1860 Census of Jackson County, KY
transcribed by Jennifer Bawden

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Alkins, Fieldin
Alkins, Isabel
Ambrose, Charles
Ambrose, Green A.
Ambrose, Harvey
Ambrose, James
Ambrose, Joseph
Ambrose, Julius
Ambrose, Malinda
Ambrose, Pinkton
Ambrose, Rachael
Ambrose, Robert
Ambrose, Sarinda
Amin, Harvy
Amin, Manervy
Amin, Manly T.
Amin, Riley
Amon, Caswell
Amon, George
Amon, Green
Amon, Henry
Amon, John C.
Amon, Mary
Amon, Samuel
Amon, Samuel
Amon, Sarah E.
Anderson, Elizabeth
Anderson, Isaac N.
Anderson, Jacob
Anderson, James H.
Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, Jesse
Anderson, Laura
Anderson, Margaret
Anderson, Margaret Ann
Anderson, Martha
Anderson, Nancy
Anderson, Roda Ann
Anderson, William
Angel, America
Angel, Catherine
Angel, Elizabeth
Angel, Elizabeth
Angel, Elizabeth
Angel, James
Angel, James
Angel, James
Angel, Jane
Angel, Josefine
Angel, Lisabanner
Angel, Littleton
Angel, Margaret
Angel, Margaret
Angel, Mary
Angel, Square
Angel, Stacia
Angel, Wade
Angel, Wily
Arnold, Amanuel
Arnold, Lucrecia E.
Arnold, Nancy
Arnold, Robert
Atkins, Amanuel
Atkins, Harrison
Atkins, Jane
Atkins, Louisa A.
Atkins, Lucinda
Atkins, Lucinda
Atkins, Mary
Atkins, Matilda
Atkins, Preston
Bales, John E.
Bales, Martha
Bales, Mary
Bales, Nancy
Bales, Russel
Bales, Sarah
Bales, Stephen
Bales, Thomas
Bales, William
Bowman, Adiun
Bowman, Catharine
Bowman, Daniel
Bowman, Jackson
Bowman, James
Bowman, Joseph
Bowman, Marium
Bowman, Mary
Bowman, Thomas
Bowman, Thomas
Browning, Alsa
Browning, George
Browning, James
Browning, John
Browning, Joseph
Browning, Marion
Browning, William
Brummet, Benjamin
Brummet, Cintha
Brummet, Elander
Brummet, Elizabeth
Brummet, Elizabeth
Brummet, Hawkins
Brummet, John
Brummet, John
Brummet, Joshua
Brummet, Levisa
Brummet, Lucinda
Brummet, Mary
Brummet, Mary E.
Brummet, Samuel
Brummet, Susan P.
Brummet, Susannah
Brummet, Walter
Brummet, William
Brummet, William
Bullock, Amanda
Bullock, David W.
Bullock, Edmund
Bullock, Frank P.
Bullock, George S.
Bullock, Isabel
Bullock, John C.
Bullock, John C.
Bullock, Mary
Bullock, Thomas
Bullock, William
Carpenter, Elizabeth
Carpenter, Green R.
Carpenter, John C.
Carpenter, Mary
Carpenter, Preston
Carpenter, Roda
Carpenter, Roda
Carpenter, Samuel
Carpenter, Stephen
Carroll, Daniel
Carroll, Elizabeth
Carroll, Elizabeth
Carroll, Emily
Carroll, John
Carroll, Lavinah
Carroll, Malinda
Carroll, Mary
Carroll, Nancy
Carroll, Samuel
Casteel, Eliza
Casteel, Emaline
Casteel, Hiram
Casteel, Margaret
Casteel, Mary Jane
Casteel, Nathan
Casteel, Rachael
Casteel, Sarah Ann
Clark, Edward
Clark, Elhannan
Clark, Emily
Clark, Franklin
Clark, Hiram
Clark, Nancy
Clark, Nathan
Clark, Tabitha
Clark, William
Cope, Caleb
Cope, Daniel
Cope, Fanny
Cope, G. W.
Cope, Howell
Cope, James A.
Cope, James M.
Cope, Jane
Cope, Lydia
Cope, Mary
Cope, Micager
Cope, Naritta
Cope, Pleasant
Cope, Sarah
Cope, Thomas
Cutten, David
Cutten, Francis
Cutten, James N.
Cutten, Martha
Cutten, Martha
Cutten, Mary M.
Cutten, Permelia E.
Cutten, William
Deaton, Calista
Deaton, Martin
Duncan, Stephen
Edwards, George
Edwards, Martha
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Mary
Edwards, Sarah C.
Engle, Abee
Engle, B. F.
Engle, Elizabeth
Engle, James
Engle, Mary
Engle, Riason
Engle, Robert J.
Engle, Sarah M.
Ervin, Ann C.
Ervin, Maria
Ervin, William B.
Faubus, Ann
Faubus, John
Francis, Abba
Francis, Amanda
Francis, Elbert S.
Francis, Helan S.
