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The KYGW Tombstone Transcription Project

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File Name Description Submitted By
allison.txt Allison Family Cemetery, Prospect Allys Huff
aplegate.txt Applegate Cemetery (Valley Station) Jeané Bolton
calvary.txt Calvary Cemetery, Louisville, Ky. Part 1-3 (partial)
hofmann.txt Catholic Cemeteries, Hofmann Surname Debbie Hofmann Kaelin
cavehill.txt Cave Hill Confederate Cemetery Geoff Walden
  Cave Hill Confederate Cemetery:

cave- hill/cavehill-a-b.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-c-d.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-c.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-e-g.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-h-i.txt

cave- hill/cavehill-j-l.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-m.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-n-r.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-s.txt
cave- hill/cavehill-t-z.txt

Joy Fisher
cedargr.txt Cedar Grove Cemetery Linda Boles
cshcem.txt Central State Hospital Cemetery (News Article) William Davis
Evergreen National Cemetery
Joy Fisher
c500001.txt Flat Rock Cemetery Pat Cannady
flatrock.txt Flat Rock Cemetery Pat Cannady
flatrock1.txt Flat Rock Cemetery Cliff
fredrck.txt Frederick (Private Cemetery) Elizabeth Smith
resthaven.html Griffin Family, Resthaven Memorial Cemetery (partial listing) Sandy Nicoll
jtownlst.txt Jeffersontown Cemetery Jeané Bolton
lochery.txt Lochery Cemetery Vicki Caple Kaelin
mtholly.txt Mount Holly Cemetery Linda Boles
pauley.txt Pauley Cemetery Linda Boles
phillips.txt Phillips - Durrett - Clark Cemetery Darryl J. Diemer
oldwest.txt Portland Cemetery, Old Western Section Anna Waterbury
oldwest2.txt Portland Cemetery, Old Western Section, (part 2) Anna Waterbury
western.txt Portland Cemetery, (Western Section, pt. 1) Anna Waterbury
western2.txt Portland Cemetery, (Western Section, pt.2) Anna Waterbury
bsect-1.txt Portland Cemetery (B-Section, pt. 1) Anna Waterbury
bsect-2.txt Portland Cemetery (B-Section, pt. 2) Anna Waterbury
bsect-3.txt Portland Cemetery (B-Section, pt. 3) Anna Waterbury
dsect-1.txt Portland Cemetery (D-Section, part 1 of 2) Anna Waterbury
dsect-2.txt Portland Cemetery (D-Section, part 2 of 2) Anna Waterbury
email-reid.txt Reid (Read), John, b.1781 d.1853 / Fisher-Reid Family Cemetery Judy Mudgett
resthavencemetery.html Resthaven Memorial Cemetery Resource
shively.txt Shively Family Cemetery Jeané Bolton
slack.txt Slack Family Cemetery Jeané Bolton
stjohns.txt St. John's Catholic Cemetery Kathy Roy
stlouis.txt St. Louis Cemetery Louisville, Ky. Part 1-2 (partial)
resthave182gcm.txt Sweeney Family, Resthaven Memorial Cemetery (partial listing) Joe Sweeney
tunnel-h.txt Tunnel Hill Cemetery Elizabeth Smith
notknown145gcm.txt Unknown Cemetery - James ORR and wife Mary,  Abby Kirchhofer

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