Surnames beginning with K-M
File Description Size Date Submitter
k500003.txt Kane, Jamie L., 2003, Obituary 1.86k 10/17/2003 Sandi Gorin    
k500002.txt Kane, Sallie, 2003, Obituary 1.97k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
gob2540kenney.txt Kenney, Lucian Walter, 2005, Obituary 1k 3/4/2005 Sandi Gorin    
Kessinger.Minnie.Moody.1935.jpg Kessinger, Minnie Moody, 1935, Death Certficate 102k 11/2/2003 Carol Olney   
gob410kessinge.txt Kessinger, Walter H., 2004, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
k246001.txt Kessler, Mary S., 1934, Death Certificate 1.33k 8/19/2003 Dixie McMillen    
k300001.txt Keith, Lawrence, 1982, Obituary 1.71k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
k300002.txt Kidd, Charles A., 1982, Obituary 1.71k 12/06/2003 Sandi Gorin    
Kidd.Sarah.Silvannah.1963.jpg Kidd, Sarah Silvannah Edwards Logsdon, 1963, Death Certificate 67.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
kinchloe3160.txt Kinchloe, Beatrice Bolton, 2005, Obituary 1k 7/24/2005 Sandi Gorin   
king2995gob.txt King, Wilburn, 1974, Obituary 1k 6/12/2005 Sandi Gorin   
k500001.txt Kinney, Claude, 1969, Obituary 1.58k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
k620001.txt Kirk, Ivy Marie, 2002, Obituary 1.46k 7/30/2002 Tom
k625001.txt Kirkman, Ethel, 1998, Obituary 2.01K 3/1998 Diana Flynn   
l510001.txt Lamb, Ada Walters, 2000, Obituary 2k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l522001.txt Lancaster, John Robert, 2003, Obituary 2.20k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l500001.txt Lane, Harlin F., 1974, Obituary 1.4k 7/2/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l250002.txt Lawson, Edward Neil, 2004, Obituary 2.44k 3/28/2004 Sandi Gorin    
l250001.txt Lawson, Emma L., 2003, Obituary 1.88k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l400001.txt Lile, William Nimrod, 1941, Death Certificate 1.75K 8/7/2002 Kate B. Cook    The Registry
gob1051lindsey.txt Lindsey, Robert B., 2004, Obituary 1K 7/13/2004 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
Ling.Elizabeth.1912.jpg Ling, Elizabeth Wilkins Caswell, 1912, Death Certificate 48.7k 5/15/2004 Edith Bastin   
Ling.William.H.jpg Ling, William H., 1955, Death Certificate 50.9k 5/15/2004 Edith Bastin   
Linton.Janine.Cooper.1931.jpg Linton, Janine "Janie" Cooper, Death Certificate 74.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
ob98lively.txt Lively, Ed, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/12/2004 Sandi Gorin    
l200001.txt Locke, Lois Bastin, 1924, Death Certificate 1.47K 7/25/2002 Edith Bastin    
Locke.Lois.Bastin.1924.jpg 85.2k 1/10/2004
gob455locke.txt Locke, Ralph, 2004, Obituary 1k 5/17/2004 Crystal England    
gob2007lockett.txt Lockett, Mary Lois, 2004, Obituary 1k 11/22/2004 Sandi Gorin    
l223002.txt Logsdon, Alta, 2001, Obituary 1k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
Logsdon.Ann.Eliza.Polston.1947.jpg Logsdon, Ann Eliza, 1947, Death Certificate 59.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
l223003.txt Logsdon, Archie Ray, 1994, Death Notice 1k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l223020.jpg Logsdon, Bessie May, 1940, Death Certificate 37.3k 8/23/2003 Carol Olney    
l223023.txt Logsdon, Bro. David W., 2003, Obituary 2.04k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l223009.txt Logsdon, Dollie, 1990, Death Notice 1.97k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l223012.txt Logsdon, Edith Lucille, 1995, Obituary 1.95k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l223006.txt Logsdon, Edward., 2000, Obituary 1.68k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l223013.txt Logsdon, Elizabeth Stanton, 1923, Death Certificate 1.85k 8/1/2003 Carol Olney    
l223014.jpg 28.1k
