Copelin Cemetery

Copelin Cemetery

The Copelin Cemetery is located 1 1/2 miles SC of Cash, KY, about 3/4 mile east of the old school. It is located on the North side of Hart County near Roundstone.

The cemetery listing and these photos were provided by Edith Bastin    and Gaye Hill   .

Abbreviations: w/o=wife of; h/o=husband of; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of; i/o=infant of; b/o=brother of; m/o=mother of; f/o=father of; p/o=parents of; ossw=on same stone with

Given Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Butler Anne 15 Apr 1817 18 Aug 1871    
Butler Leutishey 18 Oct 1835 18 Apr 1909    
Butler Lutishea 4 Feb 1848 19 Jul 1919 w/o R.D. Butler  
Butler M.A. 8 Nov 1855 6 Aug 1892    
Butler M.B. ?? 1869    
Butler Minerva 17 May 1842 11 Feb 1865    
Butler R.A. 6 Feb 1854 8 Aug 1934    
Butler R.D. 23 Jul 1844 12 Feb 1933    
Butler R.B.A. 28 Jan 1814 11 Jul 1864    
Carby Calven L. 8 Mar 1916 14 Mar 1916 s/o Henry & Lura Carby; believed to be Alonzo Calbert Carby photo
Carby Frank 15 Mar 1879 5 Jun 1918 Henry Franklin Carby; ossw Laura Carby photo
Carby Laura F. 2 May 1886 13 Jul 1915 w/o Frank Carby; ossw Frank Carby; d/o John Caswell & Phoebe Copelin photo
Carby Nolan F. 2 Jan 1914 3 Jan 1914 s/o H.F. & L.F. photo
Caswell Dorothy May 2 Feb 1904 2 Sep 1925 d/o J.W. & P.J. Caswell photo
Caswell Infant Daughter 19 Feb 1885 19 Feb 1885 inf. d/o J.W. & P.J. photo
Caswell J.W. 29 Oct 1834 15 May 1911 John W. "Booker" Caswell; h/o Mary Jane Butler; "Weel not he is at Rest" photo
Caswell John W. 16 Nov 1861 12 Sep 1929 ossw Pheobe J. photo
Caswell Julia A. 19 Jan 1860 20 Oct 1905 w/o T.C. Caswell; "In love she lived, In peace she died. Her life was craved, but God denied." photo
Caswell Phoebe J. 10 Jan 1867 14 Dec 1930 ossw John W. photo
Caswell Sarah E. 29 Apr 1846 3 Aug 1911 2nd w/o J.W. Caswell; d/o thomas & Jane Jeffries Copelin; "Every joy to us is dead Since Mother is not here." photo
Caswell Wrennie H. 3 Oct 1900 11 Dec 1900 s/o W.J. & P.J. photo
Copelin Benjamin 2 Apr 1798 22 Oct 1861 s/o John Copelin & Mary Downing; served in House of Rep.; Helped frame the present Consititution of KY. photo
Copelin Benjamin G. 10 Apr 1845 7 Jan 1863 s/o thomas & Jane Jeffries Copelin  
Copelin David J. 1847 1929 "Father"; ossw Harriet Copelin photo
Copelin David Lambert 31 Jan 1880 21 Nov 1949 s/o David J. Copelin & Harriet Wilson photo
Copelin Ezekial D. 28 May 1805 1 Mar 1864 s/o John Copelin & Mary Downing photo
Copelin Ezekial F. 11 May 1853 22 Sep 1896 h/o Martha J. Hodges  
Copelin F.S. 6 May 1910 7 Jun 1911 inf/o Miles Thomas & Tura; ossw infant children of M.T. & T.B. Copelin photo
Copelin G.I. 27 Oct 1908 8 Jun 1909 inf/o Miles Thomas & Tura  
Copelin G.L. 25 Dec 1889 7 Jul 1890 inf/o Miles Thomas & Tura  
Copelin Harold 1921 1921 ossw Mary, Miles, Louise; "Infants"  
Copelin Harriet 1847 1919 w/o David J.; ossw David J. Copelin; nee: Wilson photo
