Surnames beginning with Q-S
File Description Size Date Submitter
gob1761ragland.txt Ragland, Mary Elizabeth, 2004 Obituary 1k 10/3/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob798reed.txt Reed, Cora Jane, 1979 Obituary 1k 6/10/2004 Sandi Gorin    
Reeser.Henry.1938.jpg Reeser, Henry, 1938, Death Certificate 70.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
releford2806gob.txt Releford, Margaret M., 2005, Obituary 1k 4/12/2005 Sandi Gorin    
gob170renfro.txt Renfro, William, 1875, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob1385renick.txt Renick, Kate Harris, 1968, Obituary 1k 8/19/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob1972reynolds.txt Reynolds, Cecil B., 2004, Obituary 1k 11/19/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob1981reynolds.txt Reynolds, Don Allen, 2004, Obituary 1k 11/20/2004 Sandi Gorin    
r543003.txt Reynolds, Elizabeth Nichols, 2003, Obituary 2.16k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
r543001.txt Reynolds, Fred J., 1983, Obituary 2k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
link Reynolds, Granville, 1927, Death Certificate 76k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
r543002.txt Reynolds, Leona Druin Puckett Obituary 1.27k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
reynolds2631gob.txt Reynolds, Leslie Obituary 1k 3/12/2005 Sandi Gorin   
r000002.txt Rhea, Emma Sandidge, 1950, Death Certificate 1.54K 10/4/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
r000003.txt Rhea, Fanny, 1913, Death Certificate 1.47K 10/3/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
r000004.txt Rhea, Harvey Lane, 1911, Death Certificate 1.49K 10/3/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
r000005.txt Rhea, Lena Thompson, 1949, Death Certificate 1.54K 10/5/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
r000006.txt Rhea, Luther, 1950, Death Certificate 1.44K 10/4/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
r000007.txt Rhea, Mary Alice, 1941, Death Certificate 1.54K 10/4/2001 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
richards2882gob.txt Richards, Dana B., 2005, Obituary 1k 4/26/2005 Sandi Gorin    
Richards.Eliza.Frances.Harrod.1925.jpg Richards, Eliza Frances Harrod, 1925, Death Certificate 76.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
richards2923gob.txt Richardson, Rushie Lee, 2005, Obituary 1k 5/16/2005 Sandi Gorin    
r235001.txt Rigdon, Nora B., 2003, Obituary 1.94k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
r163001.txt Robertson, Katie, 1972, Obituary 1.67k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
gob1227rock.txt Rock, Vera, 1979 1K 7/30/2004 Sandi Gorin  
r262001.txt Rogers, Mrs., 1878, Obituary 1.46k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
r430001.txt Rowlett, John Phillip, 1897, Obituary 1.91k 1/4/2004 Sandi Gorin   
Ruark.Esther.Mattie.Presley.1946.jpg Ruark, Esther Mattie Presley, 1946 Death Certificate 83k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
r343001.txt Rutledge, Les "Butch", 2003, Obituary 2.22k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
sanders2632gob.txt Sanders, Frances Holley Obituary 1k 3/12/2005 Sandi Gorin   
s536001.txt Sanders, Margaret Bell, 1973, Obituary 1.82k 9/30/2003 Sandi Gorin   
s532001.txt Sandidge, Frank C., 1982, Obituary 1.42k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin   
s253001.txt Schindler, Berladean Presley, 1999, Obituary 1.75k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
Schindler.Berladean.Presley.1999.jpg Schindler, Berladean Presley, 1999, Death Certificate 94.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
gob1973schlinke.txt Schlinker, Johnee Moss, 2004, Obituary 1k 11/19/2004 Sandi Gorin    
s400001.txt Schooley, Mabel, 1998, Obituary 1.65K 4/1998 Diana Flynn   
s230001.txt Scott, Ollie Louise, 1998, Obituary 2.13k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
gob171scott.txt Scott, W.L., 1896, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
Self.William.H.Jr.1946.jpg Self, William H., Jr., 1946, Death Certificate 67.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
s342001.txt Settles, Mrs. Wm., 1896, Obituary 1.35k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
s235001.txt Sexton, Francis, 1991, Obituary 2.04k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
s235002.txt Sexton, Milby, 1952, Obituary 1.84k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
gob1799shacklef.txt Shackleford, Dr., 1875 Obituary 1k 10/10/2004 Sandi Gorin    
s435001.txt Shelton, Edward, 1974, Obituary 1.46k 7/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s520001.txt Shines, Shelby, 2003, Obituary 1.62k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
s526001.txt Shoemaker, Elma, 1979, Obituary 1.71k 12/06/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s630001.txt Short, Elwood, 1967, Obituary 1.25k 7/3/2003 Sandi Gorin   
shuck3027gob.txt Shuck, Emma Simms, 1941, Obituary 2k 7/1/2005 Sandi Gorin   
ob102sidebott.txt Sidebottom, Louis, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/12/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob2520simmons.txt Simmons, Sharon Short, 2005, Obituary 1k 2/6/2005 Sandi Gorin    
singleto2939gob.txt Singleton, Herman D., 2005, Obituary 1k 6/1/2005 Sandi Gorin    
Smith.Benjamin.Rusau.1939.jpg Smith, Benjamin Rusau, 1939, Death Certificate 65.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
ob171smith.txt Smith, Dan, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/28/2004 Sandi Gorin    
s530006.txt Smith, Elva Mae Waddle, 2003, Obituary 2.01k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s530003.txt Smith, Harvey, 1980, Obituary 1.80k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
s530005.txt Smith, Mack, 2003, Obituary 1.73k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s530002.txt Smith, Mae, 2002, Obituary 1.84k 10/12/2002 Sherri Hall   
s530004.txt Snoddy, Elizabeth Jane, 1932, Obituary 1.62k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
gob576spillman.txt Spillman, L.C., 2004 Obituary 1k 5/29/2004 Sandi Gorin    
s152001.txt Sponsler, Earl, 2004, Obituary 1.62k 1/10/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob1663stclair.txt St. Clair, Mildred, 2004, Obituary 1.k 9/9/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob2547stanley.txt Stanley, Vaughn L., 2005, Obituary 1.k 3/5/2005 Sandi Gorin    
s314001.txt Staples, Dorothy Mae, 2000, Obituary 1.97k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
s314002.txt Staples, John Lee "Sandy", 1987, Obituary 1.69k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
s314004.txt Staples, Robert S., 1943, Death Certificate 1.71k 3/28/2004 Dixie McMillen    
stasel2998gob.txt Stasel, Lucille, 2005, Obituary 1k 6/12/2005 Sandi Gorin   
s343001.txt Stiltz, Weldon "Cotton", 1974, Obituary 1.4k 7/2/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s362002.txt Strickland, Maxine Lane, 2003, Obituary 2.08k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
ob78strother.txt Strother, Patricia, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/4/2004 Sandi Gorin    
s362003.txt Sturgeon, Geraldine, 2003, Obituary 1.67k 12/8/2003 Sandi Gorin    
s362001.txt Sturgeon, Olivia, 1898, Obituary 1.72k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
ob83sullivan.txt Sullivan, Charles E., 2004, Obituary 1k 12/4/2004 Sandi Gorin    
ob99sullivan.txt Sullivan, Elsie, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/12/2004 Sandi Gorin    

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