gorin   
Depp, Adolphus19411/4/2005Sandi Gorin   
Depp, Dora196510/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Depp, Jane Audrey200412/14/2018Sandi Gorin   
Devore, Welby199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Deweese Rev. Lee Owen20016/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Dick, Shawna Nicole20057/24/2005Sandi Gorin   
Dickson, Aner Creo200312/10/2018Sandi Gorin   
Dickson, Linda Faye20041/4/2005Sandi Gorin   
Dile, Donnie Royce200412/12/2004Sandi Gorin   
Dilley, Hubert Clay199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Durham, Hazel Marie199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
EEarhart, Linda Kay20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Eatmon, Ora Nancy20041/12/2004Sandi Gorin   
Edmunds, Chase197812/10/2018Sandi Gorin   
Edwards, Lenvel Leo20041/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Edwards, Mrs. William187810/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Emberton, Leon Marrs200302/09/2018Sandi Gorin   
Emmitt, Gary Eugene200312/14/2018Sandi Gorin   
England, Eddie Lera200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
England, Gilford199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
England, Iva Ray200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
England, Jewell Lilbren199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
England, Mary Belle199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
England, Roy199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Ennis, Dixie Ann200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Estes Moaty Compton19997/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Estes, Billie Wayne199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Estes, Darrell Wayne20054/26/2005Sandi Gorin   
Estes, Elliott19777/3/2005Sandi Gorin   
FFancher, Edward Junior "Billy"20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Faulkner, Clyde Starling20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Faulkner, Evelyn Mae20004/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Faulkner, Mrs.18965/4/2004Sandi Gorin   
Ferguson, Rev. William K.20011/10/2019Sandi Gorin   
Fields, Irene20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Fields, Ruby Dee Wilson20005/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Fields, Marvin Leslie200612/8/2018Sandi Gorin   
Flowers, Prentis200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Ford, Fred200602/09/2018Sandi Gorin   
Fox, Ruth S.200303/20/2018Sandi Gorin   
Francis, Marilyn J.197810/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Franklin, Donald199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Free, Clayton ward1/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Freeman, Leon Earl197812/8/2018Sandi Gorin   
Froedge, Dr. C. W. 193812/31/2018Sandi Gorin   
Froedge, Roy Cecil200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Fudge, Fim Lander200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Fudge, Florence Mae199811/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Fudge, Mayme199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
GGaddie, Zoie199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garden, Charles Eather199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, George "Bunk"199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, Glen Austin200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, Mamie199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, Mary Eunice200102/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, Polly Cletra200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garmon, Thelma Irene20045/6/2004Sandi Gorin   
Garrett, Herbert199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Garrett, Lera Murley199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gauthier, Alfred John20005/4/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gee, Mollie Lane19152/5/2005Sandi Gorin   
Gentry, Edith20011/10/2019Sandi Gorin   
Gentry, Medford Daryl20056/6/2005Sandi Gorin   
Gibson, Annie Letha 199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gibson, Bill L.198010/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Gibson, Elsie Bernice20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Gibson, Howard Raymond199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Giles, William Cecil200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gilpin, Kenneth D.199902/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gilpin, Kizzie Pearl200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gilpin, Opal Gray200412/18/2004Sandi Gorin   
Glass, Edward Marshall200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Glass, Elbert Earnest200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Glass, Laura Evelyn200210/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Glover, Mrs. Beryl C.197210/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Glover, Katherine200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gooch, Dr. Norman Allen20052/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Graham, Wanda Lynn 200610/12/2018Sandi Gorin   
Graven, Lawrence Garland200111/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Gray, Anita200310/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Gray, Pauline20061/1/2019Sandi Gorin   
Greenup Ainslie Guest, Jr.20006/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Greer, James T19995/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Grider, William Roger199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Grissom, Anna Mae20021/1/2019Sandi Gorin   
HHarbison, David Anderson199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harlan, Effie M.200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper Winnie Smith20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper, Belle199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper, David Owen200302/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Harper, Herbert199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper, Herbert199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper, James Curtis200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harper, James Perry20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Harper, Jewell200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harris, Carlotta Ann200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Harvey, Elizabeth Watson19417/1/2005Sandi Gorin   
Harvey, Eunice Alene200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hayes, John Richard200302/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Helm, Jennie18964/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Herring, Ellis Eugene200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hicks Carrie Wood20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hicks, James C. 198010/12/2018Sandi Gorin   
Higgason, Eugenia L.19977/8/2003Sandi Gorin   
Hill, Arlene200002/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hiser, James200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hiser, Rena Christine200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Holland, James Carlos, Jr.197810/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Holley, Danny Rex Sr.199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Holley, Lela Mae199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Houchens, Dorothy Lillian200412/14/2018Sandi Gorin   
Howard Ceylina A.20007/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Howell, Elnora Dial20056/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Huff, Marvin200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Huffman, Glynn200412/9/2004Sandi Gorin   
Huffman, Lawrence Jr. 200212/31/2018Sandi Gorin   
Humphrey, RoberJack2/7/2004Jeannette Douglas Denton
Hunt, E. Donald200412/18/2004Sandi Gorin   