Copelin Infant Children 6 May 1910 7 Jun 1911 ossw F.S. Copelin photo
Copelin Infant Son 5 Jul 1903 7 Jul 1903 s/o W.B. & A.S. (Wallace Copelin & Arabelle Smith); "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest. God called thee home. He thought it best." photo
Copelin Jacob 31 Jan 1801 20 Jun 1871 s/o John Copelin & Mary Downing photo
Copelin Jacob 13 Apr 1843 3 Aug 1914 s/o Thomas & Jane photo
Copelin Jane 10 Aug 1821 26 Sep 1896 w/o Thomas B.; d/o David Jeffries; "Mother, Thou has __ flown To the __ for above We to Three erect this stone Consecrated by our love." photo
Copelin John 14 Feb 1840 18 Apr 1917 s/o Thomas Copelin & Jane Jeffries  
Copelin John 3 Feb 1771 25 Aug 1837 h/o Mary Downing photo
Copelin Louise 1922 1922 ossw Mary, Miles, Harold; "Infants"  
Copelin Mary 1917 1917 Died at birth; infant twin to Miles; ossw Miles, Harold, Louise; inf/o James Lambert Copelin & Grace Wood; "Twins"  
Copelin Mary 22 Mar 1779 12 Feb 1861 w/o John Copelin, Sr.; d/o Ezekial Downing & Rachel Brown  
Copelin Mary Elizabeth 29 Feb 1849 2 Feb 1884 w/o Thomas A. Copelin; nee: Akridge  
Copelin Meekee J. 3 Aug 1874 22 Oct 1887 d/o Thomas A. Copelin  
Copelin Miles T. 1865 1948 ossw Tura Belle photo
Copelin Miles 1917 1917 Died at birth; infant twin to Mary; ossw Mary, Harold, Louise; inf/o James Lambert Copelin & Grace Wood; "Twins"  
Copelin Nancy Susan 25 Apr 1856 15 Jan 1872 d/o Thomas & Jane copelin; died age 16 from measles photo
Copelin Nannie (Nancy Jane) 8 Dec 1891 30 Jun 1912 d/o David J. Copelin & Harriet Wilson; "To the Memory of our Sister" photo
Copelin Susan Frances 1 Feb 1847 19 Aug 1975 w/o John Copelin; d/o Obediah L. & Phoebe Wright Hodges  
Copelin Thomas 25 Jun 1799 27 Jan 1876 h/o Jane Jeffries; s/o J.& M. Copelin; "Remember now as you pass by As you are now, so once was I As often now so you must be Prepare for death and follow me." photo
Copelin Thomas A. 15 Feb 1850 23 May 1883 s/o Thomas & Jane Jeffries Copelin; shot & killed at Millerstown Ice House  
Copelin Tura Belle 17 Sep 1870 5 May 1943 w/o Miles T.; ossw Miles T. Copelin photo
Copelin William S. 25 Jun 1863 1 Jan 1868 s/o John & S.F. Hodges Copelin  
Duggins Ada Lee 30 Nov 1881 27 Jul 1906 d/o Wm. L. Duggins; "A light from our household is gone A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts That never can be filled."  
Duggins Infant 13 Nov 1880 13 Nov 1880 inf/o W.L. & M.E.; ossw James A. photo
Duggins James A. 27 Apr 1885 9 Oct 1885 s/o W.L. & M.E.; ossw Infant of W.L. & M.E. photo
Duggins Laura 25 Nov 1874 25 Dec 1874 infant d/o J.B. & Mary B. Duggins; "Sleep on dear child and take thy rest. Into his arms, forever blest." photo
Duggins Mary E. 1857 1926 d/o James Mabe & Elizabeth Norton; ossw Wm. L. Duggins; "Won't it be nice when we all get home"  
Duggins Q.C. 22 Sep 1900 26 Oct 1900 "Our Darling Baby" photo
Duggins Wm. L. 1849 1927 ossw Mary E. Duggins; "Won't it be nice when we all get home"  
Duggins Wm. T. 11 Feb 1874 8 Jun 1990 s/o W.L. & M.E.  
