Surnames beginning with N-P
File Description Size Date Submitter
n242001.txt Nichols, Clyde Thomas, 1998, Obituary 1.72k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin   
n242002.txt Nichols, Cora, 1949, Death Certificate 1.63k 8/4/2003 Carol Olney   
n242003.jpg 46.3k
noe2996gob.txt Noe, Johnie Nicols, 2005, Obituary 1k 6/12/2005 Sandi Gorin   
n500003.txt Nunn, Audrey Mae, 2004, Obituary 1.84k 3/28/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob363nunn.txt Nunn, Jim, 1965, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
n500002.txt Nunn, Otis Clay, 2002, Obituary 2.00k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
n500001.txt Nunn, Sherman Cecil, 2000, Obituary 1.93k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
n300002.txt Nutt, Carrie Edney, 1911, Death Certificate 1.42k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300001.jpg 114k
n300004.txt Nutt, Dora, 1911, Death Certificate 1.67k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300003.jpg 104k
n300010.txt Nutt, Lee, 1966, Death Certificate 1.43k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300009.jpg 165k
n300006.txt Nutt, Martha Lee Sanders VanFleet, 1961, Death Certificate 1.63k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300005.jpg 195k
n300012.txt Nutt, Mary Belle, 1915, Death Certificate 1.42k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300011.jpg 113k
Nutt.Susan.A.1924.jpg Nutt, Susan A., 1924, Death Certificate 62k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
n300008.txt Nutt, Thomas P., 1916, Death Certificate 1.63k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
n300007.jpg 136k
o235001.txt Ogden, James R., 2002, Obituary 2.15k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
o235001.txt Ogden, Joseph Lee, 1996, Obituary 1.84k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
o540001.jpg O'Neal, Margarite Cordelia Fuqua, 1958, Death Certficate 52.1k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
o161002.txt Overfelt, Ellis, 1981, Obituary 1.89k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
o161001.txt Overfelt, Fannie, 1993, Obituary 1.79k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
o500001.txt Owen, Nellie, 1982, Obituary 1.75k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
o500002.txt Owen, Mrs. W.B., 1980, Obituary 2.13k 12/06/2003 Sandi Gorin    
o520001.txt Owens, Sophia V., 1984, Obituary 1.69k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
o520002.txt Owens, Winfred, Death Notice 1.73k 9/29/2003 Sandi Gorin    
gob797palmore.txt Palmore, J.S., 1979 Obituary 1k 6/10/2004 Sandi Gorin    
gob60parrish.txt Parrish, Lewis, 1896Obituary 1.k 4/26/2004 Sandi Gorin   
Patterson.Fannie.Presley.1917.jpg Patterson, Fannie Presley, 1917, Death Certificate 70.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Patterson.Henry.1933.jpg Patterson, Henry, 1933, Death Certificate 85.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Patterson.Ollie.Belle.Reynolds.1975.jpg Patterson, Ollie Belle Reynolds, 1975, Death Certificate 90.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p362001.jpg Patterson, Surilda Puckett, 1974, Death Certificate 51.5k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney    
p400001.txt Paul, Evelyn Huffman, 1981, Obituary 2k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
p350001.txt Peden, Bonnie P., 1967, Obituary 1.29k 7/3/3002 Sandi Gorin    
gob1417peden.txt Peden, Charles Howard, Sr., 2004, Obituary 1.k 8/27/3004 Sandi Gorin    
peden3057gob.txt Peden, E.H., 1914, Obituary 1.k 7/3/2005 Sandi Gorin    
gob101pedigo.txt Pedigo, Bernie Turner, 2003, Obituary 1.12k 4/25/2004 Sandi Gorin    
p320001.txt Pedigo, Carl T., 2003, Obituary 1.63k 12/8/2003 Sandi Gorin    
p523001.txt Pennington, Sheila, 1982, Obituary 1.87k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin   
gob1962penningt.txt Pennington, Thomas, 2004, Obituary 1k 11/15/2004 Sandi Gorin   
p625002.txt Perkins, Ada Christine Lile , 2003, Obituary 1.92k 7/2/2003 Sandi Gorin    
p625001.txt Perkins, Emma Dora, 1971, Death Certificate 1.58K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
Perkins.Emma.Dora.1971.jpg 80.8k 1/10/2004
Perkins.Jacob.H.jpg Perkins, Jacob H., 1915, Death Certificate 66.6k 12/18/2003 Sharon Dennison &
Carol Olney   
Perkins.Jake.jpg Perkins, Jake, 1922, Death Certificate 72.6k 12/18/2003 Sharon Dennison &
Carol Olney   
Perkins.James.jpg Perkins, James, 1921, Death Certificate 79.5k 12/18/2003 Sharon Dennison &
Carol Olney   
p625004.txt Perkins, Lena May, 1974, Obituary 1.35k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin    
p625003.txt Perkins, Lewis Thad, 1974, Obituary 1.92k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin    
