File Description Size Date Submitter
b210001.txt Bishop, W. R. (heirs) 3.34k 9/14/00 Linda
b452001.txt Apprenticeship - William Bowling & Jacob Bruner, 1800 3.06k 10/14/00 Anne Livingston   
b650001.txt Brown, 1799 & 1802 3.58k 7/10/99 Anne Livingston   
brown-dougherty.txt Brown, Eli to Jas Dougherty 4.01k 9/17/03 Bob Van Bogeart   
brown348gdd.txt Brown, James to Thomas Hargis  1794   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
brown415gdd.txt Brown, James to Thomas Hargis  1794   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
brown422gdd.txt Brown, James to Peter Portmess  1794   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
brownfie425gdd.txt Brownfield, Edward, to Savanah Briscoe  1796   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
p264004.txt Camran, Thomas  to Benjamin Pickerell, 1827   11/17/01 Rick Pickerell   
p264002.txt Camran, Mary  to Benjamin Pickerell, 1824   11/17/01 Rick Pickerell   
Chenault, abstracts
Laquita Fox Carter   
crow354gdd.txt Crow, Thomas to Andrew L. Crow 1798   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
vanmetre347gdd.txt Dorsey, Elijah (by his attornies) to Jacob VanMetre  1795   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
m254002.txt Enlow, Jacob  to William McMullin, 1802 3.21k 1/4/2003 Sheila Gatlin   
f655001.txt Freeman,Elisha Jr. to John Cowbey 3.23k 1/18/2003 John & Cindy McCahern   
f655002.txt Freeman, Elisha  Land Grant 1.47k 1/18/2003 John & Cindy McCahern   
f655003.txt Freeman,Elisha  Sr. Land Grant, 1795 2.53k 1/18/2003 John & Cindy McCahern   
f655004.txt Freeman, Elisha  to Jacob Short, 1798 3.22k 1/18/2003 John & Cindy McCahern   
f652001.txt French, Paul  to John Hibbs, 1805 3.28k 8/12/01 Anne Livingston   
f520001.txt Funk, Jacob  to Bennom Shaw, 1803 1.55k 1/22/2000 Anne Livingston   
h620001.txt Deeds involving - Charles, George W. & Samuel Harris, James Haycraft, John Glenn, Benj. & Charles Helm 4.15k 2/1/2001 Anne Livingston   
h240-001.txt Hazel Land Records, 1795-1891 2.26k 2/7/99 Maria Troutman   
hazelhall.txt Hazel, Caleb & Henry Hall, 1800 5k 2/2/99 Maria Troutman   
hazelwilc.txt Hazel, Caleb & William Wilcocks, 1800 3k 2/2/99
h450001.txt Helm, George  & Alexander Merrifield 2.89k 9/13/99 Mary Yoder   
helm332gdd.txt Helm, John to Joseph Hobbs  1794   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
helm426gdd.txt Helm, John to Nelson Jolley  1794   9/20/2007 Patricia O'Conner
h520001.txt Hinch, 1799 & 1800
(dealing w/ orphans of George Hinch)
2.63k 7/11/99 Anne Livingston   
helm332gdd.txt Hobbs. Joseph  & John & Sally Helm 3k 9/23/2006 Patricia O'Conner
j525001.txt Jenkins, John  Phillip Jenkins, James Jenkins, Jonathon Essery, John Dodson, 1801/03/04 5.14k 1/22/2000 Anne Livingston   
j525002.txt Jenkins, John  Jr., to John S. Willett, 1839 Hardin Co. 3.21k 1/5/2003 Sheila Gatlin   
kennedy424gdd.txt Kennedy, John  to Peter Kennedy,  1797   8/28/07 Patricia O'Conner
kennedy410gdd.txt Kennedy, John  to Charles Kennedy,  1797   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
kennedys343gdd.txt Kennedy, John Sr.  to John Kennedy Jr.,  1797   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
k632001.txt Kurtz, George Wm. Polk, James Wood, Wm. Lackey, Conrad & Henry Kurtz, 1842 5.08k 6/18/00 Anne Livingston   
logsdon353gdd.txt Logsdon, William  to Joseph Kensinger,  1796   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
maddison411gdd.txt Maddison, Gabriel  to William Sharp,  1797   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
madison350gdd.txt Maddison, Gabriel  to John Smith assgne. of James Tinsley, 1797   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
m254001.txt McMullin, William  to Thomas Patton, 1801 3.27k 1/4/2003 Sheila Gatlin   
m614001.txt Merrifield, Matilda  bound out 1816 3.21k 9/13/99 Mary Yoder   
m614002.txt Merrifield, John Parkin  bound out 1819 3.58k
m460001.txt Miller, Samuel , Abner Hughes, Christopher Miller, Adam Miller, Nicholas Miller, Samuel Bush to Thomas Miller, Leonard Miller, & John Miller, 1798 2.57k 4/2/01 Anne Livingston   
paul413gdd.txt Paul, John to Benjamin Anderson,  1796   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
brown416gdd.txt Portmess, Peter - Brown, James August 26, 1794 3 k 9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
s240001.txt Shekell, John 1802 2.16k 1/22/2000 Anne Livingston   
m254003.txt Smith,John  to Andrew McMillen, 1837 3.27k 1/5/2003 Sheila Gatlin   
tardivea409gdd.txt Tardiveau, Bartholomew to Elie Williams 1796   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
brothers356gdd.txt Tardiveau Brothers  to John & Andrew Allin,  1794   9/20/07 Patricia O'Conner
thorp.html Thorp - Deed Abstracts

Pat Oliver   
emanc.txt Vertrees, John - Emancipation of Becky, James & General 1796 & 1797 2.16K 10/14/00 Anne Livingston   
w420001.txt Welsh, John (Heirs of)  1849 6.53k 10/16/00 Mary Yoder   
partlist.txt Partial Deed listings of Surnames starting with W 2.41k 10/7/99 Judy Wright   

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