Francis, Isabel
Francis, Lemuel
Francis, Lewis L.
Francis, Louanna
Francis, Mary
Francis, Nancy
Francis, Owen
Francis, Owen W.
Gilphins, George
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Elizabeth
Hall, Elviry
Hall, Mary
Hall, Owen
Hammons, James
Hammons, John
Hammons, Lucinda
Hammons, Mary
Hammons, Nancy
Hammons, Sarah Ann
Hammons, William
Hellard, Amanda
Hellard, Douglas
Hellard, Douglas
Hellard, Edward
Hellard, Elander
Hellard, Eliza
Hellard, Elizabeth
Hellard, Hiram
Hellard, Mahala
Hellard, Mary
Hellard, Mary E.
Hellard, Sarah
Hellard, Thomas
Hellard, Thomas
Hellard, Wesley
Hellard, Wesly
Hellard, William D.
Hilton, Arrah
Hilton, Elander
Hilton, Eligah
Hilton, Sarilda
Hilton, Stokely
Holcomb, Elizabeth
Holcomb, John
Holcomb, Lawrence
Holcomb, Mary E.
Holcomb, May
Hollin, Daniel
Hollin, Jackson
Hollin, Lydia
Hollin, Mathias
Hollin, Rily
Hollin, William
Horn, Catherine
Horn, Joseph
Horn, William
Horn, William
Horn, Zachara
Hunter, Jane
Hunter, Margaret
Hunter, Martha
Hunter, Mary
Hunter, Nathan
Hunter, Polly
Hutson, Alexander
Hutson, Hiram
Hutson, Martha
Hutson, Nancy
Isaacks, Andrew
Isaacks, Elizabeth
Isaacks, Isaac
Isaacks, John
Isaacks, Kizza
Isaacks, Lucinda
Isaacks, Lydia
Isaacks, Maria
Johnson, Cavlila
Johnson, Eligah
Johnson, Elisha
Johnson, Mary
Jones, Elihu
Jones, Elizabeth
Jones, Fee G.
Jones, Margaret
Jones, Martha
Jones, Mary
Jones, Mary Ann
Jones, Mason
Jones, Robert
Jones, Robert
Jones, Sarah
Kelley, James
Kelley, Jonathan
Kelley, Martha
Kelley, Mary
Kelley, Rachael L.
Kelley, Sarah
Land, Geo
Land, Rebecca
Lawson, Elander
Lawson, Emily
Lawson, Isabel
Lawson, James
Lawson, Martha S.
Lawson, Mary Ann
Lawson, Palina A.
Lawson, Rachael
Lawson, Sarah E.
Lear, Marcus
Lear, Rachael
Lear, Sarah
Lear, William
Little, Abigah
Little, Lucinda
Little, Patton
Lunsford, Allin
Lunsford, David
Lunsford, Elisha
Lunsford, Eliza
Lunsford, Ephraigm
Lunsford, George W.
Lunsford, Henry C.
Lunsford, Isaac
Lunsford, Isaac
Lunsford, Isaac
Lunsford, Jackson
Lunsford, James
Lunsford, James
Lunsford, Jesse
Lunsford, Jesse
Lunsford, Jesse C.
Lunsford, John
Lunsford, John
Lunsford, Margaret
Lunsford, Martha
Lunsford, Mary
Lunsford, Nancy
Lunsford, Permelia
Lunsford, Sarah
Lunsford, Sarah
Lunsford, Sarah
Lunsford, Sarah
Lunsford, Sarah E
Lunsford, Susan
Lunsford, Sylvana
Lunsford, Sylvana
Lunsford, William
Lunsford, William
Lunsford, William
Lunts, Harrison
Maddon, Anderson
Maddon, Farmer
Maddon, Icy
Maddon, Isaac
Maddon, Lucinda
Maddon, Mary
Maddon, Melvina
Maddon, Peter
Maddon, Rachael
Maddon, Simpson
Maddon, William
Marcum, Eligah
Marcum, Ibba
Marcum, John
Marcum, Mahala
Marcum, Mary
Marcum, Rachael
Marcum, Square
Marcum, Susan
Marcum, Theopholus
Marcum, William
Masters, Nancy
McWhorter, David
McWhorter, Eligah
McWhorter, Henry
McWhorter, Jesse
McWhorter, John
McWhorter, Lucinda
McWhorter, Martha
McWhorter, Mary
McWhorter, Perry
McWhorter, Susan
McWhorter, William
Metcalf, Amos
Metcalf, Eligah
Metcalf, Elisha
Metcalf, Hiram
Metcalf, Jaily
Metcalf, James
Metcalf, James C.
Metcalf, John
Metcalf, Mary Ann
Metcalf, Perlina
Metcalf, Reuben
Metcalf, Susan
Metcalf, William
Miller, Catherine
Miller, Jacob
Miller, Joel
Miller, John
Miller, Mary
Miller, Matilda
Miller, Nancy
Miller, Sarah L
Moberly, George W.
