Births, 1878, Casey County, Kentucky. Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Bonnie A. Parker,


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  Contributed By: Bonnie Parker  
Name of Child Gender Race Birth  Date Father's Name Mother's Maiden Name
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Not named m w 15 Sep 1878 John Breeding Milly Mackeby
Thomas, John H m w 15 Aug 1878 Nathan Thomas Amanda Mc Alister
Mason, James W m w 4 Nov 1878 William Mason Mary Daniel
Daniel, Lucy A f w 30 Dec 1878 Giles Daniel C A Sammons
Fox, Sarah B f w 15 Dec 1878 James Fox Nancy Combest
Allen, Elitha f b 17 Aug 1878 William Allen Mary Cloyd
Allen, Martha f b 18 Jan 1878 George Allen Sarah Allen
Owens, Thomas m w 3 Dec 1878        William M Owens Rachel Mc Donald
Godby, Thomas F m w 4 Feb 1878 Thomas Godby Lucinda Watson
Godby, John W m w 7 Sep 1878         Alexander Godby Mary E Wesley
Not named m w Dec 1878 Lee Wesley Iba Godby
Ashley, Sarah B f w 18 Nov 1878 Robert Ashley Delilah Wesley
Jones, Mikeil V f w 2 Oct 1878 Bruce Jones Mary J Wesley
Wesly, Malvina f w 21 Sep 1878 G E Wesly S J Barber
Wesley, Albert f (sic) w 30 Apr 1878 Robert Wesley Amanda Randolph
Phelps, Mary J f w 10 (?) Jul 1878   Zachariah Phelps P Gaddis
Not named m w 20 Nov 1878 John Watson Charlotte Cundiff
Martin, Mary f w 6 Dec 1878 J S Martin Celia Walker
Thomas, Mc Donell m w 15 Apr 1878 James Thomas Mary E Baldock
Cravens, Rosy B f w 29 Oct 1878 Thomas Cravens Nancy A Moran
Cundiff, James A m w 15 Jun 1878 James Cundiff Ellen C Chelton
Hogue, Loretta f w 8 Dec 1878 Joab Hoge Sarah L Morgan
Riggins, Henry C m w 1 Oct 1878 John P Riggins Rebecca G Bailey
Barber, A D m w 5 Dec 1878 William Barber Lizzie A Rigney
Haste, Charles m w 5 Dec 1878 William Haste D N Roberts
Above child born in Pulaski county, KY  
Meek, Dewitt T m w 30 Jul 1878 James W Nolan Nancy Meek
Rigney, Hubard L m w 16 Jul 1878 James M Rigney R B Dick
Watson, Gabrel T m w 28 Oct 1878 Benj Watson Mary E Wall
Elliott, Mc Clarence m w 29 Oct 1878 David Elliott Fannie Wesly
Slone, Samantha P m (sic) w 15 Mar 1878 Francis M Slone Isabell Durham
Not named m w 15 Nov 1878 Geo S Putteet Molly J Phelp
Doss, Cotheha f w 25 Jun 1878 Silas Doss Manerva Wilson
Putteet, Henry Z m w 7 Mar 1878 Calvin Putteet M J Wesly
Mc Daniel, Geo S m w 3 Jan 1878      Franklin Mc Donald M S Morgan
Wilkerson, Noria f w 22 May 1878 J F Wilkerson Belle Staton
Ross, M J f w 28 Sep 1878 Levi Ross Dellia Patterson
Bias, Geo T m w 25 Sep 1878 J H Bias Charity Elliott
Putteet, E B m w 2 Sep 1878 J H Putteet M A Richardson
Wesly, Perry T m w 6 Aug 1878 J R Wesley Mariah Fox
Watson, Thos K m w 16 Feb 1878 Robert Watson May (Mary?) Bias
Shackelford, J S m w 10 Jul 1878       James Shackelford May (Mary?) J Passmore
Chapman, Milly E m (sic) w 4 Oct 1878 J T Chapman Sarah J Wilson
Harris, Mary A f w 17 Mar 1878 H T Harris Mary J Wesly
Pattine, Squire F m w 20 Mar 1878 John Pattine May (Mary?) J Miles
Lanham, B S(?) m w 10 Mar 1878 Reuben Lanham Nancy F Miles
Spears, Virgil M m w 7 Oct 1878 Jesse Spears May (Mary?) Lyons
Dickerson, Geo D m w 4 May 1878      Joseph Richardson M B Williams
Anderson, W M m w 10 Jun 1878 David Anderson Sophia Bute (?)
Deboard, Isaac m w 28 Jul 1878 Sirus Deboard Drucilla Elliott
Godby, J B m w 10 Jan 1878 William Godby Elizabeth Wesly
Sanders, Julia B m (sic) w 17 Dec 1878      Benjamin Sanders Amanda Morgan
Estes, Julia m (sic) w 1 Feb 1878 John Estes N B Nimrod (?)
