Sebastian Cemetery

The Cemetery is located

The cemetery listing and these photos were provided by Angie Preston   .

Abbreviations: w/o=wife of; h/o=husband of; s/o=son of; d/o=daughter of; b/o=brother of; m/o=mother of; f/o=father of; p/o=parents of; ossw=on same stone with
Given Name
Birth Date
Death Date
Anderson Lucy 4 May 1867 5 Jan 1902 ossw Terrell anderson188nph.jpg
Anderson Terrell 3 Jan 1865 19 Nov 1921 ossw Lucy Anderson anderson188nph.jpg
Deboard Lucy 1898 1920   deboard185nph.jpg
Layton Dora 2 Aug 1865 6 Jun 1906 ossw Jerome Layton layton190nph.jpg
Layton Jerome 2 Apr 1858 4 Apr 1909 ossw Dora Layton layton191nph.jpg
Sebastian G.W. 13 Oct 1833 1 Apr 1916   sebastia181nph.jpg
Sebastian Lewis 3 Sep 1907 18 Oct 1914   sebastia183nph.jpg
Sebastian Marion 5 Dec 1861 28 Jun 1897   sebastia179nph.jpg
Sebastian Sarah J. 27 Jul 1830 1 Sep 1898 w/o G.W. Sebastian sebastia180nph.jpg
Sebastian Wiley 6 Apr 1792 6 Nov 1853   sebastia178nph.jpg

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