Fields Mary E. "Mollie" 9 Apr 1875 27 Mar 1931> w/o Sam Fields  
Fields Sam H. 1872 1953 h/o Mary E. Fields; "At Rest"  
Heath Donnie M. 3 May 1873 29 Oct 1884 d/o George D. & Martha J. Wooden Heath; "Not lost but gone before Where we shall meet to part no more." photo
Heath Infant Daut. 18 May 1872 19 Apr 1873 d/o George D. & M.J. Heath; "A little bud of love to bloom with god above." photo
Hodges Wm. G. (or Wm. C.) 6 Oct 1857 7 Dec 1915 h.o Imogene  
Hornback George Washington 1872 1927 h/o Sally Hornback; ossw Sarah "Sally" Wooden Hornback  
Hornback Sarah "Sally" Wooden 1879 1907 ossw George Washington Hornback; d/o John Wooden & Eliza F. Heath  
Jones Infant Son 16 Oct 1908   s/o S.L. & Grace Jones; "Asleep in Jesus" photo
Joyce Annie May 10 May 1870   "Mother"; ossw Wesley D. Joyce; "His Wife" photo
Joyce John A. 12 Feb 1825 27 Jan 1907 "Farewell, dear father swe__ Thy rest, weary with years And worn with pain." photo
Joyce Sarah 20 Feb 1834 26 Aug 1869 w/o J.A.; "My loving wife has gone to rest In death her heart is bound. Her babe is sleeping by her side Beneath this little mound." photo
Joyce Wesley D. 5 Oct 1869 4 Sep 1936 "Father"; ossw Annie May Joyce; relative of W.L. Duggins photo
Lush Fannie or Tammie 29 Apr 1904 8 May 1942 ossw Robert Lush; believed to be Fannie Oldham Lush; d/o Sam Oldham photo
Lush Robert 1898   ossw Fannie or Tammie photo
Mabe Hilda Jean 29 Mar 1924 13 Mar 1925 d/o B. Bowers & Anna Wilson Mabe; "Sleep on sweet babe And take thy rest, God called thee home When He thought best." photo
Mabe John H. 15 Mar 1862 7 Jul 1922    
Mabe Mary Jane 25 Oct 1863 30 Jul 1896 wnd w/o John H. Mabe; "At Rest"  
Mabe Sam W. 12 Aug 1880 19 Jul 1903 "Farewell my wife and children All From you a father Christ doth call."  
Moody Shelby Lee 11 Oct 1900 14 Dec 1913 "Beloved Son"  
Oldham       No first name given. Could be Sam Oldham who was w/o Bob Lush??  
Oldham Mit 1878 1925   photo
Priddy Addie Lee Fields 1893 1934 Believed to be d/o Samuel H. Fields & Mary E. "Mollie" Wooden; "Mother"  
Priddy Ava Mae 13 Apr 1908 23 Jan 1910   photo
Priddy Eliza 29 Mar 1866 31 May 1901 w/o L.P.C. Priddy; "A faith that kept the narrow waay, Till lifes just home had fled And with a prue and heavenly day Let up yer dymy-bed."  
Priddy Fannie C. 2 Sep 1889 3 Nov 1911 w/o Lee C. Priddy  
Priddy G.J.T. 11 Sep 1850 31 Jan 1933 George Taylor Priddy; s/o James Priddy & Elizabeth Norton; "Farewell in Memory of"; "Asleep in Jesus" photo
Priddy Jesse 12 Aug 1812 13 Apr 1875 h.o Mary Ann Priddy  
Priddy John Dee 1 Jan 1883 10 Feb 1931 Could be s/o Wm. B . & Mary Ann Copelin Priddy photo
Priddy Mary Ann Copelin 19 Jul 1841 13 Aug 1910 w/o Wm. B.; d/o Thomas & Mary J.; "Farewell"; "Here lies one who in this life Was a kind mother, a true wife She was by many virtues blest And piety was among the best." photo
Priddy Nancy J. 9 Apr 1853 14 Jan 1909 w/o G.J.T. "Taylor" Priddy; nee: Hodges; "In loving rememberance of Our Dear Mother"; "Gone But Not Forgotten"; "A precious one from us has gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our home Which never can be filled. God in His wisdom has recalled The boon His love had given And thought the body slummbers here The soul is safe in Heaven."  