Vest, William G m w 7 Oct 1878 P M Vest Martha Hatter
Morgan, John L m w 9 Feb 1878 W T Morgan Emily J Durham
Not named f w 19 Feb 1878 Lafayett King Nancy Carmical
Morgan, John L m w 19 Jul 1878       William T Morgan Emily J Morgan
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Taylor, Francis M m w 8 Jan 1878 John R Jarbough Isabelle Coffey
(Above child born in Marion Co., KY.)  
Weathington, M A f w 2 Jun 1878         E M Weathington Nancy E Weathington
Goode, James A m w 19 Oct 1878 Joseph G Goode Ann E Weathington
Weathington, C G m w 25 Dec 1878  George Weathington N E Weathington
Weathington, Wm B m w 25 Jul 1878      Smith Weathington N E Weathington
Bottoms, Louis C m w 3 (or 7) Nov 1878 Robert P Bottoms Amanda F Goode
Gaddis, B F f w 3 Jul 1878 Henry M Gaddis D J King
Beaty, Dora f w 18 May 1878 John M Beaty Zepporah J King
Fourth, George m w 1 Dec 1878 John W Fourth Bell Nabshir
Above child born in Adair Co., KY    
Warren, Thomas T m w 18 Dec 1878 Thomas Warren Martha A Nevil (?)
Absher, Ellen f w 8 Aug 1878       Joshua Absher Mary J Thomas
Sams, Julia f w 16 Feb 1878 James Sams June A Daton
Merritt, Nannie f w 19 Feb 1878 Charles Merritt Elizabeth West
West, Osker L m w 26 Dec 1878 James West Mary Barnett
Baldock, Beldivia f w 21 Nov 1878 Reuben Baldock Parthenia Thomas
Mason, Thomas B m w 10 Apr 1878       Thomas L Mason Nancy Rodes
Gilpin, Amanda M f w 15 Feb 1878 James Gilpin Lidia Wesley
Henson, Sarah E f w 10 Dec 1878 Joseph Henson Mary B Roberts
Tartar, Mary P f w 24 Jul 1878 Calvin Tartar Sibbia Shackelford
Tate, George Stone m w 24 Nov 1878 John J Tate Sarah J Tate
Durham, O P M m w 18 Jun 1878 John H Durham Eliza A Trueblood
Above child born in Indiana    
Henson, Sarah A f w 5 Jun 1878         Benjamin Henson Mary B Wells
Dye, Pascil m w 15 Oct 1878 Zachariah Dye Clary Dye
Minton, Isaac N m w 1 Apr 1878 Isaac Minton Rachel Gadberry
Flanagan, Electra f w 28 Feb 1878 Enoch Flanagan Hariett Bernard
Combest, Thomas M m w 17 Aug 1878 W J Combest Mary E Gadberry
Turner, Martha J f w 16 Jan 1878 Hadly Turner Delia Huston
Above child born in Tennessee    
Muse, Ida F f w 25 Feb 1878 Pink Turner Margret A Muse
Russell, Louisa f w 4 Mar 1878 Martin Russell Harriett A Muse
Wilkerson, Elizabeth f w 15 Nov 1878      Martin Wilkerson Nancy A Luttrell
Thomas, William T m w 11 Sep 1878 Robert Thomas Julia Luttrell
Luttrell, James M m w 11 May 1878 George Luttrell Matilda Luttrell
Luttrell, Wyatt J m w 20 Oct 1878 Lewis Luttrell Eliza Roots
Not named m w 9 Mar 1878 George Bledsoe Lucy A Duglass
Chilton, W H m w 13 Dec 1878 James B Chilton Sarah C Minton
Roberts, Evaline f w Oct 1878           William S Roberts Mary B Rogers
Russell, Delia F f w 21 Feb 1878 John B Russell C T Cumbest
Chelf, M E J f w 2 Dec 1878 Logan F Chelf Martha E Roy
Newton, Nancy M f w Nov 1878       Christopher Newton Martha E Huston
Morgan, Charles m w 5 Nov 1878 W N (?) Morgan Permelia Cravens
Judd, Robert L m w 29 Jun 1878 James A Judd Sallie Combest
Jones, Marion G m w 17 Feb 1878 F S Jones Sarah J Cravens
Not named f w 18 Dec 1878 W M Chilton Mary E Brown
Cumbest, R T f w 5 Jul 1878          Fountain Cumbest Mary W Cumbest
Jones, Mary E f w 28 May 1878 Thomas Jones Adeline Thomas
Thomas, Fannie f w 1 Aug 1878 Edward Thomas Martha E Luttrell
Thomas, Ada f w Dec 1878 William Thomas Mary E Nevins
Mc Donald, Lucy C f w 30 Jun 1878      John W McDonald Lucinda Luttrell
Thomas, Dora B f w 7 Feb 1878 J D W Thomas Nancy G Thomas
Henson, John H f (sic) w 17 Sep 1878 George Henson Sarah A Evans
