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Elliott County was formed in 1869 from Carter, Lawrence and Morgan Counties

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The Journal, and Excerpts from the Journal

William Franklin Mason
File Name
Date Submitted
Submitted By
Intro. Introduction to the Journal of Mr. William Franklin Mason 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Index An Index to the Journal of Mr. William Franklin Mason 02-14-2001 Kay Mason
Journal The Journal of Mr. William Franklin Mason  Repaired and with numbered pages 02-14-2001 Kay Mason
Excerpt 1 Christmas Day, 1888, including the names of Ison, Wright, and Brickey 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 2 Civil War Incident, including Ross, Barker, Fields, Lyons, Boggs and others 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 3 Cooksey's General Store, in Grayson, KY, 1898 or 1899, including Adkins 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 4 Misc. Genealogy Notes, Gilliam-Gillum 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 5 Beech Grove School, 1891, includeing Fyffe, Mason, Gilliam, Dials, HayDickerson and others 04-21-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 6 Ferry Boat Adventure, including Brickey, Lyon and Pennington 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 7 Andy Stephens - Chairmaker, including Stephens and Lyons 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 8 Lyon Family, including Lyon, Brickey and Fyffe 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 9 Porter Entries, including Marshall, Mason, Rice, McDavid and others 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 10 Mary "Polly" Lyon, June 1875, including Lyon family 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 11 A Stapleton Story, including Stapleton and Hall 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 12 "Mill Boy", including Marshall, Lyon, Steel and Castle 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 13 Salyers, Fields 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 14 Grandfather Tells of Grayson, KY and of James Jones, Civil War Correspondent 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 15 The Reedville School and it's Students 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 16 McDavid Geneology, including Sturgill and Wilson 04-22-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 17 Fish Tales, including McDavid, Brickey, Anderson, Horton, Pennington and others 05-15-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 18 Baseball and a Cracked Head, including Scott, Jordon, Sparks, McDavid and Mason 05-15-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 19 Grandfather describes Cannonsburg of 1901, including O'Brien, Eastham, Nunley, Brown, Jordan and others 05-15-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 20 Word Building, including Fields, Banfield and  Boggs 07-05-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 21 Dad Rucker Loses a Turkey, including Fields and Rucker 07-05-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 22 A "Hill Billy" Dance, including Hale, White, Sparks, and Laney 07-05-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 23 Uncle Joel Sparks and his hound, Muse 07-24-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 24 "Boss" Skaggs, including Mason, Fyffe and Skaggs 07-29-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 25 A Hailstorm and Flood at Cannonsburg, KY, including McDavid, Ross and Mason 11-03-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 26 Sorghum Making, including Lyon, Brickey and Sparks 11-03-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 27 Squirrel Invasion, including Brickey, Lyon, Wellman, Sparks and Johnson 11-03-2000 Kay Mason
Excerpt 28 An Intoduction to Santa Claus & A Haunted House, including Burton, Baker & Mason 02-25-2001 Kay Mason

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