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Mason County News Articles
Mason County News Notices and Announcements
Mason County News Obituaries

Mason County News Articles
news004.txtArticle, Maysville Eagle, 1880 Society Elections, Mason Co., Ky 4k01-05-00Jan G.
news018.txtAberdeen Marriages to Stop, Maysville Bulletin, 26 Jan 18934k06-11-00Jan G.
b634001.txtMatilda Bradley Found Dead, 16 June 1896, Glasgow Weekly Times, Hart, Mason Co., Ky2k05-02-04Sandi GorenThe Registry
d350001.txtSheriff William Dowden Appoints Enoch Seals Tax Agent, Maysville Bulletin,1867, Mason Co., Ky2k06-22-00Jan G.
m254001.txtMcMillen vs Butler, Maysville Eagle, 27 October, 1887, Mason Co., Ky4k12-31-99Jan Gillespie
Mason County News Published Notices
news001.txtNotices in the Eagle, 23 Mar 1825, Maysville, Mason Co., Ky7k04-22-99Jean Dalrymple
news002.txtMaysville Eagle, 28 March 1827, Mason Co., Ky8k06-24-00Jan G.
news003.txtNotices, Maysville Eagle, 8 August 1866, Mason Co., Ky4k06-17-00Jan G.
news005.txtNotices, Maysville Eagle, June & Oct 1881, Mason Co., Ky 5k06-25-00Jan G.
news006.txtNotices in theBulletin, 3 Feb 1887, Mason Co., Ky3k05-22-00Jan G.
news007.txtNotices, Maysville Eagle, 8 Nov 1888, Mason Co., Ky 6k12-30-99Jan G.
news008.txtNotices, Maysville Bulletin, 1892, Mason Co., Ky18k03-11-00Jan G.
news009.txtNotices, Maysville Bulletin, 1906, Mason Co., Ky 9k06-17-00Jan G.
news010.txtDeath Notices in the Eagle, 1866, Mason Co., Ky2k6-25-00Jan G.
news011.txtNotices, Maysville Eagle, Jan 1867, Mason Co., Ky3k6-26-00Jan G.
news012.txt Court Notices, Maysville Eagle, Oct-Nov 1881, Mason Co., Ky2k6-26-00Jan G.
news013.txtMarriage Notices, Maysville Eagle, 23 & 30 Jan 1866, Mason Co., Ky 2k06-25-00Jan G.
news014.txtMarriage Notices, Maysville Eagle, Jan 1867, Mason Co., Ky 3k06-26-00Jan G.
news015.txtMarriage Notices, Maysville Eagle, Oct-Nov 1881, Mason Co., Ky 7k01-22-00Jan G.
news016.txtMarriage Notices, Maysville Eagle, Jan. 4, 1882, Mason Co., Ky 5k12-29-99Jan G.
news017.txtMarriage Notices, Maysville Eagle, 3 & 10 Nov 1887, Mason Co., Ky4k05-28-00Jan G.
h620001.txtJames Harris (alias Pendlam) Acquittal, the Bulletin, 10 Nov 1887, Mason Co., Ky2k06-28-00Jan G.
Mason County Newspaper Obituaries
obit001.txtDeath Notices, Maysville Eagle, Oct-Nov 1881, Mason Co., Ky 18817k1-22-00Jan G.
obit002.txt1887 Maysville Daily Republican, Mason Co., Ky, 1864-1887 "Our City's Dead"," Some of the Prominent People Who Have Gone Before" 12k01-1999Marv H.
obit003.txtDeath Notices, Maysville Eagle, 12/28/1881 Mason Co., Ky 2k12-29-99Jan G.
b652001.txtHenry Burns, 1981, Ledger Independent, Mason Co., Ky2k1-29-99Jean Dalrymple
c642001.txtRuth Elizabeth Charles, 2000, Mason Co., Ky2k2-01-01Glenda H.
d540002.txtBeverley S. Daniel, 1878, Campbell, Bracken Co., Kylink
7-22-02Sheryl Neal SlaughterThe Registry
h543001.txtLillian Hamilton, Bracken, Mason Co., Ky, February 20003k4-1-02Charles CarterThe Registry
h453004.txtLottie Holland, Obituary, 1972, Lewis, Mason Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
h453005.txtSteven Thomas Holland, Obituary, 1983, Lewis, Mason, Greenup Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
h453006.txtThomas Daniel Holland, Obituary, 1950, Lewis, Mason Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
m425001.txtEmma Lee Francis "Rudd" Mullikin, 5 Feb 2001, Bracken, Mason Co., Ky2k9-29-01Nancy TriceThe Registry
m620001.txtEmogene Gifford Myers, Mason, Robertson Co., Ky2k8-23-04unnamed contributor
p450001.txtDr. Atchison Pelham, 1880, Mason Co., Ky3k9-16-06Candace (Teal) Gravelle
s620001.txtMildred Runyun Schreck, 1991, Lewis, Mason Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
s162001.txtCharles O. Spriggs, 1952, Lewis, Greenup, Mason Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
s162002.txtDonald L. Spriggs, 1994, Lewis, Greenup, Mason Co., Ky2k11-12-06Elsa Tackett
t626001.txtF. L. Trayser, 10 Nov 1887, the Bulletin, Mason Co., Ky2k5-28-00Jan G.
w123001.txtHenry Webster, 1921, Mason Co., Ky2k10-26-03Mary Lou HudsonThe Registry
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