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Henry County was formed in 1798 from Shelby County

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File Name Description Date Submitted Submitted By
b2100001.txt Bishop, Elisha, M. D.
11-08-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
b6530001.txt Brent, William M., M.D.
06-06-1998 Diana Flynn
c2350001.txt Chastain, Peter M.
08-08-1998 Diana Flynn
cobb469.txt Cobb, John May 19, 1814 - November 12, 1893 04-10-2008 Margie Hinton
Cull, David N. December 5, 1844
Sandi GorinThe Registry
durrett30nbs.txt Durrett, Reuben T. 4-1-2005 Sandi Gorin
f6000001.txt Foree, T. P.
10-18-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
g6350001.txt Gardner, J. G.
10-18-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
h4000002.txt Hall, Justus J.
11-03-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
h4000001.txt Hall, Thomas
02-27-2000 Nancy T. Green
gbs68johnson.txt Johnson, Calvin R. DR
08-18-2004 Sandi GorinThe Registry
m3200001.txt Maddox, Notley
11-08-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
m2530001.txt McGenity, Hon. John L.
06-06-1998 Diana Flynn
m2610001.txt McRoberts, Dr. John
11-12-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
m5320001.txt Montgomery, W. L.
10-01-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
p3000001.txt Piatt, Mrs. Sallie M. B.
10-18-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
p4630001.txt Pollard, James I.
10-19-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
p6600001.txt Pryor, William S.
10-18-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
reed31nbs.txt Reed, William Murphy 4-1-2005 Sandi Gorin
r1630001.txt Roberts, Moses
06-06-1998 Diana Flynn
r1630002.txt Robertson, Henry
06-06-1998 Diana Flynn
s2420001.txt Schoolcraft, Madison Hughes
10-20-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s4000001.txt Sewell, G. W.
10-30-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s5300002.txt Smith, Jacob Shrader
10-28-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s5300003.txt Smith, Dr. W. S.
11-12-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s5300001.txt Smoot, Thomas
10-06-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s3100001.txt Stapp, Prof. John S.
10-23-2000 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s3150001.txt Stephenson, Benjamin
06-06-1998 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s3150002.txt Stephenson, Nelson & John, s/o Benjamin & Mary Grimes
06-06-1998 Sandi GorinThe Registry
t2600001.txt Tucker, Samuel
06-06-1998 Diana Flynn
v4530001.txt Vallandingham, George, Rev. War Soldier
11-02-1998 Dick Vallandingham

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