Priddy Wm. B. 18 Feb 1847 10 Dec 1934 PVT 1, Regt. KY, Capitol GDS Civil War photo
Reeves Alta Girtrude 26 Dec 1909 27 Dec 1910 d/o W.T. & R.B.; "In my Father's house are many mansions." "Sleep on sweet babe and take thy rest God called thee home when he thought best."  
Reeves Caladona 10 Oct 1871 13 Jan 1875 d/o Jesse & Mary Reeves  
Reeves Elijah 29 Mar 1866 31 Mar 1901 w/o L.R.C. Priddy  
Reeves John F. 19 Nov 1857 18 Dec 1888    
Reeves Mary 8 Feb 1836 27 Dec 1921 d/o Joseph Priddy & Susannah Priddy; w/o Jessee Reeves  
Rider Bert 12 Feb 1885 6 Jul 1911 s/o Geo. E. & Melissa Rider photo
Rider George Emery 7 Mar 1841 9 May 1918 h/o Melissa J. Copelin; ossw Melissa J., his wife; f/o John Thomas, Wm. David, Benjamin Allen, Miles Ferguson, Geroge Albert, Samuel Jacob, Grover Cleveland, Henry Lee, Cora Bertha & Dora Bird Rider photo
Rider Melissa Jane 10 Oct 1851 4 aug 1935 w/o Geo. E. Rider; ossw George E.; m/o John Thomas, Wm. David, Benjamin Allen, Miles Ferguson, George albert, Samuel jacob, Grover Cleveland, henry Lee, Cora Bertha, Dora Bird Rider photo
Steele Milleye (?) Apr 1847      
Sullivan Lizzie 27 Feb 1879 25 Dec 1892 d/o W.J. & Mary A.; "Budded on earth to bloom in heaven." photo
Sullivan Mary W. 15 Apr 1873 26 Oct 1894 "in life she exhibited all the gracers of a Christian. In death her spirit returned to God who gave it." photo
Sullivan Thomas H. 13 Sep 1866 19 Mar 1893 "His soul renewed by earthly grace In heaven has sought its native place." photo
White L.        
White Mary E.     Broken stone and much of stone is in crumbles. photo
Wilson Fred Lee 24 Aug 1904 8 Oct 1907 s/o J.C. & S.E.; "How much of light how much of us Is buried with a darling boy."  
Wilson J.W. 1 Apr 1844 5 Jan 1927 Believed to be James Washington Wilson; h/o Eveline Winstead; "At Rest"  
Wilson Joe     Could be Jocelin Wilson b. 1802  
Wilson Mary E. 13 Jun 1865 17 Mar 1901 w/o L.C. Wilson  
Winstead Alexander 24 Dec 1842 14 Apr 1869 misspelled on monument, Winstade.; s/o Stephen & Margaret Wells Winstead photo
Wooden Elizabeth F. "Eliza" 8 Oct 1850 14 Jan 1905 nee: Elizabeth Frances Heath; d/o Hiram Heath & Eliza Norton; w/o J.C. (or J.G.) need to verify initials. "Dearest Father thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply feel but it is God that hath befeft us He can all our sorrows heal."  
Wooden Harvey B. 7 Apr 1912 8 Apr 1912 s/o J.W.G & D.I. Wooden; believed to be John Washington Columbus Wooden & Donna Priddy; "Another little angel Before the Heavenly throng"  
Wooden J.G. (or J.C.) 17 Mar 1852 10 Sep 1921 Believed to be John G. Wooden; s/o James Wm. & Mary Ellen Miller; ossw Elizabeth F. "Eliza" Heath Wooden; "Dearest Father thou hast left us Here thy loss we deeply feel But it is God that hath befeft us He can all our sorrows heal."  
Wooden Susan E. 18 Oct 1875 19 May 1890 d/o John G. Wooden & Elizabeth Frances Heath photo
Wooden-Priddy Fannie C. 2 Sep 1889 3 Nov 1911 d/o John G. Wooden & Eliza F. Heath  
Unidentified stone photo 

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