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File Description Size Date Submittor
 c4620001 Clark, H.B. deed to Ball, G.W. 2k 8-28-2001 Edith Caudill
 d1320001 Davidson, Silas 4k 5-2902001 Sylvia Bragg
 d4100001 Delph "Deed Index" 4k 10-19-2001 Cassy
 g663001 Garrard, Daniel - 1851 Bounty Land Claim 3k 11-29-1999 Rich Nallenweg
 g416-002 Gilbert, Isaac - 1839 Land Grant 2k 7-2-1999 Tim Spence
 g416-001 Gilbert, Isaac - 1848 Perry Co. Land Grant 3k 7-2-1998 Tim Spence
 g416003 Gilbert, Wm. - deed to Hensley, Marion 3k 10-22-1999 Teresa Kidd
 h1630001 Hubbard, - Deed 4k 4-11-2002 Pat Saupe
 m6000002 Commissioners deed for Murray, D.W. 5k 8-28-2001 Edith Caudill
 m6000001 Murray, William J. 4k 6-10-2001 Pat Saupe
 s530001 Smith, Jabel - deed toWilson and Inarries  1832 5k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 s530002 Smith, Thomas - deed from William Hamm  1803 4k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 s530003 Smith, Thomas and others deed to Taylor, Isaac 1828 3k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 s530004 Smith, Thomas - deed to - Smith, Thomas Jr. 1837 3k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 s530005 Smith deed to Smith 1852 4k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 s530006 Smith, William Sr. deed to Silas 4k 2-20-2001 Erma Lee Masters
 t460-001 Taylor, Isaac deed from Jones, John  1829 3k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 t460-002 Taylor, Isaac deed from Steward, Daniel  1833 5k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 t460-003 Taylor, Isaac deed to Hibbard, John and H.  1835 5k 8-3-1998 Michael Smith
 t460-004 Taylor, Isaac deed to Hibbard, John and Hiram 2k 8-16-1998 Michael Smith
 guards Guardian List 1807 - 1909 14k 3-11-2001 Sharon Peel
 probate Probate Deed Index 1830 - 1854 5k 3-11-2001 Sharon Peel
 willbook Index to Willbook #1 7k 7-10-2000 Nell Dwyer
 a450-001 Allen, Rachel Bishop 2k 7-24-1998 Tim Spence
 b210-001 Bishop, Samuel 2k 7-24-1998 Tim Spence
 b432-001 Bledsoe, William  (Adultery) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 b432-002 Bledsoe, William  (Assault) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 b432-003 Bledsoe, William  (Indict for Felony) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 b452-001 Bowling, Blevins  (Manslaughter) 3k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 b520-001 Benge, Isaac  (Malicious Stabbing of) Lucas, W 2k 2-15-1998 Nell Dwyer
 b623-001 Broughton, Joseph - Broughton, Lucy  (Divorce) 2k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c253-001 Chesnut, John and James  (Manslaughter) 2k 2-15-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c434-001 Coldwell, William 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c452-001 Collins, Margaret - Collins, Elizabeth  (Kidnapping) 3k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c452-002 Collins, and Napier  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c452-003 Collins, and Robinson  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c600-001 Corh, Wesley - Peters,Polly  (Fornicators) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c630-001 Grand Jury Indictments 1854 3k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 c653-001 Cornet, Isaac  (Murder) 3k 2-15-1999 Nell Dwyer
 d5240001 Dunsel, William and Henson, Milly 2k 6-27-2001 Barbara Beckstrom
 d5240002 Dunsie, William 2k 6-27-2001 Barbara Beckstrom
 e162-001 Eversole, Theophilis and Elizabeth  (Divorce) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 f655-001 Freeman, George  (Fornicators) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 g516-001 Gambrel, Isham  (Adultery) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 g516-002 Gambrel, and Roark  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 g645-001 Garland, Solomon - Bowlin, Polly  (Divorce) 1k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 g416001 Gilbert.Wm. - order of survey 2k 10-22-1999 Teresa Kidd
 h260-001 Hacker, and Hoskins  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 h452-001 Hollingsworth, Squire  (Adultery) 2k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 h635-001 Horton  (Bigamy) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 n630-001 North, P?  (Adultery) 2k 2-1-1999 Nell Dwyer
