John C. Puckett Cemetery

The John C. Puckett cemetery is located off of Logsdon Valley Road, 5 miles from Munfordville, on the east side of Logsdon Valley.

This is a complete listing of the graves and tombstones in the John C. Puckett Cemetery. The cemetery listing and these photos were provided by Edith Bastin    and Carolyn Puckett Olney   .


Abbreviations: w/o=wife of; h/o=husband of; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of; b/o=brother of; sis/o-sister of; m/o=mother of; f/o=father of; p/o=parents of; ossw=on same stone with
Given Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Grubbs Clyde Houston 26 Aug 1916 5 Oct 1917 s/o C.H. & H. Grubbs Grubbs-Clyde.jpg
Hazelip Graham 16 Jul 1897 3 Apr 1964   Hazelip-Graham.jpg
Hazelip Laura Bell 8 Nov 1870 16 Oct 1871 d/o Zachariah Thomas Hazelip& Mary Jane Puckett Hazelip-Laura.jpg
Hazelip Lucretia 20 Jan 1846 10 Jun 1915 d/o Nancy Margaret "Peggy" Whitman & John Puckett; DOB and DOD from Death Certificate #14569.  
Hazelip Mary Jane 1850 1923 d/o David Crockett Puckett, Sr. & Lucretia Logsdon; sis/o John C. Puckett; w/o Zachariah Hazelip.  
Hazelip In Memory     In memory of children Laura Belle, Eliza Harris, William H. and infant daughter. Hazelip-memory.jpg
Jaggers Eugenie F. 28 Nov 1867 4 Feb 1908 w/o George M. Jaggers; d/o Lewis Vernon Puckett & Martha Ann Wilkerson; broken stone Jaggers-Eugenie.jpg
Jaggers Graham B. 19 Feb 1895 8 Aug 1895 s/o Eugenie E. & George M. Jaggers-Graham.jpg
Lewis In Memory of Mother & Father       Lewis-memory.jpg
Lewis Adison Jun 1886 Nov 1887 s/o Hartwell & Paradine Lewis-Adison.jpg
Lewis Hart B. 4 Jun 1849 9 Nov 1925 full name Hartwell Birge Lewis Lewis-Hart.jpg
Lewis Paradine 26 May 1851 19 Mar 1887 w/o Hart B.; nee: Hazelip Lewis-Paradine.jpg
Puckett Anthony 26 Oct 1873 1 Oct 1911 full name: James Anthony Puckett; h/o 1st: Ollie; h/o 2nd: Forence B. Waddell; s/o Wm. Riley Puckett & Luvica Elizabeth Logdson. Puckett-Anthony.jpg
Puckett Belle C. 1866 unknown ossw Joe Tom; nee: Belle Catherine Logsdon; d/o William Logsdon & Emily Reynolds; w/o Joe Tom Puckett Puckett-JoeTom-Belle.jpg
Puckett Cecil C. 1885 1951 per dc s/o Lewis Vernon Puckett & Martha Ann Wilkerson  
Puckett Dennis Albert 25 Dec 1868 28 Feb 1919 s/o Wm. Riley Puckett & Luvica Elizabeth Logsdon; h/o Lena Belle Puckett-Dennis.jpg
Puckett Irvin/Irwin W. 9 Dec 1880 15 Sep 1851 s/o Lewis V. & Martha Puckett Puckett-Irvin.jpg
Puckett Joe Tom 1870 1945 ossw/Belle; h/o Belle Katheryn Logsdon; dc lists birth as 27 May 1871 and death as 1 Sep 1945. Puckett-JoeTom-Belle.jpg
Puckett John C. 8 May 1830 5 May 1881 h/o Martha Crump Puckett-John.jpg
Puckett Lawrence Calbert 3 May 1907 29 May 1932 s/o Wm. Wesley Puckett & Rose America Waddell. Puckett-Lawrence.jpg
Puckett Lawrence Clifton 16 Mar 1895 24 Jan 1939 aka "Kip" Puckett; s/o Monte Lee Puckett & Sarah Reynolds Puckett; h/o Pearlie Etolia Jones. Puckett-LC.jpg
Puckett Lee 11 Apr 1871 9 Jan 1934 full name Monte Lee Puckett; ossw Nannie Puckett-Lee-Nannie.jpg
Puckett Lewis Vernon 1839 1921 h/o Martha Ann Wilkerson; ossw Martha Puckett-Lewis-Martha.jpg
Puckett Martha Ann 1849 1935 w/o Lewis Vernon Puckett; ossw Lewis; nee: Wilkerson Puckett-Lewis-Martha.jpg
Puckett Martha Crump     w/o John C. Puckett; no stone  
Puckett Nannie 1872 Oct 1888 ossw Monte Lee; 1st w/o M.L. Puckett Puckett-Lee-Nannie.jpg
Puckett Rosa A. 13 Jan 1877 25 May 1963 full name Rose America Waddell Puckett; ossw William Wesley; w/o Wm. W.; d/o David Larkyn Waddle & Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Wilkerson. Puckett-William-Rosa.jpg
Puckett Shelley L. 20 May 1908 25 Aug 1917 s/o Dennis Albert & Lena Belle Puckett Puckett-Shelley.jpg
Puckett William W. 27 Dec 1872 29 Nov 1934 full name William Wesley Puckett; ossw Rosa A.; h/o Rose America Waddell Puckett-William-Rosa.jpg
Unknown/Illegible Stones Unknown1.jpg, Unknown2.jpg, Unknown3.jpg

Timothy Puckett & wife Mary may possibly be buried here as well. Lena Belle Puckett is possibly buried here, also. She was born abt. 1876 and her death certificate states she died 28 July 1941 in Louisville (Jefferson County). The death certificate does NOT give the place of burial.

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