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Christian County was formed in 1797 from Logan County Contributions can be submitted using the automated forms feature.
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b650001.txt Brame-Hester Bible 01-25-1997 Kelly Weisenbeck
bronaugh.txt Bronaugh Bible 01-13-1998 HCGS
campbell2.txt Joe E. Campbell Bible 01-12-1998 HCGS
r1600001.txt Roper Bible 03-14-2003 Anne Welden The Registry
Kentucky Biographies Project
gbs170alexande.txt Alexander, Lawrence G. April 28, 1844 - March 19, 1884 01-25-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
bone257gbb.txt Bone, John S. 5-16-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
d120001.txt Davis, Gen Jefferson  07-27-1999 Marti Graham
ewing258gbb.txt Ewing, George W. 5-16-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
fowler64nbs.txt Fowler, William Earle 1897 - ? 02-21-2007 Joy Fisher 
fowler364gbs.txt Fowler, William T. 1873 - 1942 02-21-2007 Joy Fisher
gresham355gbs.txt Gresham, John Wilson 1840 - ? 5-15-2006 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs213jackson.txt Jackson, James S. September 27, 1823 - October 4, 1862 02-27-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs14leavell.txt Leavell, George Buckner  1832 08-13-2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
gbs45miller.txt Miller,  Joel Henry  08-18-2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
p632001.txt Pritchett, James W.  07-03-1997 Carole Palmer The Registry
gbs141shacklef.txt Shackleford, Charles   November 1817 01-04-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
shipp30bs.txt Shipp, William M. October 25, 1810 - December 31, 1881 03-16-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
smith32nbs.txt Smith, George W., b. 1828 4-21-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
smith37nbs.txt Smith, Jesse W.I., b. 1832 4-21-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
smith265gbs.txt Smith, Thomas L., b. 1842 5-23-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
starling300gbs.txt Starling, Samuel M., b. 1807 6-29-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
stites35bs.txt Stites, Henry J., b. 1816 7-18-2005 Sandi Gorin The Registry
0t600001.txt Terry, J. L. L.  02-03-2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
Kentucky Tombstone Transcription Project
allencem16cm.txt Allen Cemetery 3-7-2011 Carol D'Elia
Burt.txt Burt Cemetery 03-16-2001 Greg Godsey
Chapel.txt Chapel Hill Cemetery 03-16-2001 Greg Godsey
Gee.txt Gee Cemetery 03-16-2001 Greg Godsey
GreenMoore.txt Green-Moore Cemetery 07-03-2000 Jason M. Canon
Hayes.txt Hayes Cemetery 08-23-2001 James Carroll The Registry
Hord.txt Hord Cemetery 11-01-2002 J. C. McCarty
McReynolds.txt McReynolds Cemetery 01-20-2001 Bob Law The Registry
Messamore.txt Messamore Cemetery 01-12-1997 Nancy Trice The Registry
Powell.txt Powell Cemetery 01-12-1997 Ada Brown
ridgetop189gcm.txt Ridgetop Cemetery 06-10-2009 Susan Day
Steele.txt Steele Cemetery 08-23-2001 James Carroll The Registry

Cemetery Photos

Fuller, Harrison And Evie tombstone 1k
Leanna Armstrong
Day, Joseph - Cemetery: Christian Privilege Cemetery 2/14/2012 Susan Day
Kentucky Census Transcription Project
pg053.txt 1810 Census - Page 53 - 70 02-20-2001 Glenn Jennings
pg071.txt 1810 Census - Page 71 - 88 02-20-2001 Glenn Jennings
pg089.txt 1810 Census - Page 89 - 106 02-20-2001 Glenn Jennings
pg107.txt 1810 Census - Page 107 - 116b 02-20-2001 Glenn Jennings
1850indx.txt 1850 Census Index 02-20-2001 SK Publications
Kychrist.txt 1850 Census - pg 360 - 412A 02-20-2001 Unknown
b232001.txt 1850 Census--Bostick 07-07-1997 Brenda Jerome The Registry
courts.txt Christian County Circuit Court Orders, 1859-1865 05-30-1997 Happy Greer The Registry
