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Surname Indexes



File Name Description Date Submitted By
campbell3879gob.txt Campbell, John David 1917 Dec 2007 Joy Fisher
gob489carpente.txt Carpenter, Orville T., d.1976 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
c6000001.txt Carr, Anna Tinnell, d. 1970 2000 Nancy Lloyd
c600003.txt Carraway, Mabel Lee Parrish, d. 1956 2002
gob247carrier.txt Carrier, Helen Frances Samples Ware., d. 2003 2004 Neal Byrge The Registry
c636001.txt Carrithers, A. C. 'Clay', d. 1935 2002
c616001.txt Carver, Dr. William Owen, d. 1954 2000
gob1123carter.txt Carter, General Franklin, d. 1976 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
Carter.txt Carter, Dean September 10, 1998 2017 Peggy Russell
carter.txt Carter, Henry Lee, Oct 18 2004 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
c200005.txt Casey, Edward E. d. 1953 2001
bcaswell.txt Caswell, Bessie, d.1998 2003 Sandi Gorin The Registry
5676.txt Chandler, Euna May 29, 2001 2017 Sandi Gorin The Registry
c236001.txt Chester, Joseph, age 41 2000 Brenda Woods,
ckelly.txt Chester, Kelly, d.2002 2000 ---
childres7986gob.txt Childress, Orphus  April 15, 1999 2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
c462003.txt Clark, Mary M., d. 1930 2000 Linda
c462004.txt Clark, William F., d. 1953 2001
c462005.txt Clarkson, Robert H. Jr., d. 1994 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c425001.txt Claycomb, Leona L., d. 1992 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c000001.txt Coe, Virginia D., d. 1938 2000
obit1893.txt Coggins, C. C., d. 1893 1998 Judy Matlock
c400001.txt Cole, Mary Jane, d. 1998 1998 Nancy Trice
obit1893.txt Collins, John, d. 1893 1998 Judy Matlock
c540001.txt Connell, Rev. Raymond E., age 48 2000
c200001.txt Cook, Catherine, d. 1914 1999 Brenda Woods,
c200004.txt Cook, James W., d. 1912 2000 Teddy DeFord The Registry
c200007.txt Cook, John W., d. 1919 2002 Teddy DeFord The Registry
cooksey4981gob.txt Cooksey, Mary E. March 31, 2000 2017 Sandi Gorin The Registry
4979gob.txt Cooksey, Mamry E. May 31, 2000 2017 Sandi Gorin The Registry
coomer2987gob.txt Coomer, James Allen, d. 2005 6/12/2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
coop2649gob.txt Coop, Barbara Short March 11, 2005 03-24-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
corbin.txt Corbin, Kenneth Lyle, Oct 6, 2004 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
b251001.txt Cosby, Virgnia, d. 1990 2000 Kelly Blizzard
cottrell3902gob.txt Cottrell, Paul Kirk 1918 FEB 2008 Joy Fisher
c635001.txt Courtney, Anna M. Simpson, d. 2000 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c635005.txt Courtney, Clyde, d. 1999 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c635003.txt Courtney, Jesse, d. 1991 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c635002.txt Courtney, Mayde, d. 1999 2000 Kelly Blizzard
c635004.txt Courtney, Verna Lee, d. 1991 2000 Kelly Blizzard
cowherd3190gob.txt Cowherd, Jefferson W., 1918 9/25/2005 Barbara McGee
cowherd3191gob.txt Cowherd, Mary Jane, 1935 9/25/2005 Barbara McGee
cox2734gob.txt Cox, Millie Florence, d. 2005 4/10/2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gob138craddock.txt Craddock, Louis, d. 2001 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
cralle4176gob.txt Cralle, Lee Elza March 6, 1984 2009 Susan M Day 
obit1893.txt Crenshaw, Berry, d. 1893 1998 Judy Matlock
4772gob.txt Crenshaw, Mary Elizabeth April 7, 1998 May 2017 Sandi Gorin The Registry
cross7903gob.txt Cross, Opal August 18, 2000 1/28/2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
c632001.txt Crutcher, James C., d. 1954 2000
c552003.txt Cummins, Joseph, d. 1856 2000 Nancy Lloyd
c552001.txt Cummins, Mildred Marshall, d. 1954 2000
obit1969.txt Curry, Arnei Lee, d. 1969 2003 Karen Jorgensen The Registry
obit1893.txt Curry, Edward, d. 1893 1998 Judy Matlock
c600002.txt Curry, Nannie E. Best, d. 1953 2001
raltoncurry.txt Curry, Roy Alton, d. 1968 2003 Karen Jorgensen The Registry
vernoncurry.txt Curry, Vernon Clay, d. 1973 2003 Karen Jorgensen The Registry


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