File Description Size Date Submitter
gob1814hatchler.txt Hatchler & Saddler Burials, Surnames Benedict through Birge, 1899-1962 2k 10/10/2004 Sandi Gorin  
a156001.txt Thomas S. Abner, d. 2003 1.12k 8/5/2003 Neal Byrge   
b634001.txt John Wm. Birdwell, d. 1942, Death Certificate 1.44k 12/20/2003 Priscilla S. Richards   
b634002.txt Myra Lou Birdwell, d. 1963, Death Certificate 1.55k 12/20/2003 Priscilla S. Richards   
b653001.txt Marjorie E. Brents, d. 2003 1.13k 12/20/2003 Neal Byrge   
b650002.txt Loran Ray Brown, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
b650001.txt Robert Brown, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
ob168claywell.txt Flossie Day Sexton Claywell, d. 2003 1k 12/28/2004 Sandi Gorin   
d420001.txt Oliver Delk, d. 2003 1.16k 12/20/2003 Neal Byrge   
gob349dicken.txt H.E. Dicken, 1962 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
gob347dicken.txt Jimmy Dicken 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
gob354dicken.txt Willie A. Dicken, d. 1994 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
gob348dickens.txt Add Dickens, d. 1985 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
f622002.txt Stella Ferguson, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
f462001.txt Margaret Gregory Flowers, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
f65001.txt Docie Grider Long Freeman, d. 1951 2.26k 5/2000 Brad Buck   
f623001.txt Porter Frost, d. 1956 2.36k 4/2000 Laura Wright   
geddes3133gob.txt Roxia W. Geddes, 2005 1k 7/21/2005 Eva Neeland
g650001.txt Johnny Glenn Gregory, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
g434001.txt Emery Glidewell, d. 2003 1.14k 12/20/2003 Neal Byrge   
gob355hancock.txt Allie Edith Hancock 1k 5/12/2004 Sandi Gorin   
gob353harrison.txt Lena Harrison, d. 1989 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
h420001.txt Rev. Samuel P. Hulse, d. 1904 2.31k 7/2000 Laura Wright   
h540001.txt Louise Hunley, d. 2003 1.16k 12/20/2003 Neal Byrge   
gob350mcfall.txt Frankie McFall, 1992 1k 5/12/2004 Debbie Dicken   
m435001.txt Reba Melton, d. 2003 1.42k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
m600001.txt Fadelma Courtney Moore, d. 1990 1.71k 7/2000 Kelly Courtney-Blizzard   
morrowbr781gdt.txt Ruthie Elizabeth Morrow, d. 1919 2k 12-12-2006 Len W. Morrow
morrow780gdt.txt William R. Morrow, 1914 2k 12-13-2006 Len W. Morrow
gob1947pierce.txt Ella Mae Pierce, d. 2004 1k 11/10/2004 Sandi Gorin   
p620002.txt James Audie Pierce, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
Polston.Albert.1933.jpg Albert Polston, d. 1933, Death certificate 121k 1/20/2004 Edith Bastin   
reaves3134gob.txt James E. Reaves, d. 1903 1k 7/21/2005 Sandi Gorin   
shelley2868gob.txt Dennis Ellis Shelley, d. 2003 1k 4/16/2005 Sherri Hall   
shelley2871gob.txt Tara Lynn Shelley, d. 2003 1k 4/16/2005 Sherri Hall   
t526001.txt Mary Tankersley, d. 2002 1.64k 8/17/2003 ---
t526002.txt Mary Tankersley, d. 2002 1.64k 8/17/2003 ---
t626001.txt Wm. B. Thrasher 1.34k 8/2/2003 Wm. B. Thrasher   
t655002.txt Jewell Thurman, d. 2003 1.12k 8/6/2003 Neal Byrge   
gob2126thurman.txt R.T. Thurman, d. 1914 1k 12/23/2004 Sandi Gorin   
w600-001.txt William Wray, d. 1997 1.81K 8/26/1998 Diana Flynn   
gob1543wright.txt Mabel Bernice Wright, d. 2004 1K 9/8/2004 Sandi Gorin   
y620001.txt Alma Effie York, d. 2004 1.67k 1/10/2004 Sandi Gorin   

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