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Franklin County was formed in 1794 from Woodford, Mercer, and Shelby Counties

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File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
a4500001.txt Allen, Gen. R. T. P. 11-10-2000 Sandi Gorin
b4000001.txt Bailey, Warren Worth 05-11-1998 Phyllis Hill
b3160001.txt Bedford, William C. 09-22-2000 Sandi Gorin
b6260001.txt Berkhart, Joseph 11-03-2000 Sandi Gorin
b1000001.txt Bibb, George H. 10-30-2000 Sandi Gorin
b4500001.txt Blayney, J. McClusky 04-08-2000 Sandi Gorin
b5360001.txt Bon Durant, E.G. 09-19-1998 Phyllis Hill
breathit482gbs.txt Breathitt, John 1786 - 1834 Aug 2008 Alice Warner
b6500001.txt Brown, Hon. James 10-31-2000 Sandi Gorin
b6500002.txt Brown, Hon. John 11-15-2000 Sandi Gorin
c6200001.txt Church, Robert 11-21-2000 Sandi Gorin
c6320001.txt Crutcher, Wash 11-03-2000 Sandi Gorin
d4000001.txt Dailey, Francis Marion 09-12-2000 Sandi Gorin
dooley26nbs.txt Dooley, Aaron T. 4-1-2005 Sandi Gorin
e5200001.txt Ewing, Dr. John 09-12-2000 Sandi Gorin
g5200001.txt Gaines, James B. 06-10-2000 Sandi Gorin
gano233gbs.txt Gano, Daniel 4/20/2005 Sandi Gorin
h4000001.txt Haly, Denis L. 11-05-2000 Sandi Gorin
h5360001.txt Hendrick, William Jackson 11-05-2000 Sandi Gorin
h5200001.txt Hines, Thomas Henry 04-08-2000 Sandi Gorin
h4300001.txt Holt, William H. 11-08-2000 Sandi Gorin
j3000001.txt Jett, Peter 09-23-2000 Sandi Gorin
j5250001.txt Johnson, T. B. 10-30-2000 Sandi Gorin
k5300001.txt Knott, J. Proctor 11-05-2000 Sandi Gorin
l0000001.txt Lee, Crawford 02-11-1998 Beulah Franks
l3620001.txt Leathers, James Madison 02-04-1998 Diana Flynn
l5320001.txt Lindsey, Daniel Weisiger 11-04-2000 Sandi Gorin
m3250001.txt Madison, George 10-01-2000 Sandi Gorin
m2600001.txt Major, Patrick Upshaw 09-23-2000 Sandi Gorin
m2460001.txt McClure, Richard Knott 11-17-2000 Sandi Gorin
gbsmorehead.txt Morehead, William L. 08-08-2004 Sandi Gorin
m6200001.txt Morris, Charles Harwood 11-18-2000 Sandi Gorin
n1400007.txt Noble, Harrison 01-20-1998 Phyllis Hill
p5200001.txt Pence, W. L. 10-04-2000 Sandi Gorin
p6300001.txt Pruett, John W. 09-12-2000 Sandi Gorin
r3550001.txt Rodman, John 09-30-2000 Sandi Gorin
s5300001.txt Smith, N. B. 10-28-2000 Sandi Gorin
s3000001.txt South, L. C. 04-08-2000 Sandi Gorin
s3400001.txt Steele, Robert Campbell 10-14-2000 Sandi Gorin
s3150001.txt Stephens, J. M. 10-31-2000 Sandi Gorin
s3260001.txt Stucker, Hon. James F., Franklin Co 03-02-1998 Diana Flynn
s4150001.txt Sullivan, Theodorick N. 04-08-2000 Sandi Gorin
t4600001.txt Taylor, William B. 07-12-1998 Diana Flynn
t6510001.txt Trimble, Mrs. Mary E. (South) 10-26-2000 Sandi Gorin
w2520001.txt Wiggington, Milton 04-09-2000 Sandi Gorin
woodson253gbs.txt Woodson, Richard Kidder 5-13-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry

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