Dawson Cemetery
AKA Dr. Jeremiah Dawson Cemetery

The Dawson Cemetery is located about 2 miles east of Munfordville, just off hwy. 357 on the D.W. Meredith Rd. in Hart Co., KY.

The cemetery listing and these photos were provided by Edith Bastin   ; additional notes added by Carol Olney and Robert Teesdale.

Abbreviations: w/o=wife of; h/o=husband of; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of; b/o=brother of; m/o=mother of; f/o=father of; p/o=parents of; ossw=on same stone with
Given Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Bumgardner Eugen 23 Feb 1884 12 Aug 1915   4
Butcher Corrie Dawson 12 Mar 1889 17 Sep 1917 w/o R.B. Butcher 1
Dawson Infant 21 Oct 1890 21 Oct 1890 ossw Infant #2; s/o M.H. & M.J. 2
Dawson Infant 13 Nov 1891 13 Nov 1891 s/o M.H. & M.J.; ossw infant #1 2
Dawson Dela M. 24 Jul 1879 21 Jn 1888 s/o M.H. & J.A> Dawson  
Dawson Elizabeth L. 15 Jul 1813 23 Feb 1845 w/o R.A. Dawson  
Dawson Jeremiah 30 May 1763 28 Feb 1846 Bprm om Bedford Co., VA 12
Dawson Jessie J. 28 Apr 1893 6 Jun 1917    
Dawson Joe Lewis 28 Jul 1891 28 Dec 1919   7
Dawson Lovis Strange 28 Oct 1877 15 Sep 1881 s/o M.H. & J.A. Dawson  
Dawson Martha A.S. 1 Sep 1820 28 Jun 1898 Nee: Price; 2nd wife of R.A. Dawson  
Dawson Mary J. 23 Feb 1858 19 Sep 1937 Nee: Wade; w/o Miles H.; ossw Miles & Julia 8
Dawson Miles H. 22 Jun 1852 22 Nov 1925 ossw Mary J. & Julia 8
Dawson Nancy 6 Oct 1765 9 Dec 1852 Nee: Nancy Agnes Dollard. Born in Bedford Co., VA; d/o Edward Dollard; w/o Jeremiah Dawson.  
Dawson Ransome A. 6 Feb 1808 27 Apr 1889 not in concrete wall enclosure. 13
Dawson Ransome A. 26 Oct 1859 25 Feb 1896 Inside concrete wall enclosure. 6
Dawson Sarah Elizabeth 30 Nov 1869 5 Sep 1918 Nee: Bumgardner; w/o Ransome Dawson. Inside concrete wall enclosure. 5
Murray Julia A. 19 May 1854 3 eb 1888 Nee Dawson?; ossw Mary J. & Miles H. Dawson 8
Price Lucy 11 Mar 179? 11 Jul 187? aged 80y 3

Information below is from Robert Teesdale in 2001 and Carolyn Puckett Olney in Janurary 2004:

"Jeremiah Dawson and several of his kids were buried in this cemetery; and some of the field stones are gravesites of his slaves. The cemetery is on the old original Dawson farm and next to where Jeremiah Dawson's house once stood. The cemetery is located adjacent to and on the left side of the D.W. Meredith Road.

"An elderly lady who lived across the field from the cemetery told this story: 'Some local bad guys heard he (Jeremiah Dawson) had a lot of money in his house, and they came to rob him. To make him give them the money, they shot off one of his ears. There is now a house that was built on the site of the original home. Some of his kids and grandkids are buried there too. That is where Ransom Amos Dawson and some of his kids are buried too.

"He (Jeremiah Dawson) enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at the age of 17 and fought at Guilford Courthouse, NC. He was a sober man with excellent habits, simple tastes and high moral character. He received an ordinary English education, possessed strong natural sense, was six feet two inches in height, large 'raw boned' and muscular, a man of great physical power. He cared little for the acquisition of wealth, devoting his early years to the manly sports of bear and deer hunting, only giving that attention to his farm required for the maintenance of his family, and the education of his children. He had five sons and six daughters."

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