 n630-002 North, Nancy - Hoskins, John 2k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 n630-003 North, and Shepherd  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 p626-001 Parker, and Cotton  (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 s300-001 Scott, Isham - Horne, Jane (Adultery) 2k 4-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 w320-001 Woods, Sally - Woods, Reuben  (Divorce) 2k 2-12-1999 Nell Dwyer
 b652001 Burns, William - 1832 Pension Application 2k 6-12-1998 Tim Spence
 f432001 Fields, John - 1852 Pension Application 29k 6-22-1998 Bill Fields
 m250001 McQueen/McQuin, John - 1831 Pension Application 14k 6-22-1998 Bill Fields
 p413001 Philpot, Thomas - 1837 Pension Application 6k 5-6-2001 James Philpot
 r300001 Reid, James Washington Sr. - Pension Application 7k 5-28-1999 Rich Nallenweg
 a126001 Abshear, F.M. - Civil War pension file unk 5-21-2001 Nell Lamantia
 b6300001 Barrett, Jesse 4k 1-31-2001 Cindy Parker
 b210001 Bishop, Alexander - Civil War pension file 20k 12-17-1999 Tim Spence
 b210003 Bishop, Perry - Civil War pension file 26k 5-9-2001 Tim Spence
 b210002 Bishop, William B. Jr. Civil War pension file 28k 7-25-2000 Tim Spence
 g416001 Gilbert, John - 1907 Pension Application 5k 6-22-1998 Tim Spence
 l2200001 Lucas, John 4k 6-5-2001 Rich Nallenweg
 s316001 Stivers, Robert - 1864 Pension Application (Widow) 13k 4-19-1999 Phyllis Anderson
WAR OF 1812
 r620001 Roark, John - Pension Application  (widow) 15k 10-22-1999 Nell Dwyer
 census index 1810 Clay County Census 20k 5-22-1998 Tim Spence
 census index 1820 Clay County Census 31k 5-25-1998 Tim Spence
 census index 1840 Clay County Census 55k 2-3-1999 Tim Spence
 census index 1850 Clay County Census 200k 10-20-1998 Many Transcribers
 census index 1860 Clay County Census 340k 1-15-2001 Many Transcribers
 census index 1870 Clay County Census   3-11-2001 Rideth Lowe
 1920partial 1920 - Names - "Hibbard, Jones, Smith, Swaford, Tuttle" 24k 6-18-2002 Michael J. Smith
 barrett-bowles Barrett, Daniel - Bowles, Nancy - marriage Bond 1k 2-1-2001 Cindy Parker
 b2000001 Biggs, David R. - Benge, Eliza Ann - Marriage Bond 2k 4-19-2001 Rich Nallenweg
 b2100001 Bishop marriages 1807 - 1908 7k 5-23-1998 Tim Spence
 bucode Bundy, Cox, Delph - Marriages 8k 10-19-2001 Cassy
 bridesaf Clay County Brides A-F 1851 - 1900 213k 10-24-2001 Kristie Setser
 c3520001 Cottongim, Pierce - Delph, Ollie 461k 2-18-2002 Cassy Williams
 d4100001 Delph, Thomas - Bundy, Tennessee 585kb 2-18-2002 Cassy Williams
 d6000001 Drew, John - McQueen, Ibby - marriage bond 2k 8-28-2001 Pat Saupe
 g1250001 Gibson / Gipson marriages 1807 - 1930 7k 3-13-2000 Petra Gibson
 s5340001 Sandlin Marriages 1807 - 1909 5k 2-2-2001 Tim Spence
 b260-002 Baker, Bige - Jailed for murders 2k 11-23-1998 Cindy Crawford
 b260-001 Baker, Jim - Trial, 1899 4k 8-12-1998 Cindy Crawford
 c340-001 Chadwell, Dave - Shooting 2k 8-12-1998 Cindy Crawford
 c400-001 Begley, Felix Killed on Red Bird 2k 7-24-1998 Debbie Mauelshagen
 news-001 White, Dough - Davidson, Felix 2k 8-16-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-002 Thacker - Sherrif Killed 3k 8-23-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-003 Bradley, Griffin, Philpot, Chadwell - TroopsReady 2k 9-3-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-004 Griffin, Thacker, Philpot - Court Convened 2k 9-3-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-005 Parker, Whitmore 2k 9-3-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-006 Griffin, Brown, Barnett, Hampton - indicted 2k 9-3-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-007 Hall, Mark - Murdered 2k 9-3-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-008 Philpot, Griffin, Rogers, Hampton - one dead 2k 11-22-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-009 Howard, Detram - Winchesters emptied 2k 11-22-1998 Cindy Crawford
 news-010 Possee In Clay County 3k 5-17-2001 Jackie Alto
 news-011 Mill Creek Residents Jailed 2k 5-17-2001 Jackie Alto
 b500001 Boone Cemetery 3k 11-25-1999 Darlene Ealy
 b623001 Broughton Cemetery 4k 11-26-1999 Cassy Williams
 bur-davd Burns / Davidson Cemetery 4k 3-11-2001 Ralph Hamblin
 bun_del Bundy/Delph Cemetery 6k 7-10-2000 Cassy Williams
 c5140001 Campbell Cemetery 2k 4-18-2002 Debbie Scott
 carpenter Carpenter Branch Cemetery ??? 2k 6-18-2002 Cindy Smith Crane
 davidsonrh Davidson, R.H. Cemetery 7k 2-20-2001 Ralph Hamblin
 fairview Fariview Cemetery 12k 8-27-2001 Ralph Hamblin
 far-ash Farmer / Asher Cemetery 3k 8-6-2000 Lora Walker
 harts Harts Branch Cemetery 8k 12-21-2000 Karen Perry
 h350-001 Hatton Family Cemetery 1k 9-3-1998 Jeannie Bowlin
 h1630001 Hibbard Cemetery 3k 4-20-2002 Tonya Hibbard
 hosk Hoskins Cemetery 5k 6-4-1999 Becky J.