l223001.txt Logsdon, Ernest L., 2001, Obituary 2.11k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l223019.jpg Logsdon, Francis M., 1916, Death Certificate 116k 8/16/2003 Carol Olney    
l223004.txt Logsdon, Harvey, 2001, Obituary 1k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
Logsdon.Hayden.A.1946.jpg Logsdon, Hayden A., 1946, Death Certificate 81k 1/17/2004 Edith Bastin   
l223008.txt Logsdon, Hubert, 1992, Obituary 2.14k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l223021.jpg Logsdon, Ivy, 1928, Death Certificate 47.2k 8/23/2003 Carol Olney    
l223022.txt Logsdon, James E., Jr., 2003, Obituary 1.82k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l223015.txt Logsdon, Jennie M., 1946, Death Certificate 1.67k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
l223016.jpg 34.7k
Logsdon.John.C.1916.jpg Logsdon, John C., 1916, Death Certificate 83.7k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Logsdon.John.C.jpg Logsdon, John C., 1946, Death Certificate 73k 12/18/2003 Edith Bastin   
l223017.txt Logsdon, Joseph H. "Jody", 1940, Death Certificate 1.66k 8/6/2003 Carol Olney    
l223018.jpg 47.5k
l223010.txt Logsdon, Launa, 1968, Obituary 1.25k 7/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l223011.txt Logsdon, Lawrence Earl, 1974, Obituary 1.81k 7/18/2003 Sandi Gorin    
l223005.txt Logsdon, Leetha Day, 2001, Obituary 2.23k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
Logsdon.Preston.W.1925.jpg Logsdon, Preston W., 1925, Death Certificate 60.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
gob1528logsdon.txt Logsdon, Sophia Marie, 2004, Obituary 1k 9/4/2004 Sandi Gorin   
l223007.txt Logsdon, Wallace F., 1981, Obituary 1.65k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
l535001.txt London, Vera K., 2002, Obituary 1.90k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
gob1756london.txt London, Virgie Schlinker, 2004, Obituary 1k 10/3/2004 Sandi Gorin    
Lothery.Elizabeth.Daugherty.1928.jpg Lothery, Elizabeth Daugherty, 1928, Death Certificate 71.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.James.Church.1948.jpg Lothery, James Church, 1948, Death Certificate 67.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.Lee.1933.jpg Lothery, Lee, 1933, Death Certificate 68.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.Mary.Frances.1911.jpg Lothery, Mary Frances Logsdon, 1911, Death Certificate 65.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.Nancy.Walton.1919.jpg Lothery, Nancy Walton Logsdon, 1919, Death Certificate 81.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.William.1921.jpg Lothery, William, 1921, Death Certificate 65.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Lothery.William.O.1950.jpg Lothery, William O., 1950, Death Certificate 69.8k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
1916-7644.jpg Lowery, James, 1916, Death Certificate 147k 10/16/2005 Judy Lawler   
m521001.txt Mansfield, Pres, 1989, Obituary 1.40k 8/2/2003 Sandi Gorin    
martin2922gob.txt Martin, Charles W., 2005, Obituary 1k 5/16/2005 Sandi Gorin    
Mathews.Allen.1942.jpg Mathews, Allen, 1942, Death Certificate 85.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Dorothy.Fay.1947.jpg Mathews, Dorothy Fay, 1947, Death Certificate 64k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Earl.1913.jpg Mathews, Earl, 1913, Death Certificate 74.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Francis.Elizabeth.Logsdon.1914.jpg Mathews, Francis Elizabeth Logsdon, 1914, Death Certificate 81.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Isaac.Mickel.1915.jpg Mathews, Isaac Mickel, 1915, Death Certificate 79.9k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.John.Alex.1921.jpg Mathews, John Alex (or Elli3x), 1921, Death Certificate 71.4k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.John.W.1913.jpg Mathews, John W., 1913, Death Certificate 89.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Lela.May.1929.jpg Mathews, Lela May, 1929, Death Certificate 6801k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Mathews.Sally.Cox.1940.jpg Mathews, Sally Cox, 1940, Death Certificate 88.3k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
