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This graveyard was surveyed and photographed Dec. 18, 2004 By Gary L. Griswold. There are 4 graves included in this survey that were not in the book Old Graveyards of Clark County, Kentucky Pub. By Owen in 1975. There are at least 5 graves marked only by stones with no identification.

Text file of names and dates for the stones

Entrance Gate and View of Fence over looking Graves

ac.jpg (212603 bytes)

catherine-e.jpg (208457 bytes)

cynthia.jpg (215055 bytes)

david-r.jpg (202349 bytes)

eliz.jpg (194863 bytes)

A.C. Catherine E Edmonson Cynthia Hunt Broadus David R. Hunt Elizabeth Potts

ella.jpg (203396 bytes)

ernest.jpg (197248 bytes)

frances.jpg (231996 bytes)

george.jpg (229821 bytes)

isaac.jpg (105103 bytes)

Price, Ella

Crouch, Ernest E.

Hunt, Frances Christy Hunt, George W. Baker, Isaac
james-d.jpg (217407 bytes)

james-m.jpg (212136 bytes)

james-t-edmonson.jpg (217618 bytes)

james-w-hunt.jpg (203329 bytes)

james--w-w-cooper.jpg (220932 bytes)

Hunt, James D Cooper, James M. Edmonson, James T. Hunt, James W. Cooper, James W.W.
jeptha-hunt-4-1.jpg (222498 bytes)

jesse-p-hunt.jpg (233690 bytes)

john-c-haggard.jpg (202852 bytes)

john-j-b-cooper.jpg (209380 bytes)

jonathan-hunt-8-1.jpg (227958 bytes)

Hunt, Jeptha Hunt, Jesse P. Haggard, John C. Cooper, John J.B. Hunt, Jonathan
jonathan-potts-1-1.jpg (235139 bytes)

jonathan-w-hunt-8-1.jpg (222519 bytes)

lizzie-j-broaddus-7-1.jpg (177362 bytes)

mary-c-hunt-6-1.jpg (204752 bytes)

mary-e-edmonson-5-1.jpg (220788 bytes)

Potts, Jonathan Hunt, Jonathan W. Broaddus, Lizzie J. Hunt, Mary C Edmonson, Mary E.
mary-hunt-close-4-1.jpg (182391 bytes)

mary-j-hunt-haggard-3-1.jpg (178507 bytes)

nancy-a-c-cooper-2-1.jpg (236029 bytes)

nancy-hunt-1-1.jpg (217490 bytes)

nancy-k.jpg (207119 bytes)

Hunt, Mary Haggard, Mary Hunt Cooper, Nancy A.C. Hunt, Nancy King, Nancy K.
rachel-cooper-7-1.jpg (217275 bytes)

sall-hunt-6-1.jpg (226793 bytes)

sally-acton-4-1.jpg (232021 bytes)

sarah-ann-hunt-3-1.jpg (215116 bytes)

sarah-f.jpg (182683 bytes)

Cooper, Rachel Hunt, Sall. Acton, Sally Hunt, Sarah Ann King, Nancy K.
smallwood-acton-1-1.jpg (182218 bytes)

thomas-b-edmonson.jpg (234740 bytes)

unknown-2-5-1.jpg (249369 bytes)

unknown-3-4.jpg (264633 bytes)

unknown-field-stone.jpg (260269 bytes)

Acton, Smallwood Edmonson, Thomas B.
william-t-hunt.jpg (227605 bytes)

wm-m-edmonson.jpg (213556 bytes)

Hunt, William T.

Edmonson, Wm. M.



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