Hunt, Thomas C.197412/18/2004Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Elva Lee200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Ervin19815/5/2004Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Floyd G.19801/29/2004Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Mae Pauline199911/19/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Pauline199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Rondal Earl20054/20/2005Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Wendell200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Hurt, Wendell200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
IIrwin, Arthur199112/14/2018Sandi Gorin   
Irwin, Chester Earl200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Irwin, Daisy Dean19822/7/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Irwin, Emmet Leslie19572/7/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Irwin, Gilbt L.2/7/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Irwin, uise2/7/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Jeffries, Bessie198010/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
JJeffries, Velma Marie200102/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jennings, Cora Elizabeth199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jennings, Gary199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jennings, Nettie Eunice199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jennings, Robert Dale.19986/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jessee, Nellie Pauline199811/19/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jessey, Charley E.199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jewell, Sheila Ann197810/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Johnson, Lauretta Mae200412/8/2018Sandi Gorin   
Johnston, Mary Lucille200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Jolly, Edith Demple20041/25/2005Sandi Gorin   
Jones, Joyce Nell200310/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Jones, Lillie Florence200402/20/2018Sandi Gorin   
Jordan, Opal Loumae Bartley20053/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
KKeith, William Alton20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Keltner, Noel Hardin199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Kerfoot, James Morris20054/27/2005Sandi Gorin   
Kessler, Laura Bell19453/29/2004Dixie McMillen   
Kinnaird, Truman20054/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Kirby, Pernie Hazel Denham20052/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Kirk, Curtis Homer200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Klinkers, Nora Agnes200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
LLawson, Shirley B.200102/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Lawton, Margaret Hassler200412/2/2004Sandi Gorin   
Lewis, Bernestine Martin200602/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Lobb, Robert Gene200410/28/2004Sandi Gorin   
Locke Kathryn Garmon19986/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Long, Joseph Ambus200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Lynn George19987/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Lytle, William W.200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
MMackey, J.C.18965/6/2004Sandi Gorin   
Mackey, Mrs. Ettie190010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Mansfield, Marie lson7/3/2005Sandi Gorin   
Martin, Dewey19764/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Martin, Garvin200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Martin, Garvin200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Martin, John Hershell199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Martin, Lenzie199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
McCandless, Edna Frances201802/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
McCandless Henry Clay20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
McClusky, Clara Lou Milam20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
McCoy Mona Jewell20006/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
McCoy, Billy J.200410/28/2004Sandi Gorin   
McDaniel, Lita200411/19/2017Sandi Gorin   
McKinney, Roy Elvin200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Medley, Mary Francis20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Miller, Barbara Sue20015/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Miller, Jack197910/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Moore, Onedra200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Moore, William Monroe199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Moran, Kent200312/31/2003Sandi Gorin   
Morgan, Mary Elizabeth20044-2006Sandi Gorin   
Morgan, Mattie Brown200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Morrison, Herschell Acton199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Morse, Virginia Mae20054/27/2005Sandi Gorin   
Mosier, Ronnie Lee200402/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Mullins, Dewey200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Muncie, William Lee200412/9/2004Sandi Gorin   
NNeagle, Dixie Mildred199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Neal, Quintin Tyler200410/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Newton, Charles W.199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Norris, Jack Delmer200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Norris, Lloyd197610/28/2004Sandi Gorin   
Nunn, Carl Wilmouth Jr.199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Nunn, Dorothy Elizabeth199811/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Nunn, Frances198010/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Nunnally, Lemore Samuel20005/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Nunnally, Mary Nell199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Nunnally, William Leroy199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
OOakes, Douglas Elroy20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Oakes, Hattie R.198010/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Overfelt, Gertrude S.19882/2/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Owen, Mrs18966/2/2004Sandi Gorin   
PPace, Barbara "Bobbie" June200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Parker, J.S.189610/27/2004Sandi Gorin   
Parrish, Curtis Lee199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Parsons, Tawana RoseAnne199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Patrick, Stella Coomer199902/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Patton, Russell199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Amanda Lee200202/09/2018Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Bessie Jane199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Bessie Jane200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Hallie Jane19995/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Hershel Edwin20015/4/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Ray19815/13/2019Sandi Gorin   
Pedigo, Joseph Russell19995/4/2017Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, Dr. Albert199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, Edgar200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, Ernestine199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, Gerald Lee200511/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, Lillian McMahan199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Perkins, William H. "Uncle Dink"19411/1/2019Sandi Gorin   
Phillips, Mary Emma20054/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Pickerell Minnie Perkins20007/30/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pickett, Etta Ree 200612/31/2018Sandi Gorin   
Pierce, Rev Floyd Clifton200211/19/2017Sandi Gorin   
Piercy, Ada Lucille200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Polson Edna20016/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Poulter, Bertha Marie200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Powell, Roney Elvin200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pruitt, Marjorie Pearl200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pruitt, Mrs. Dorothy19995/4/2017Sandi Gorin   