m320003.txt Mathis, Henry, 1896, Obituary 1.55k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
m320003.txt Mathis, Tom, 1896, Obituary 1.55k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
m320002.txt Matthews, Lola Carter, 1976, Obituary 1.57k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
m320001.txt Matthews, William Hallie, 1979, Obituary 1.54k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
gob61maxey.txt Maxey, P.L., 1896Obituary 1.k 4/26/2004 Sandi Gorin   
m143001.txt Mayfield, Mattie, 1896, Obituary 1.35k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
m253001.txt McCandless, Mitchell, 1980, Obituary 1.86k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
McCorkle.Latishia.Alice.1946.jpg McCorkle, Latashia Alice "Liew", 1946, Death Certificate 95.6k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
m262001.txt McCorkle, Walter F., 2002, Obituary 1.82k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
m262003.txt McCorkle, Wildia Elizabeth, 1979, Obituary 1.90k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
McCorkle.Wiley.1931.jpg McCorkle, Willie Eugene, 1931, Death Certificate 72.1k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
262004.jpg McCorkle, Willie Eugene, 1951, Death Certificate 171k 5/26/2003 Edith Bastin    
m262005.txt 1.66k
m262002.txt McCorkle, Wiley Thomas, 1978, Obituary 1.98k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
m200001.txt McCoy, Douglas, 2001, Obituary 2.25k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin    
m215001.txt McCubbin, Dorothy B., 2003, Obituary 2.02k 12/06/2003 Sandi Gorin    
mcgee3146gob.txt McGee, Claudine Hensley, 2005, Obituary 1k 7/22/2005 Sandi Gorin    
m226001.txt McGuire, Hershel, 2003, Obituary 1.99k 9/10/2003 Sandi Gorin   
m150001.txt McInteer, C.E., 1896, Obituary 1.95k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
ob115mckinley.txt McKinley, Dana W., 2004, Obituary 1k 12/16/2004 Sandi Gorin    
m254001.txt McKinley, Evelyn, 1996, Obituary 1.64k 8/1998 Diana Flynn   
gob234mckinney.txt McKinney, James P., 2004, Obituary 1k 5/15/2004 Sandi Gorin    
m225002.txt McKinney, Lovice, 1981, Obituary 1.61k 10/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    
m225001.txt McKinney, Paul G., 1980, Obituary 1.62k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
Meredith.Charles.George.1942.jpg Meredith, Charles George, 1942, Death Certificate 58.2k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
Middleton.Katherine.Mae.Presley.1989.jpg Middleton, Katherine Mae Presley, 1989, Death Certificate 88.5k 1/10/2004 Edith Bastin   
m460002.txt Miller, Cattie Lieu, 1972, Obituary 1.80k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
m460001.txt Miller, Gaines A., 2000, Obituary 2.01k 8/30/2002 Edith Bastin   
m522001.txt Mings, Dorris Copas., 2003, Obituary 2.06k 11/14/2003 Sandi Gorin    
m560001.txt Minor, Joseph W., 1981, Obituary 1.87k 7/25/2003 Sandi Gorin   
m150001.txt Mopin, J.B., 1896, Obituary 1.95k 9/12/2003 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
ob119morris.txt Morris, Brenda Faye Lile, 2004, Obituary 1k 12/19/2004 Sandi Gorin    The Registry
m625002.txt Morrison, Mae Puckett, 1981, Obituary 1.91k 10/3/2003 Sandi Gorin    
m200002.txt Moss, John, 1895, Obituary 1.51k 1/4/2004 Sandi Gorin   
m260001.txt Mouser, George, 1979, Obituary 1.99k 12/06/2003 Sandi Gorin    

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