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Date Submitted
Submitted By
1810ndx.txt Casey County 1810 Census Index 07-15-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
casey1810.txt Casey County 1810 Census 07-15-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1820ndx.txt Casey County 1820 Census Index 08-12-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
casey1820.txt Casey County 1820 Census 08-12-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1830ndx.txt Casey County 1830 Census Index 08-20-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
casey1830.txt Casey County 1830 Census 08-20-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1840ndx.txt Casey County 1840 Census Index 12-13-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1840casey.txt Casey County 1840 Census 12-13-2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1840cens.txt 1840 Census, page 177b 03-22-1999 Dorothy Vaughn
1850indx.txt 1850 Census Index 1999 SK Publications
pg00287.txt 1850 Census, Part 1, Page 287-298b 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
pg00299.txt 1850 Census, Part 2, Page 299-311a 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
pg00311b.txt 1850 Census, Part 3, Page 311b-323b 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
pg00324.txt 1850 Census, Part 4, Page 324-336a 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
pg00336b.txt 1850 Census, Part 5, Page 336b-348b 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
pg00349.txt 1850 Census, Part 6, Page 349-359 1999 Wayne M. Sampson
1860index.txt 1860 Census Index 2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1860-353.txt 1860 Census, Part 1, Page 353-400 2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1860-401.txt 1860 Census, Part 2, Page 401-450 2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1860-451.txt 1860 Census, Part 3, Page 451-503 2002 Don RubartsThe Registry
1870ndx.txt 1870 Census, Index 2004 Don RubartsThe Registry
1870-1.txt 1870 Census, Part 1, Casey Creek, Jenkins and Lee Precincts 2004 Don RubartsThe Registry
1870-2.txt 1870 Census, Part 2, Liberty, Rolling Fork and Tates Precincts 2004 Don RubartsThe Registry
1890-001.txt 1890 Veterans Census, SD 6, ED 27 02-22-1999 Dorothy Vaughn
1890-002.txt 1890 Veterans Census, Jenkins Precinct, SD 6, ED 24 03-01-1999 Jackie CoutureThe Registry
1910-001.txt Selected 1910 Census 02-28-1999 Dorothy Vaughn
1920-001.txt Selected 1920 Census 02-28-1999 Dorothy Vaughn

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