Perkins.Mary.E.1931.jpg Perkins, Mary E., 1931, Death Certficate 86k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
ob77perriett.txt Perriett, James Victor, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/4/2004 Sandi Gorin    
phillips2703gob.txt Phillips, Mary Emma, 2005, Obituary 1k 4/10/2005 Sandi Gorin    
p412001.txt Phillips, Nellie E., 2003, Obituary 1.65k 7/14/2003 Sandi Gorin   
p413005.txt Philpott, Betty, 2003, Obituary 1.93k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
p413003.txt Philpott, Charles William, 2003, Obituary 1.99k 10/17/2003 Sandi Gorin   
p413003.txt Philpott, Clarence "Ronnie", 2003, Obituary 1.92k 10/03/2003 Sandi Gorin   
p413001.txt Philpott, Ford Washington, 1983, Obituary 1.99k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
link Philpott, Gillie Ann, 1947, Death Certificate 106k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
p413002.txt Philpott, Rachel Loretta, 1973, Obituary 1.56k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Albert.1933.jpg Polston, Albert, 1933, Death Certificate 121k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Alis.L.1918.jpg Polston, Alis L., 1918, Death Certificate 83.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Alma.Brown.1948.jpg Polston, Alma Brown, 1948, Death Certificate 69.2k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Amanda.Alice.1918.jpg Polston, Amanda Alice, 1918, Death Certificate 71.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Asa.1946.jpg Polston, Asa, 1946, Death Certificate 61k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Benjamin.Johnson.1944.jpg Polston, Benjamin Johnson., 1944, Death Certificate 77.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Bessie.Mae.Reeves.1937.jpg Polston, Bessie Mae Reeves, 1937, Death Certificate 82.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Betty.Lou.1936.jpg Polston, Betty Lou, 1936, Death Certificate 61.1k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Charles.William.1976.jpg Polston, Charles William, 1976, Death Certificate 91.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lottie.1952 Polston, Charlotte Ann "Lottie" Tharp, 1952, Death Certificate 57.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Clifford.1928 Polston, Clifford "Clethard" 1928, Death Certificate 68.3k 1/13/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Creed.C.1963.jpg Polston, Creed C., 1963, Death Certificate 88.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423006.txt Polston, Disty Caswell, 1912, Death Certificate 1.65K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423018.jpg 137k 5/26/2003
Polston.Edna.Bryant.1917.jpg Polston, Edna Bryant, 1917, Death Certificate 56.6k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Elender.Stephens.1916.jpg Polston, Elender Stephens, 1916, Death Certificate 57.2k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Elizabeth.1939.jpg Polston, Elizabeth, 1939, Death Certificate 73.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Elvin.Edward.1993.jpg Polston, Elvin Edward, 1993, Death Certificate 82k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423004.txt Polston, Emmett Thomas, 1973, Death Certificate 1.53K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423016.jpg 151k 5/26/2003
p423011.txt Polston, Emmett Thomas, 1973, Obituary 1.88k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Ethel.Richards.1974.jpg Polston, Ethel Richards, 1974, Death Certificate 128k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Ezzie.Dora.Ragle.1937.jpg Polston, Ezzie Dora Ragle, 1937, Death Certificate 107k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Flossie.Gertrude.1912.jpg Polston, Flossie Gertrude, 1912, Death Certificate 62.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Garnett.A.148.jpg Polston, Garnett A., 1948, Death Certificate 76.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.George.McClellan.1950.jpg Polston, George James McClellan, 1950, Death Certificate 74.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Harrison.Alexander.1944.jpg Polston, Harrison Alexander, 1944, Death Certificate 88.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Helen.Hodges.1960.jpg Polston, Helen Hodges, 1960, Death Certificate 85.5k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Henry.Custer.1951 Polston, Henry Custer, 1951, Death Certificate 52.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Irene.Stice.1970.jpg Polston, Irene Stice, 1970, Death Certificate 90.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.James.1915.jpg Polston, James, 1915, Death Certificate 65.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Jane.1911.jpg Polston, Jane, 1911, Death Certificate 55.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Jas.I.1947.jpg Polston, Jas. I., 1947, Death Certificate 63.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423005.txt Polston, Jeff, 1981, Death Certificate 1.58K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423019.jpg 163k 5/26/2003