Moberly, Hily Ann
Moberly, James
Moberly, Nancy
Montgomery, John L.
Montgomery, Martha
Montgomery, Mary
Montgomery, Sarah
Moore, America
Moore, Cornelious
Moore, Cornelious
Moore, Deborah
Moore, Eli
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, Elizabeth
Moore, George
Moore, Harvy
Moore, Hiram
Moore, James T.
Moore, Joel
Moore, John H.
Moore, William
Moore, William
Morris, Caroline
Morris, Elizabeth
Morris, Emaline
Morris, George W.
Morris, Henry
Morris, Henry
Morris, Jason
Morris, John
Morris, John
Morris, John N.
Morris, Levi
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary
Morris, Mary E.
Morris, Nancy
Morris, Rachael
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Thomas
Morris, Thomas J.
Morris, William
Morris, William
Morris, William H.
Nicheals, Elizabeth
Nicheals, Emily
Nicheals, Jemima
Nicheals, John G.
Nicheals, Josefine
Nicheals, Mary An
Nicheals, Robert
Nicheals, Robert E.
Nicheals, Sarilda
Nicheals, Thomas
Parker, Jason W.
Parker, John
Parker, John
Parker, Louisa
Parker, M. T.
Parker, Malind
Parker, Mary
Parris, Aaron
Parris, Nelly
Parris, Rachael
Parris, Sarah
Parris, Sarilda
Parrot, Agness
Parrot, Elizabeth
Parrot, James T.
Parrot, Joel
Parrot, John T.
Parrot, Joseph
Parrot, Joshua
Parrot, Preston
Parrot, Robert
Parsons, Ann
Parsons, Eligah
Parsons, James
Parsons, John
Parsons, Joseph
Penington, Abb
Penington, Elias
Penington, Elizabeth
Penington, John
Penington, Levi
Penington, Mary A.
Penington, Minale
Penington, Preston
Penington, Sarah
Penington, Seala
Pennington, Catharine
Pennington, Edward
Pennington, Elizabeth
Pennington, James
Pennington, James D.
Pennington, John
Pennington, Nancy
Rader, Adam
Rader, Christopher
Rader, Elizabeth
Rader, Ellen
Rader, George
Rader, Henry
Rader, Jane
Rader, Jane
Rader, John
Rader, John
Rader, Margaret
Rader, Martha
Rader, William
Ramsey, Anderson
Ramsey, Charity
Ramsey, Delight
Ramsey, Ellen
Ramsey, Francis
Ramsey, Garret
Ramsey, Henry M.
Ramsey, Job
Ramsey, John
Ramsey, John G.
Ramsey, John W.
Ramsey, Lucinda
Ramsey, Mary E.
Ramsey, Mary E.
Ramsey, Robert
Ramsey, Robert M.
Ramsey, Samantha
Ramsey, Sintha
Ramsey, William
Riggs, Elizabeth
Riggs, James E.
Riggs, John
Riggs, Joseph S.
Riggs, Mary
Riggs, Moses A.
Riggs, Nancy
Riggs, Richard
Riggs, William H.
Roberts, Elender
Roberts, Hezekiah
Roberts, John
Roberts, Nancy
Robinson, Ann
Robinson, George
Robinson, Jackson
Robinson, L. J.
Robinson, Lucy Ann
Robinson, Martha
Robison, America
Robison, John
Robison, Minta
Robison, Sarah
Runnels, Margaret
Runnels, Thomas
Runnels, Zachary
Sparks, Mary
Spivy, Charles
Spivy, Jane
Stapleton, Armina
Stapleton, Malin
Tillery, David
Tillery, G. W.
Tillery, George
Tillery, Hester
Tillery, Isaac
Tillery, James
Tillery, Jesse
Tillery, John
Tillery, Thomas
Tillery, William
Tincher, Amanda
Tincher, America
Tincher, Angeline
Tincher, Catharine
Tincher, Elias
Tincher, Elias
Tincher, Elizabeth
Tincher, Henry
Tincher, James
Tincher, James
Tincher, Joab
Tincher, John
Tincher, Jonathan
Tincher, Joseph
Tincher, Levi
Tincher, Louisa
Tincher, Matilda
Tincher, Nancy
Tincher, Thomas
Tincher, William
Tincher, William H.
Truet, Alford
Truet, Edward
Truet, Elizabeth
Truet, Redin
Truet, Sarah
Truet, Thomas
Truet, William
Turner, Minatree
Turner, Sarah
Tussey, Jacob L.
Tussey, Rebeca
Underwood, Joseph
Vaughan, Jefferson
Vaughan, Margaret
Vaughan, Martha
Vaughan, Phebe
Vaughan, Rebecca
Vaughan, Sarah
Vaughan, Susan
Vaughan, William
Wathan, ?ssiller
Wathan, Enderman
Wathan, James
Wathan, Lucind
Wathan, Rachael
Williams, Absolum
Williams, Albert
Williams, Nancy Jane
Williams, Tennissee
Young, J. L. H.
Young, Lugina
Young, Susan E.