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Jessamine County, Kentucky

Last Update: December 4, 2011 File Manager: Mitch RyderThe Registry
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File Description Size Date Submitter
Aldridge, John R.  February 5, 2002   04-06-2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
Blake, Lydia Ann Brown March 9, 1982 1K Jan 2011 Kathy Blake
Canter, George Thomas  1918   12-26-2007 Joy Fisher
Carter, Selby Anderson  1918   12-29-2007 Joy Fisher
Cartwright, Clayton  2002   08-23-2003 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Cleveland, John January 1896   05-08-2008 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard The Registry
Eades, Guy R.  June 30, 2002   09-26-2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
Fain, Mattie Belle  November 8, 1918   09-11-2000 Donna Horton
Fain, Sarada  May 18, 1894   09-11-2000 Donna Horton
Ferrell, Dorothy Anne  April 13, 2003   12-04-2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
Good, Vivian Holcomb  2003   08-29-2004 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
Graham, William  2003   12-26-2003 Sandi GorinThe Registry
Hager, Minnie  November 8, 1918   09-11-2000 Donna Horton
Hansford, James D.  2003   01-10-2004 Sherri HallThe Registry
Harris, The infant daughter of W. D.  1909   09-11-2000 Donna Horton
Harris, William P.  April 8, 1904   09-11-2000 Donna Horton
Merritt, Edna Mae Todd  2003   09-08-2004 Neal ByrgeThe Registry
Messick, Juett L.  1875   06-16-1998 Diana Flynn
Miller, Margaret   03-12-2001 Diane Parsons
Morgan, Georgia Lanham Harris   08-21-2003 Not Given
Pemberton, Jean  2002   11-06-2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
Preston, Mary A.  January 7, 1907   03-23-2005 Angie PrestonThe Registry
Ramsey, Mrs. Nancy H.  1875   06-16-1998 Diana Flynn
Reynolds, James  1997   06-11-1998 Diana Flynn
Reynolds, Oklahoma Jr.  2002   08-30-2003 Not Given
Reynolds, Ray W.  2002   11-16-2003 Sherri HallThe Registry
Shackelford, Ruth November 1906   05-27-2008 Kelly Courtney-BlizzardThe Registry
Singleton, Richard C.  2003   06-04-2004 Neal Byrge
Taylor, George B. November 1924 1K Nov 2011 Carla Miles The Registry
Taylor, Mary Charles  2002   05-30-2004 Sherri HallThe Registry
Taylor, Mary  2002   08-23-2003 Not Given
Vannoy, Edytha  2002   08-23-2003 Not Given
White, Mary Garrard  March 10, 1905   09-11-2000 Donna Horton