p423012.txt Polston, Jefferson Davis, 1981, Obituary 1.89k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
Polston.Jesse.Frank.1966.jpg Polston, Jesse Frank, 1966, Death Certificate 85.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Jesse.Willet.1950.jpg Polston, Jesse Willet, 1950, Death Certificate 67.5k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.1920.jpg Polston, John, 1920, Death Certificate 69.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.1935.jpg Polston, John, 1935, Death Certificate 55.2k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.1944.jpg Polston, John, 1944, Death Certificate 73.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.1948.jpg Polston, John, 1948, Death Certificate 67.2k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.R.1941.jpg Polston, John R., 1944, Death Certificate 76.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.John.Thomas.1950.jpg Polston, John Thomas, 1950, Death Certificate 90.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Joseph.B.1917.jpg Polston, Joseph B., 1917, Death Certificate 74.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Laura.1926.jpg Polston, Laura, 1926, Death Certificate 72.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lee.Collin.1913.jpg Polston, Lee Colin, 1913, Death Certificate 80.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lemuel.Austin.19449 Polston, Lemuel Austin, 1949, Death Certificate 85k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lottie.Ann.1911.jpg Polston, Lottie Ann, 1911, Death Certificate 83.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lucy.Sparks.1918.jpg Polston, Lucy Sparks, 1918, Death Certificate 55.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Lydia.Martille.1923.jpg Polston, Lydia Martille Craig, 1923, Death Certificate 68.8k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Malinda.Brown.1931.jpg Polston, Malinda Brown, 1931, Death Certificate 86.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Mary.Ann.Tade.1914.jpg Polston, Mary Ann Tade, 1914, Death Certificate 69.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Minnie.Etta.1918.jpg Polston, Minnie Etta Noe, 1918, Death Certificate 56.6k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Nolia.Mae.1912.jpg Polston, Nolia Mae, 1912, Death Certificate 52.2k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423013.txt Polston, Paul, 1967, Obituary 1.78k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Pauline.jpg Polston, Pauline, 1950, Death Certificate 60.4K 5/13/2004 Edith Bastin    The Registry
Polston.Reedie.Louise.Armour.1981.jpg Polston, Reedie Louise Armour, 1981, Death Certificate 82.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423008.txt Polston, Roadie Ann, 1916, Death Certificate 1.47K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423014.jpg 59.9k 5/26/2003
p423007.txt Polston, Robert Lee, 1947, Death Certificate 1.59K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423017.jpg 183k 5/26/2003
Polston.Rosa.1914.jpg Polston, Rosa Noe, 1914, Death Certificate 72.2k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Roy.Ernest.1947.jpg Polston, Roy Ernest, 1947, Death Certificate 63.1k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Ruby.Lee.1935.jpg Polston, Ruby Lee, 1935, Death Certificate 71.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Sarah.Catherine.1941.jpg Polston, Sarah Catherine Fenwick, 1941, Death Certificate 48.5k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Sarah.Elizabeth.1947.jpg Polston, Sarah Elizabeth, 1947, Death Certificate 63.3k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Sarah.Elizabeth.Sadler.1948.jpg Polston, Sarah Elizabeth Sadler, 1948, Death Certificate 82.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Sarah.Garrett.1927.jpg Polston, Sarah Garrett, 1927, Death Certificate 73.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Stanley.D.1933 Polston, Stanley D., 1933, Death Certificate 73.2k 1/13/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Virgil.Sims.1917.jpg Polston, Virgil Sims, 1917, Death Certificate 75.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Walter.Ormsby.1939.jpg Polston, Walter Ormsby, 1939, Death Certificate 62.