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File Name Description Date Submitted By
b3550001.txt Batman, Hiriam M., b. 1833 1997 Diana Flynn
b6000001.txt Berry, J. L., b. 1837 1998 Diana Flynn
b6530001.txt Brentlinger, Andrew J., b. 1827 1998 Diana Flynn
borland66bs.txt Borland, Solon August 8, 1811 - January 1, 1864 Oct 2007 Bill Boggess
caldwell474gbs.txt Caldwell, Rev. Robert Emmet  Jul 2008 Alice Warner The Registry
c6360001.txt Carrithers, William McClure, b. 1809 1998 Diana Flynn
c4140001.txt Cleaveland, Benjamin, b. 1813 1998 Diana Flynn
c4520001.txt Collins, James O., b. 1826 1998 Diana Flynn
c6540001.txt Cornwell, Edward, b. 1809 1997 Diana Flynn
davis75bs.txt Davis, Major William J.  Jan 2009 Milisia Hanlin
d5250001.txt Duncan, Lycurgus, b. 1835 1997 Diana Flynn
durrett38nbs.txt Durrett, Reuben T., b. 1824 4/25/2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
evans561gbs.txt Evans, Walter September 18, 1842 - December 30, 1923 1-28-2018 Sandi Gorin The Registry
f6000001.txt Farr, Dr. Uriah H., s/o Daniel C. Farr 1997 Diana Flynn
gary509gbs.txt Gary, Claudy Esty 1887 Dec 2010 Alice Warner The Registry
caldwell475gbs.txt Graham, Miss Elizabeth  Jul 2008 Alice Warner The Registry
graham.txt Graham, E. J., b. 1840 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
graves.txt Graves, William Jourdan, b. 1805 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
g6210001.txt Grigsby, Bennet, b. 1817 1997 Diana Flynn
h2000001.txt Hays, Andrew J., s/o James Hays 1997 Diana Flynn
h523001.txt Hill, Mildred J.  2003 .Connie Hurley The Registry
h5240001.txt Hinkle, James W., b. 1818 1998 Diana Flynn
i6150001.txt Irvin, Robert H., b. 1869 1998 Mike Miller
love65nbs.txt Love, G. Thomas (Sr.) 1875 - ???? 2007 Joy Fisher
m4300002.txt Malott, James H., b. 1837 1997 Diana Flynn
m4300003.txt Malott, L. R., h/o Maggie V. Clark 1997 Diana Flynn
m4300001.txt Malott, William B., s/o of Elijah Malott 1998 Phyllis Hill
m5220001.txt Moenkhaus, Charles, b. 1860 1998 Phyllis Hill
m5500001.txt Monyhan, Henry, b. 1824 1997 Diana Flynn
m6000001.txt Murray, T. C., b. 1854 1998 Diana Flynn
o2160001.txt Osborn, William F., h/o Sarah Woods 1997 Diana Flynn
o5200001.txt Owens, Mathew Henry, b. 1822 1997 Maria D. Troutman
owsley.txt Owsley, Virginia, b. 1835 2004 Sandi Gorin
p3610001.txt Pottorff, William A., MD, b. 1839 1998 Diana Flynn
gbs24reed.txt Reed, William Decatur, b. 1815 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
saunders426gbs.txt Saunders, Letcher 1864 -  2007 Joy Fisher
s3500001.txt Seaton, Allen R., b. 1808 1998 Diana Flynn
seaton.txt Seaton, John, b. 1834 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
s200001.txt Shake, Benjamin S., b. 1832 1998 Diana Flynn
s5300001.txt Smith, Reuben, h/o Eliza Roberts 1998 Diana Flynn
s5300002.txt Smith, William E., b. 1826 1997 Diana Flynn
John & Dorothy
John B. & Dorothy Wolfe Southard- Family History Mar 2009 Betty Stokes
s3160001.txt Stafford, Benjamin, b. 1809 1998 Diana Flynn
gbs89stone.txt Stone, Henry Lane: 1842, b. 1809 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
s5620001.txt Summers, George T., James S., Wm. E. 1997 Diana Flynn
terrell.txt Terrell, William H., b. 1840 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
t1000001.txt Tapp, William H., b. 1848 1997 Diana Flynn
thompson.txt Thompson, R. H., b. 1836 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
thruston.txt Thruston, John Buckner, b. 1957 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
torbitt34nbs.txt Torbitt, Joseph Perry, b. 1822 4/21/2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs17veech.txt Veech, Richard Snowden, b. 1823 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
w4250001.txt Wilson, John, b. 1818 1997 Diana Flynn
wood.txt Wood, Henry C, b. 1821 2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
young423gbs.txt Young, Daniel P. 1833 - 1878 2007 Joy Fisher


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