Bush Family Cemetery

Bush Cemetery

Bush Cemetery

The Bush Family Cemetery is located off Ring Road in Elizabethtown, Hardin County, KY. From I-65, take Highway 62 east to Ring Road, to Alex Lane (marked as a dead end). The cemetery is at the end of Alex Lane.

This cemetery has some very old markers. The Bush family is remotely connected to Abraham Lincoln through Sarah BUSH Johnston (second w/o Thomas Lincoln and step-mother of young Abraham.)

The cemetery listing and these photos were provided by Edith Bastin    and Gaye Hill   .

Abbreviations: w/o=wife of; h/o=husband of; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of; i/o=infant of; b/o=brother of; m/o=mother of; f/o=father of; p/o=parents of; ossw=on same stone with -->
Given Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Ash Alex T. 19 Nov 1866 26 Jun 1939 ossw Arvilla; h/o Arvilla  
Ash Annie Laura 5 Sep 1867 3 May 1891 w/o G.H. Ash  
Ash Arvilla Bush 2 Dec 1866 11 Apr 1943 ossw Alex T.; w/o Alex T.  
Ash Bessie Lee 28 Nov 1892 17 Sep 1898 d/o Lee & E. Ash photo
Ash C.R. 26 Mar 1891 22 Jun 1891 s/o A.T. & A. Ash; "A little time on earth he spent, Till God for him His Angel sent"; C. Adams (possibly the manufacturer or carver?); footstone "CRA" photo
Ash Delia 24 Dec 1862 31 Jan 1865 d/o M. & S.E. Ash; "Age 2 yrs, 1 mo, 7 d's"  
Ash Elizabeth 25 Aug 1895 1 Mar 1 904 d/o A.T. & A. Ash; "She was the sunshine of or home"' footstone "EA" photo
Ash Elizabeth D. 1839 1880 ossw John R.; "his wife"  
Ash G.H. 1854 1916 "At Rest"  
Ash Harry 1899 1916 s/o G.H. & Lissie Ash; "At Rest"  
Ash Infant Son 5 Apr 1905 17 Apr 1905 s/o A.T. & A. Ash; "A little bud of love to bloom with God above"; footstone "IA" photo
Bush Ben I. 18 Mar 1881 27 Dec 1925    
Bush Bettie Lee 10 Nov 1877 2 Dec 1886 d/o C.C.B. & Dorcas J. Bush; "She was good as she.." photo
Bush Brooks Y. 16 Dec 1897 14 Aug 1898 s/o A.C. & S.J. Bush; footstone "BYB"  
Bush C.C. 24 Feb 1833 4 Dec 1905 ossw Dorcas J.; "Father"  
Bush Charles R. 9 Aug 1860 4 May 1905 "He was the sunshine of our home"; footstone "CRB"  
Bush Claudia E. 1883 1937 d/o T.W. & Margaret Bush; "At Rest"  
Bush Deborah 31 Dec 1808 18 Dec 1855 w/o Saml Bush; Broken stone (calculation of age at break) ----, 0 mth; 18 d's  
Bush Dorcas J. 13 Apr 1841 17 Jul 1929 ossw C.C> Bush; "His wife"; "Mother"  
Bush Edward 6 Mar 1891 8 Dec 1918 "At Rest"  
Bush George W. 8 Oct 1836 16 Jan 1869 "aged 32 y's, 3 m's, 8 d'ys" photo
Bush Infant Dau 1 May 1886 1 May 1886 d/o A.C. & S.J. Bush; "B&D 1 May 1886"; ossw Infant Son Bush photo
Bush Infant Son 12 May 1884 12 May 1884 s/o A.C. & S.J. Bush; ossw Infant Dau Bush; "B&D 12 May 1884" photo
Bush John T. 3 Jan 1845 3 Aug 1921 "At Rest"; ossw Mary S.; h/o Mary S.  
Bush Maggie Clark 18 Jun 1860 4 Aug 1905 w/o T.W. Bush  
Bush Mary S. 23 Sep 1856 17 Jan 1932 "At Rest; w/o John T.; w/o John T.  
Bush Matilda 2 Mar 1813 2 Oct 1875 w/o Wm. Bush; A tall stone with a "Book of Life" inscription at the top of the stone; very dim & weathered. "Brown, N. Albany" is the tombstone company (New Albany, IN); "She was a kind and affectionate wife. Her smiles case their rays of cheerfulness throughout our household. She is gone to her reward to live with God forever."; footstone (broken) "MB" photo
Bush Nellie 27 Oct 1897 16 Jul 1898 d/o C.R. & R.E. Bush; "A little bud from earth to far, Has gone to heaven to blossom there."; footstone "NB" photo
Bush Rob Owen 25 Sep 1858 21 Jan 1862 s/o Columbus C. & Dorcas J.; broken stone - laid down, partially buried.; aged 3 y's, 3 (rest is not readable) photo
Bush Ruby 11 Oct 1900 7 Mar 1907 d/o C.R. & R.E. Bush; footstone "RB"  
Bush Samuel 19 May 1809 30 May 1870 "Aged 61 y's, 11 d's"  
Bush Shelby Thomas 24 May 1896 14 Jan 1951 ossw Yvonne Barnes; "Father"  
Bush Thomas W. 26 Feb 1854 9 May 1923 "At Rest"  
Bush William 18 ___ 1806 4 Aug 1877 Broken stone. The "A" lot markers end here. photo
Bush Yvonne Barnes 2 Jul 1909   ossw Shelby Thomas Bush; "Mother"  
DEANO       Appears to be a hand-made cement marker with embedded pebbles spelling name photo
Gibbs Ellen D. 1857 1919 "Mother"; "At Rest"  
Hawkins Margaret Bush 28 Aug 1871 16 May 1935    
Huffman Almada Bush 1863 1948 "Mother"  
Huffman Clara S. 2 Mar 1892 10 May 1929 ossw Robert W.  
Huffman Ernest P. 1891 1911 s/o J.R. & A.W. Huffman  
Huffman Joseph R. 1849 1920 "Father"  
Huffman Mary B. 7 Nov 1883 14 Jun 1903 d/o J.R. & A.W. Huffman; "Through all pain at times she'd smile, A smile of heavenly hath, And when the angels called her home, She smiled farewell to earth."; footstone "WBH" photo
Huffman Robert W. 14 Feb 1889 26 Aug 1950 ossw Clara S.  
Infant       broken, half-buried stone photo
Lennon Charles H. 1860 1927    
Lennon Frances B. 1866 1937 w/o C.H. Lennon; "At Rest"  
Terrill Infant Daughter     inf d/o J.R. & A.E. Terrill  

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