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.1918.jpg Polston, William, 1918, Death Certificate 64.9k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.1921 Polston, William, 1921, Death Certificate 76.1k 1/13/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.Keen.1986.jpg Polston, William Keen, 1986, Death Certificate 99k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.Lawrence.1911 Polston, William Lawrence, 1911, Death Certificate 80.5k 1/13/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.Preston.1945 Polston, William Preston, 1945, Death Certificate 47.5k 1/13/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.William.Thomas.1931.jpg Polston, William Thomas, 1931, Death Certificate 80.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Polston.Zilla.Anderson.1966.jpg Polston, Zilla Anderson, 1966, Death Certificate 90.8k 1/12/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Arthur.Laverne.1979.jpg Poston, Arthur Laverne, 1979, Death Certificate 89k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Carl.Alfred.1949 Poston, Carl Alfred, 1949, Death Certificate 60.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Carroll.Mark.Sr.1989.jpg Poston, Carroll Mark, Sr., 1989, Death Certificate 98.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Carroll.Mark.Jr.1995.jpg Poston, Carroll Mark, Jr. 1995, Death Certificate 71.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Clarence.Douglas.2002.jpg Poston, Clarence Douglas, 2002, Death Certificate 88.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Clarence.Shelton.1977.jpg Poston, Clarence Shelton, 1977, Death Certificate 100k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Ella.Navis.Goodman.1973.jpg Poston, Ella Navis Goodman, 1973, Death Certificate 84.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Helen.Patricia.1928.jpg Poston, Helen Patricia, 1928, Death Certificate 82.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Iva.Ellen.1932.jpg Poston, Iva Ellen, 1932, Death Certificate 79.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Nettie.Mae.1940.jpg Poston, Nettie Mae, 1940, Death Certificate 91.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Poston.Shouda.Virgil.1930.jpg Poston, Shouda Virgil, 1930, Death Certificate 80.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p423015.txt Poston, Stephen Douglas, 1953, Death Certificate 1.53K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p423030.jpg 186k 5/26/2003
Poston.Virginia.1925.jpg Poston, Virginia, 1925, Death Certificate 88.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Presley.Amos.Richard.1932.jpg Presley, Amos Richard, 1932, Death Certificate 79.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p624002.txt Presley, Isaac Martin, 1971, Death Certificate 1.61K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
p624008.jpg 192k 5/26/2003
Presley.Ivan.Martin.1930.jpg Presley, Ivan M., 1930, Death Certificate 58.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p624001.txt Presley, Ollie May, 1966, Death Certificate 1.50K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin   
624006.jpg 126k 5/26/2003
p624003.txt Presley, Ollie May, 1966, Obituary 1.75k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p624004.txt Presley, Ollie May, 1966, Obituary 1.75k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p624005.txt Presley, Ollie May, 1966, Obituary 2.14k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
gob364price.txt Price, Linda Sue, 2004, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
p630001.txt Priddy, Ernest, 1982, Obituary 1.07K 2/27/2002 Diana Flynn   
p223022.txt Puckett, Andrew Johnson, 1934, Death Certificate 1.94k 8/5/2003 Carol Olney   
p223023.jpg 58.8k
p223020.txt Puckett, Buchem, 1916, Death Certificate 1.92k 8/5/2003 Carol Olney   
p223021.jpg 35.3k
p223018.txt Puckett, Cecil C., 1951, Death Certificate 1.92k 8/5/2003 Carol Olney   
p223019.jpg 43.4k
link Puckett, Chester, 1940, Death Certificate 102k 11/243/2003 Carol Olney   
p223016.txt Puckett, Clarence Walton, 1920, Death Certificate 1.39k 8/5/2003 Carol Olney   
p223017.jpg 44.4k
p223042.jpg Puckett, Collie W., 1943, Death Certificate 38.4k 8/23/2003 Carol Olney   
p223005.txt Puckett, Curtis Edgar, 1991, Obituary 2.22k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Curtis.Lovell.1936.jpg Puckett, Curtis Lovell, 1936, Death Certificate 101k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
Puckett.Dora.Waddell.1943.jpg Puckett, Dora Waddell, 1943, Death Certificate 68.0k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Eugenia.Frances.1952.jpg Puckett, Eugenia Frances, 1952, Death Certificate 77.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Eva.1921.jpg Puckett, Eva, 1921, Death Certificate 91.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p223003.txt Puckett, Eva Logsdon, 1987, Obituary 1.53k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p223002.txt Puckett, Franklin, 1991, Obituary 2.06k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p223015.txt Puckett, Henry S., 1942, Death Certificate 1.72k 7/31/2003 Carol Olney    The Registry
