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Lincoln County Biographies
File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
b653001.txt Barnett, Capt. Robert 05-25-1998 Susan White
b365001.txt Bethurum, Isaac 07-08-1998 Candy Grubb
gbs202buchanan.txt Buchanan, Henry C.  April 8, 1844 02-17-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
d300001.txt Dodd, John Y. 07-08-1998 Diana FlynnThe Registry
e516001.txt Embree, E. D. 02-21-2001 Diana FlynnThe Registry
f652001.txt Francis, Judge William J. 02-27-2000 Nancy T. Green
g200001.txt Gash, Samuel G. 07-14-1998 Diana FlynnThe Registry
gbs159hill.txt Hill, Thomas P.  1828 01-16-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs208hocker.txt Hocker, Samuel G.  1831 02-27-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs215huffman.txt Huffman, William  December 21, 1828 03-02-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
hughes289gbs.txt Hughes, M.D.  November 28, 1845 - unknown 06-29-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
kincaid247gbs.txt Kincaid, John 05-03-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs61lackey.txt Lackey, Samuel C.  1833 - August 1, 1888 08-19-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
logan272gbs.txt Logan, Beaty  August 1, 1788 - August 13, 1872 05-26-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
m000001.txt May, Prof. James G. 08-06-1997 Diana FlynnThe Registry
m246001.txt McClure, Hiram H. 09-06-1998 Phyllis Hill
Miller, Thomas W.  December 3, 1811 - 11-13-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
n220002.txt Nash, Armsted M. 09-08-1998 Diana FlynnThe Registry
n220001.txt Nash, James L. 07-08-1998 Diana FlynnThe Registry
gbs48owsley.txt Owsley, John Bodine 08-19-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
p534001.txt Pendlay, John 05-21-1998 Phyllis Hill
p520001.txt Pennick, Elijah 07-07-1912 Diana FlynnThe Registry
p520002.txt Pennick, John W. 07-07-1912 Diana FlynnThe Registry
p520003.txt Pennick, Thomas C. 07-07-1912 Diana FlynnThe Registry
reid357gbs.txt Reid Family 06-06-2006 Sandi GorinThe Registry
r200001.txt Rowsey Brothers 09-09-2003 Shari HortonThe Registry
r240001.txt Russell "Uncle" Martin 09-09-2003 Shari HortonThe Registry
s230001.txt Scott, Solomon 07-08-1998 Diana FlynnThe Registry
gbs165simpeon.txt Simpeon, John  d. 1812 01-20-2005 Sandi GorinThe Registry
sweeney470gbs.txt Sweeney, Moses 1734 - June 17, 1813 06-13-2008 Joe Sweeney
gbs220whitley.txt Whitley, Col. William  August 14, 1749 - October 5, 1813 03-09-2005 Rick Sparks

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