Pulliam, Gladys20041/25/2005Sandi Gorin   
RReece Malcolm19996/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Reece, Dorothy Maxine199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Reece, Herbert Wood199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Reece, Louis K.199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Reece, Lucian E.20052/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Rich, Jacob Franklin200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Rich, Margaret (Jean)200512/10/2018Sandi Gorin   
Riddle, Joe Palmore19995/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Rigdon, Mary Hendrick20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Roach, Marvin199111/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Roach, Myrtle200212/8/2018Sandi Gorin   
Roberts, Estelle200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Robertson, James Randall200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Robertson, Nellie Maxine200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Robertson, Ray D.200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Robinson, Annie20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Robinson, Annie200510/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Rock, Floyd200002/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Romines, Mary Maxine19991/28/2018Sandi Gorin   
Romines, Nelson200r1/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Royse, Edna Gertrude199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Rudenga, Michael J.19995/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Russell, Maude Iva200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Russell, Mitchell N.20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
SSartin, Pendie199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Sawyer, Hershel199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Scott Edward Neal20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Scott, A.W.18966/2/2004Sandi Gorin   
Scott, Jimmy Ray200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Settles, Robert L. "Bob"20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Shaw, Barbara199902/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Shaw, Virgil199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Shirley, Rollin200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Shirley, Rollin200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Shirley, Sallie Marie200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Shive, Opal Berryman200312/14/2018Sandi Gorin   
Shive, Reed199810/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Simmons, Mildred200210/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Sims, Elsie Mae199811/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Sims, Pauline Taylor20061/10/2019Sandi Gorin   
Slinker Beatrice Irwin20055/23/2005Sandi Gorin   
Slinker, George Alexander199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, John H.200310/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith Lanos Darrell19987/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Bobbie L.20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Dorothy Dixie199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Dorothy Lorene200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Eunice Firkin200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Junious199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Paul R.199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Ralph Norris200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Robert Neal20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Smith, Steve Garnett199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Smitson, Donald20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Sneed, Paul199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
South, Mary Elizabeth Mitchum Miller20035/13/2019Sandi Gorin   
South, Mary Frances Depp200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Spencer, Robert Lee200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Spradlin, Ray Phillip200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Steenburgen, Dorothy Smith200102/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
Stevens, Raymon Earl200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Stilts, Michael Steven20054/16/2005Sandi Gorin   
Stinson, Delta Louise200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Stockton, Frances "Granny"200611/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Stovall, Leaman Wood199003/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Strode Dovie I.20007/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
Sydnor, Christian Montanna200102/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Syra, Edward B.200011/15/2017Sandi Gorin   
TTanner, Connie Devore199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Templin, Milt R.199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Thacker, Danny200503/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Thacker, Marvin199911/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Thomas, Helen Belle Huff200611/26/2018Sandi Gorin   
Thomas, Kenneth D.200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Thompson, Della Kate197910/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Thompson, Sallie Brooks19991/28/2018Sandi Gorin   
Thurman, Alma Sue200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Toth, Eric Lee20054/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Travis, Christine199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Traylor, George K.197710/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Traylor, Thelma Ree200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Traylor, Thelma Ree200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Trent, Raymond H.200010/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Trowbridge, Eunice200102/05/2017Sandi Gorin   
VVansant, Clarice Opal Lane200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
VanZant Kenneth Edward19997/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Veluzat, Clay A.20054/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Vibbert, Oscar Denzil19985/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
WWaid, Betty Sue200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wakefield, Bertha Etta200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Walbert, Mrs. Leonard196710/26/2004Sandi Gorin   
Walker, Iola Bernice20041/12/2005Sandi Gorin   
Walker, Shirley Cook200410/28/2004Sandi Gorin   
Watson, Parthenia, 1897 Obitua1/22/2008Sandi Gorin   
Wells, Ruba Elizabeth199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wells, Virginia Nell20054/3/2005Sandi Gorin   
Welsh, Dorothy Mae199910/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Whitlow, Anna Mae19532/2/2004Jeanette Douglas Denton
Whitlow, Della20041/25/2005Sandi Gorin   
Whitlow, Patrick Ward200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Williams Patty N.20016/28/2017Sandi Gorin   
Williams, Lank196710/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wilson, Elizabeth A.200210/27/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wilson Steve19997/29/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wilson, Geneva Sexton200110/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wilson, Rollin Davis196710/25/2004Sandi Gorin   
Witty, Marie Harbison200010/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wood, Dallies Louis200202/13/2018Sandi Gorin   
Wood, Wanda Pauline20054/16/2005Sandi Gorin   
Word, Mitchell199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wynn, Justin199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
Wynn, Justin199910/23/2017Sandi Gorin   
YYates, Elizabeth Baird200312/10/2018Sandi Gorin   
Young, Allie Lewis200011/8/2017Sandi Gorin   
Young, Delphia Ray20054/10/2005Sandi Gorin   
Young, Mildred Kathleen199810/24/2017Sandi Gorin   
Young, Opeal Lucille19815/27/2004Sandi Gorin   

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