p223014.jpg 39.6k Carol Olney    The Registry
p223043.txt Puckett, Hershal, 2001, Obituary 1.3k 4/22/2004 Sandi Gorin   
p223004.txt Puckett, Hillard, 1987, Obituary 1.54k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p223013.txt Puckett, Irwin W., 1951, Death Certificate 1.77k 7/31/2003 Carol Olney    The Registry
p223012.jpg 43.8k Carol Olney    The Registry
Puckett.Isom.1934.jpg Puckett, Isom, 1934, Death Certificate 86.7k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.James.Anthony.1911.jpg Puckett, James Anthony, 1911, Death Certificate 70.2k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.James.Martin.1950.jpg Puckett, James Martin, 1950, Death Certificate 81.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
p223024.txt Puckett, Joe Ann, 1947, Death Certificate 1.72k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    The Registry
p223025.jpg 38.7k Carol Olney    The Registry
p223027.txt Puckett, Joe Cooper, 1943, Death Certificate 1.70k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
p223028.jpg 33.3k
Puckett.Joe.Tom.1945.jpg Puckett, Joe Tom, 1945, Death Certificate 57.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Joseph.1912.jpg Puckett, Joseph, 1912, Death Certficate 92k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
p223039.jpg Puckett, Joseph S., 1943, Death Certficate 37.0k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
p233029.txt Puckett, Lawrence Colbert, 1932, Death Certificate 1.72k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
p223030.jpg 43.7k
p233032.jpg Puckett, Lawrence Clifton, 1939, Death Certificate 40.7k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
p233033.txt Puckett, Lena, 1941, Death Certificate 1.73k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
p223034.jpg 43.1k
gob21puckett.txt Puckett, Lee M., 1997, Obituary 1.17k 4/25/2004 Sandi Gorin    
p233035.txt Puckett, Leslie, 1959, Death Certificate 1.76k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
p223011.txt Puckett, Louis, 1919, Death Certficate 1.79k 7/30/2003 Carol Olney   
p223035.jpg Puckett, Lucinda, 1947, Death Certficate 90.7k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
ob101puckett.txt Puckett, Marie, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/12/2004 Sandi Gorin    
p223036.jpg Puckett, Martha Ann, 1935, Death Certficate 102k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
gob23puckett.txt Puckett, Mary, 2000, Obituary 1.09k 4/25/2004 Sandi Gorin    
p223008.txt Puckett, Mary E., 1918, Death Certificate 2k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
p223009.jpg 198k
l223019.jpg Puckett, Mary Frances (Malinda), 1916, Death Certficate 116k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
p223006.txt Puckett, Mary Lou Puckett, 1949, Death Certificate 1.62k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin   
223007.jpg 119k
Puckett.Nancy.Harris.jpg Puckett, Nancy Harris, 1950. Death Certificate 51.6k 12/18/2003 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Nettie.Glenn.1929.jpg Puckett, Nettie Glenn, 1929, Death Certificate 67.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Ollie.jpg Puckett, Ollie, 1912. Death Certificate 44k 12/1l8/2003 Edith Bastin   
p223001.txt Puckett, Pearl E., 1982, Obituary 1.80k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
p223037.jpg Puckett, Robert Cleve, 1952, Death Certficate 42.4k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
p223040.jpg Puckett, Sarah Elizabeth, 1923, Death Certficate 39.5k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
Puckett.Sarah.Jane.Crump.1911.jpg Puckett, Sarah Jane Crump, 1911, Death Certificate 84.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Theodore.Beckham.1967.jpg Puckett, Theodore Beckham, 1967, Death Certificate 80.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Puckett.Timothy.1913.jpg Puckett, Timothy, 1913, Death Certificate 88.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
gob371puckett.txt Puckett, William "Tink", 2003, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
Puckett.William.Harve.jpg Puckett, William Harve, 1945, Death Certficate 97k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
p223038.jpg Puckett, William Wesley, 1934, Death Certficate 51.2k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
p223041.jpg Puckett, William Riley, 1913, Death Certficate 44.2k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney   
p630002.txt Purdy, Ruth McFarland, 1930, Death Notice 1.20k 9/29/2003 Sandi Gorin   

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