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McCreary County, Kentucky was formed in1912, from Wayne, Pulaski and Whitley counties.

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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
b600002.txt Barr 11-17-1998 Christine Durkin
b600001.txt Barr 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
b400003.txt Bell 11-18-1998 Christine Durkin
b400004.txt Bell Dolen 11-19-1998 Christine Durkin
b415001.txt Blevins 11-19-1998 Christine Durkin
b300001.txt Boyatt, David 11-21-1998 Christine Durkin
b300002.txt Boyatt, George N. 12-01-1998 Christine Durkin
b620002.txt Burk 12-01-1998 Christine Durkin
b620001.txt Burk, Allen 12-01-1998 Christine Durkin
c636002.txt Carter 12-05-1998 Christine Durkin
cedargrove001.txt Cedar Grove 12-05-1998 Christine Durkin
h400001.txt Hill 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
Indian Creek (Partial) 1999 Elaine Helton Lorinczi
Indian Creek Cemetery
Robin Parriman
k300005.txt Kidd, Lindsey 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
k520001.txt King Lower 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
k520002.txt King Upper 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
Murray Wilson Cemetery
Robin Parriman
nancy001.txt Nancy 10-1999 Kenna Austin
Old Pigeon Cemetery
Robin Parriman
r163002.txt Roberts 10-1999 Kenna Austin
r163003.txt Roberts/Jones/Hunley 10-1999 Kenna Austin
r163004.txt Roberts-Slavans 10-1999 Kenna Austin
t624001.txt Troxell, Jacob 10-1999 Kenna Austin
t624002.txt Troxell, John 10-1999 Kenna Austin
t624003.txt Troxell (near Revelo) 10-1999 Kenna Austin
t624004.txt Troxell (near Yamacraw/Hilltop) 10-1999 Kenna Austin
uppermarsh.txt Upper Marsh Creek 02-25-2000 Kenna Austin
w362001.txt Waters 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
w425001.txt Wilson Ridge 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum
w425002.txt Wilson/Spradlin [Josh Wilson] 02-23-2000 Kenna Austin
Various001.txt Various Small Cemeteries 06-24-1998 Myra L. Marcum

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