 hoskins Hoskins Family Cemetery 5k 8-28-2001 John Hoskins
 hubbard Hubbard Cemetery  (partial) 4k 10-21-1999 Patsy Mills
 hunter Hunter Cemetery 3k 10-22-1999 J. Gatson
 joesmith Joe Smith Cemetery 4k 6-18-2002 Cindy Smith Crane
 maxline Maxline Baker Cemetery 10k 7-10-2000 Bev Hildreth
 mudlick Mudlick Cemetery (Partial) 3k 10-18-2001 Cindy Crane
 a450-001 Patsey Allen Cemetery 1k 9-9-1998 Geraldine Houseman
 Pleasant Pleasant Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 8k 8-16-2000 Tim Spence
 pleasant2 Pleasant Run Cemetery 3k 3-11-2001 Brenda Summers
 rasner Rasner Cemetery 2k 9-25-2000 Pat Saup
 rileywagers Riley - Wagers Cemetery 2k 6-18-2002 Cindy Smith Crane
 rog_tan Rogers / Tanyard Cemetery 5k 8-16-1998 Bill Carr
 sams Sams Cemetery 4k 5-9-2001 Ralph Hamblin
 sizemore Sizemore Cemetery (partial listing) 2k 6-11-2001 Della Perez
 smithhenson Old Smith - Henson Cemetery 3k 6-18-2002 Cindy Smith Crane
 spur Spurlock Cemetery on Red Bird 2k 5-8-1999 Loretta Brewer
 spur2 Spurlock 2 Cemetery on Red Bird 20k 10-1-2000 Linda Mattila
 string Stringtown Cemetery 1k 10-21-1999 Elaine Lorinczi
Index Clay County Death Certificate Index      
 a4150001 Alben, Geraldine, (nee-Gilbert) 2 4-5-2008 Tim Spence
 a4500001 Allen, Mallie R. 2 07 June 2007 John B. King
 b6300001 Barrett, Ilean, (nee-Grubb) 2 4-5-2008 Byrd Ball
 b2540001 Becknell, Dr. W.E. 2 4-5-2008 Byrd Ball
 h2520001 Hoskins, James 1.5k 9-3-2007 Jerry Taylor
 h2000001 House, William Virgil 2 4-5-2008 Bill & Gina
 h2350001 Houston, Paulina 2 4-5-2008 Byrd Ball
 L3640001 Luttrell, Hazel 2 4-5-2008 Byrd Ball
 g163001 Gabbard, Sary An - Births Reported by Midwife 4k 5-19-2001 Pat Saupe
 s316001 Stivers, George - Births Reported by Dr. 6k 5-19-2001 Pat Saupe
 s530001 Smith, Rodia/Rosanah - Births Reported by Midwife 4k 5-19-2001 Pat Saupe
 d1320001 Davidson, Blevins 3k 5-29-2001 Sylvia Bragg
 g6630001 Garrard, Daniel 17k 6-27-2001 Sue Canavan
 h260001 Hager,Sylvia Belle Davidson 7k 12-22-2000 Sylvia Acord Bragg
 kytomo Kentuckians to Missouri (Clay Countians) 5k 7-1-1998 Margy Miles
 m2550001 McCammon, William 3k 6-9-2001 Diana Flynn
 1894 William Reids 1894 Fee Bill Book - pages 50-67 36k 3-11-1999 Rich & Ronda Nallenweg
 1894-2 William Reids 1894 Fee Bill Book - pages 70-101 55k 3-11-1999 Rich & Ronda Nallenweg
 1892 William Reids 1892 Fee Bill Book - pages 182-192 22k 3-20-1999 Rich & Ronda Nallenweg
 g416001 Gilbert, W.C.  (tax receipt) 2k 2-7-2000 Teresa Kidd
 d1320001 Davidson, John 3k 5-29-2001 Sylvia Bragg
 m6000001 Murray, Nancy Keith 3k 6-10-2001 Pat Saupe
Bible Records
 c352001 Cottongim, Pierce - Bible Records 3k 9-23-2000 Pat Saupe
 l5230001 Langdon, G.L.  (letter) 2k 2-7-2000 Teresa Kidd
 o2160001 Osburn, Robert - War time letter home 11k 10-18-2001 Robert Osborne
 s1640001 Spurlock, Alice  (letter) 2k 2-7-2000 Teresa Kidd

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