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This County was formed in 1824 from Breckinridge & Hardin Counties
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Archive Index Tables

Delayed Birth Records

Surmane list
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Statewide Records

Deaths and Obits

Table maintained on separate page.

Table maintained on separate page.

armstead289gbb.txt Armstead Barnes family May 2009 Larry Barnes
jupin-bible.txt Frank Jupin family bible - Image Nov 2007 Bob Van Bogaert


b653-002.txt John H. Brandenburg II (Jr.) 8k MAR1999 Brooks Hubler

atwell.txt Atwell Cemetery, partial listing MAR2002 Linda Atwell
baldknob.txt Bald Knob Cemetery FEB2000 Sam Sedoris
benham.txt Benham Cemetery JAN2001 Thelma Pack Whelan
3cem.txt Bennett, Bogard & Greer, Boone-Whithers Cemeteries NOV2000 Thelma Pack Whelan
ether.txt Etherton Cemetery JUL1999 James Etherton
ftknox.txt Fort Knox Burials MAR2001 Pamela Schenian
johnson.txt Johnson Cemetery JUL1999 Thelma Pack Whelan
famcem.txt Family Cemeteries - Abell - Adkisson - Stith FEB2000 Sam Sedoris
garnetts.txt Garnettsville Cemetery (partial) FEB2000 Joan Ausnow
hunchup.txt Hunch Up Cemetery FEB2000 Sam Sedoris
parfrans.html Par-Frans Cemetery SEP2001 Keith Kurtz
shrewsbury.txt Shrewsbury Cemetery NOV2000 Thelma Pack Whelan
staples.txt Staples Cemetery NOV2001 Dennis Staples
thomas.txt Thomas Cemetery FEB2000 Thelma Pack Whelan
williams.txt Williams Cemetery MAR2006 James Kendall
johnson219gcm.txt Wathen, Sarah Elizabeth (Lizzie) Jupin 1840-1897 JUL 2011 Velma Goostree

ditto.txt 1850 US Census Extract, Ditto & Howard families 3k FEB2000 Mary Yoder

Thomas Robinson & Wife to Big Spring Methodist Episcopal Church - (1839 thru 1916) MAR2006 Dana Brown
cover Image 1...(53K) 1K
pg.2 Image 2...(87K) 2K
pg.3 Image 3...(118K) 2K
pg.4 Image 4...(76K) 2K
helm331gdd.txt JOLLEY, Nelson - HELM, John & Sally August 27, 1794 4k SEP2006 Patricia O'Conner

huffines5gdv.txt Huffines, Della - Huffines, Benjamin Franklin, 1900 2k OCT2007 Will Armstrong

Family History
k620-001.txt Kerrick Family History 48k MAR1998 Mark Kerrick
b653-001.txt Brandenburg Family History 9k MAR1999 Brooks Hubler
tobin.txt PVT Thomas Tobin, Sr. / REV WAR Patriot  4k FEB2004 Prescilla Sadler 
settlers.txt JOHNSON and POWELL; Early Settlers in Meade Co. 5k FEB2004 Terri Hauk
Rowan/index.htm Rowan Families of North Central Kentucky --- JUL2007 John E Young

County History
Historic Places Meade County - National Register of Historic Places
historic district Meade County's Historic Districts
legis.txt Kentucky Assembly Extracts, 1792-1799 22.2K JUL1997 Bettie Kain
12mar1842.txt Acts of the KY Legislature 3.74K MAR2001 Regina

Military Records & History

"Civil War Incidents in and around Meade County, Kentucky" by Dr. Marshall Myers, Ph.D.

Civil War Kentucky Civil War Archives, Carl Greenfield, File Manager
Korean War Korean War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
Vietnam War Vietnam War Missing Personnel for KY DPMO
Bounty Lands Bounty Land Recipients, Parts 1 - 5 Sandi Gorin
kyr-204.txt Pioneer Soldiers, 1778 - 1781 9k MAY1998 Sandi Gorin
kypen.txt KY Pension Roll of 1835 975K SEP1998 William Navey

Miscellaneous Records
County Formation Kentucky County Formations & Courthouse Disasters 97K FEB2000 John Picklesimer
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 28.1K AUG2000 Lora Young & Mary Yoder
ky.txt KY Postoffices & Postmasters, 1816 10.1K NOV1998 Gwen Hurst
Ky Digital Maps KY Digital Map Files - USGenWeb Archive Website
Ky County Maps Kentucky County Formation Maps

cholera.txt Cholera Plague, Haysville, 1891 4.3k OCT1997 DeLynn Strebel
Funeral Southern Funeral Customs Republished from Meade County Messenger -- 1997 ATHS
titanic.txt Dr. Earnest Moraweck of Meade Co.
Did you have ancestors on the Titanic?
-- 1997 ATHS
earlybig417gnw.txt "Early Big Spring" Part One, By Betty Jefferies Morris 7K FEB2006 Dana Brown
partiiat418gnw.txt "Early Big Spring" Part Two, By Betty Jefferies Morris 5K FEB2006 Dana Brown
Knoxville Journal Newspaper Abstracts - CURL, BURGESS, FOOTE, MASSEY --- --- ---

barnes425gwl.txt Barnes, Armstead, 1854 2k 2009 Larry Barnes
beavers.txt 1824 WILL - William L. Beavers 2k 2004 Anne Livingston
simmons.txt Simmons, Jonathan, Estate Sale 1824 3k 2004 Anne Livingston
wall.txt Wall, William, Estate Sale 1824 1k 2004 Anne Livingston


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