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Harrison County Biographies
b2000001.txt Daniel D. Boyce, b. 1832 3kb 3-22-97 LARPRA@aol.com
b6520001.txt D.F. Brannock, MD, b. 18233kb 6-29-97 Beulah Franks The Registry
b6520002.txt B.F. Burns,b. 18205kb 3-23-97 LARPRA@aol.com
gbs121crane.txt Isaac Crane, November 27, 18332kb 12-11-04 DlrMrt4@aol.com
gbs85craig.txt John Craig, 18032kb 9-22-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
nbs9crosthwa.txt William P. Crosthwait, October 20, 18143kb 3-1-05 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs57fraizer.txt John Miller Fraizer, April 27 1834-January 30 18622kb 8-19-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
hays268gbs.txt Thos. C. Hays, b. 18112kb 5-23-05 Sandi GorinThe Registry
hinton292gbs.txt G.W. Hinton, b. 18293kb 6-29-05 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs78hobson.txt W.C. Hobson, 18342kb 9-9-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
hunt329gbs.txt William Hunt, b. 18423kb 7-21-05 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs69johnson.txt G.T. Johnson, 18462kb 8-19-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
l4000001.txt Charles Lail, b. 18463kb 7-2-97 Beulah FranksThe Registry
lair338gbs.txt John Lair, b. 18253kb 7-29-05 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs92sawyer.txt Rev. J.A. Sawyer, July 10, 18452kb 10-11-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
s3000001.txt James L. Scott,b. 18493kb 1-19-99 Gina M. Reasoner
s0000001.txt Joseph Shaw, b. 18252kb 7-1-97 Beulah FranksThe Registry
v3200001.txt Lewis Veatch, b. 18042kb 7-4-97 Beulah FranksThe Registry
gbs76victor.txt James I. Victor, 1806-18683kb 9-3-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry
gbs77ward.txt John Quincy Adams Ward, August 29, 183810kb 9-9-04 Sandi GorinThe Registry

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