a3520001.txt Power of Attorney, Children of James & Betty Adams, 1836 12-23-2001 James H. Maloney The Registry
reeves485gwl.txt Reeves, Benjamin H.  1844 8-29-2011 Beverly Watson
whigs.txt Organization of Whigs Chapel, Crofton. 05-15-1997 Lois Mallrich The Registry
Deaths & Funeral
day1161gdt.txt Day, Cyrus Mitchell March 27, 1931 06-10-2009 Susan Day
davis1159gdt.txt Davis, Louvanda October 31, 1907 06-10-2009 Susan Day
johnson1160gdt.txt Johnson, Lucy Elizabeth October 17, 1896 06-10-2009 Susan Day
l3500001.txt Latham, Mable Louise, 89 09-29-2001 Nancy Trice The Registry
l5200001.txt Long, Onnie Mae Hamby, 96 09-29-2001 Nancy Trice The Registry
walker1132gdt.txt Walker, Lee Wilton, 71 03-18-2009 Sharon Walker
white1211gdt.txt White, Jim, 65 11-10-2009 Anna Giunta The Registry
hurley1198gdt.txt Hurley, Sarah, 88 11-10-2009 Anna Giunta The Registry
Deeds & Land Grants
land0001.txt Lee, 1811, Christian 02-25-2000 Martina Carpenter The Registry
land0002.txt Index-partial, 1797-1819, Christian Co 08-28-2000 Rick Girtman The Registry
h630001.txt Hurt-Calvin, 1856 03-13-1997 Thomas Hurt The Registry
1857 Marriages from Pulaski County that also mention Christian County May/June 1999 Valerie Davis The Registry
marr0001.txt Averitt index, Christian Co 08-28-2000 Rick Girtman The Registry
stevens361gmr.txt Stevens, Susan P. - Gunn, John Major, 1858 Nov 2007 Carolyn Shank
johnson528gmr.txt Johnson, Lucy Elizabeth - Day, Cyrus Mitchell October 23, 1878 06-10-2009 Susan DayThe Registry
marr0002.txt James Young - Dicey Dunn, 1817, Christian Co *bond* 08-28-2000 Rick Girtman The Registry
yostknig542gnw.txt The Courier Journal & Times May 30, 1971 - engagement of Miss. Francis Lavinia Yost of Cambridge, Mass., to Mr. Thomas Frederic Knight Jr. of Boston 12-15-2013 Susan DayThe Registry
Pensions Transcription Project
gmt49wwii.txt WW II, Casualty List 09-20-2004 Sandi Gorin The Registry
koreandeaths.txt U.S. Military Personnel who died from hostile action in the Korean War, 1950-1957 including missing and captured 01-12-2005 Darrell WarnerThe Registry
korean Korean War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
vietnam Vietnam War - Unaccounted for Ky 03-12-2001 DPMO
Tip#433.txt U S Army & Army Air Corps Casualities WW II Christian Co., KY 03-20-2003 Sandi Gorin The Registry
kycoform.html Ky County Formations 1780-1912 02-08-2000 John W. Picklesimer The Registry
lawyers.txt Kentucky Lawyers in 1859 all Counties 02-09-2000 Lora Young  &Mary Yoder The Registry
preface186gms.txt Counties of Todd & Christian - Preface 12-28-2006 Joy Fisher
fiveform423gnw.txt Five For Murder - The Grand Jury Brings In Another Big Batch Of True Bills February 16, 1916 3/29/2006 Francene Vincent
shooting421gnw.txt Shooting Saturday February 8, 1916 3/29/2006 Francene Vincent
twocourt424gnw.txt Two Courts At Once - Circuit Court In A Double Header Was Busy March 28, 1916 3/29/2006 Francene Vincent
willough422gnw.txt Willoughby Died February 15, 1916 3/29/2006 Francene Vincent
James and Donie Hodge 12/9/2006 Leanna Armstrong
Day, Cyrus Mitchell 1926 2/14/2012 Susan Day
jackson418gwl.txt Jackson, William Harrison "Hal"  October 5, 1902 11-23-2008 Jennifer Johnson
jackson417gwl.txt Jackson, Beckley January 2, 1860 11-23-2008 Jennifer Johnson
gwl50allder.txt Allder, James L. November 7 1856 10-20-2004 Linda Deppner
b600001.txt Barry, Daniel  1816 06-16-1997 Robbie Burnett
r520001.txt Renshaw, John  1822 07-08-1998 Mary Collins The Registry
t6160001.txt Trover, John  1832 04-07-2004 Marilyn T Galvan The Registry
readseni581gwl.txt Read, John 06-26-2015 Julia Newman
reeves483gwl.txt Reeves, Ann 8-28-2011 Beverly Watson
reeves482gwl.txt Reeves, Miles 1821 8-28-2011 Beverly Watson
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