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These Hopkins county files were all posted to the Ky-Footsteps mail list during 1998 and will be found in the list digest in that ftp directory. In some cases they will also be found on the regular Hopkins County pages and/or the regular archives table of contents page.

All files are less than 50k in size and include information on other counties as well as Hopkins county.

Baker family
Burton, John Richard
Campbell, Allen
Davis family
Lovan, John
Springfield family
Teague, Jesse E.
Wilson, John
Ramsey, John, born c. 1750
Robertson, John, 1836

Adams, Arkie, 1957
Adkins, Huston, 1998
Allen, Elvis Lee, 1998
Anderson, Donald Eugene, 1998
Belcher, Mrs. Lillian (Majors), 1998
Brasher, Willis "Hoppy", 1998
Carter, Mrs. Gladys Pearl (Menser), 1998
Clift, Scott, 1935
Cline, John Lacy, 1998
Coffman, W. W., 1935
Cole, Mary Jane, 1998
Compton, Theodore, Rev., 1935
Cunningham, Ford Lee "Fordie", 1998
Goodaker, Royal Wayne, 1998
Grant, Bishop Ulysses, 1998
Haynes, Mary Latino, 1998
Hogue, Edward, 1998
Holmes, Raymond "Longjaw", 1998
Love, Bobbi B., 1998
Moore, Charles Everett, 1998
Moore, Gladys Sue, 1998
Parker, Mrs. Dorothy Gameda (Adams), 1998
Prow, Ruby L. "Rube", 1998
Robinson, Mrs. Helen Juanita (Caldwell), 1998
Sizemore, James "Buck", 1998
Southall, Charlene, 1998
Spangler, Mrs. Gladys, 1998
Wicks, William A., 1998
Brown, William, 1825
Hibbs, Margaret E., 1918
Ligon, Robert H., 1912
Ligon, William Robert, 1917
Metcalf, William, 1815
Winstead, Manley B., Dr., 1887

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