Thomas, Daniel m w 19 Dec 1878 George Thomas D A Sims
Austin, John T m w 26 Dec 1878 Isaac B Austin Nancy J Cox
Not named f w 5 Oct 1878         William Hansford Sarah J Turpin
Fair, W S m w 1 Jan 1878 John J Fair Sarah E Hansford
Pain, Charley m w 4 Feb 1878 Thomas B Pain Mary Foster
Aaron, William P L m w 8 Nov 1878 George Aaron Mary C Collins
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Wesley, Ira Nash m w 5 Apr 1878 John B Wesley Mary B Lynn
Edwards, John F m w 16 Sep 1878 Wm Edwards Amanda Evans
Moran, Amanda f w 19 Nov 1878 Charles Moran Mary J Wilcher
Snow, Reason D m w 3 Jul 1878 Reason D Snow Catherine A Woodson
Peavyhouse, Catherine f w 25 Mar 1878 J C Peavyhouse Emeline Carpenter
Not named m w 15 Dec 1878 F M Peavyhouse Hanah E Albertson
White, Caleb M m w 12 Aug 1878 Isaah White R A F Brown
Smith, Sallie B f w 14 Jan 1878 O Smith Lucinda Baxter
Brown, William W m w 7 Oct 1878 G W Brown Nancy Weatherford
Powell, Minnie E f w 24 May 1878 Benjamin Powell M A Powell
Carpenter, Forest L m w 22 Aug 1878 Adam Carpenter Betsy J Weatherford
Peyton, Cindine (?) f b 30 Oct 1878 William Peyton Roanna Drye
Carpenter, Lillie B f w 7 (?) Sep 1878 J S Carpenter Mattie A Peyton
Simpson, Kesiah J f w 23 (?) Jan 1878 E E Simpson Sarah Simpleton
Not named f w 30 Aug 1878 G W Brown Martha N Evans
Mills, Geo E m w 9 Nov 1878 Joel F Mills Martha Ellis
Purdy, Henry D m w 5 Oct 1878 Albert Purdy J B Wright
Figg, John F m w 22 Mar 1878 Russell B Figg Mary E Shettle
Marcum, William S m w 6 Jun 1878 C H Marcum Emma F Brown
Lowery, Susan f w 10 (?) Mar 1878 John Lowery Francis Crews
Goode, L M m w 23 Oct 1878 F M Goode Elvira Watson
Lynn, Arthur P m w 23 Apr 1878 David Lynn Sallie B Lynn
Rains, William P m w 17 Oct 1878 John P Rains Dora Harris (?)
Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY    
Not named f w 10 Jan 1878 Geo W Penn Gabrel Skinner
Mason, Samuel T m w 22 Feb 1878 Wm R Mason Sallie C Murphy
Wilcher, Franklin L m w 23 Jun 1878 James A Wilcher Adaline Reed
Turpin, Dollie A f w 24 (?) Oct 1878 William Turpin Lizzie J Pemberton
Taylor, Pleasant m w Jun 1878 Henry C Taylor Susan Cummings
Hardin, Edmond L m w 1 Nov 1878 Isaac Hardin E J Burris (?)
Simpson, James T m w 10 Jan 1878 Wm Simpson Darcus A Coffman
Coffman, Mary E f w 4 Sep 1878 Richard Coffman Martha Simpson
Lane, Tilford m w 10 Dec 1878 Tilford Lane Letha Reed
Mills, Franklin E m w 25 Feb 1878 W W Mills Amanda Ellis
Southerland, James W m w 13 Mar 1878   Nelson Southerland Lucinda Starnes (?)
Ellis, Osker B m w 27 Jul 1878 Adam Ellis Harriett Reed
Florence, William m w 28 Jan 1878 James Florence   Annie E Mc Cummings
Peyton, Valentine m w 28 Mar 1878 Vincent Peyton Permilia Coulter
Reed, David W m w 9 Feb 1878 G H Reed Amanda E Ellis
Edwards, Hester J f w 8 Mar 1878        James H Edwards Eliza A Edwards
Peyton, Addie(?) C m w 18 Jan 1878 Z T Peyton Sarah M Johnson
Gadberry, James P m w 15 Dec 1878      Jonathon Gadberry Olive Ellis
Ellis, Sofronia f w 7 Nov 1878 Woodson Ellis Mary M Carpenter
Not named m w 10 Jun 1878 Not told Lucinda Johnson
Lynn, William T m w 9 Feb 1878 Wm Lynn B A Mills
Hair, Malnoria f w 11 Jun 1878 David Hair S A Mc Anelly
Belden, John D m w 9 Feb 1878 Perry Beldon Mary King
Taylor, William F m w 9 Feb 1878 E Z Taylor Mary A Powers
Drye, Creed m b 17 Aug 1878 Arch Drye Catherine Beard
Edrington, William A m w 19 Sep 1878        John R Edrington Dolly Drye
Wheeler, Laura B f w 22 Jan 1878 C C Wheeler P C Coffman
Tabscott, George F m w 27 Jan 1878 Bennett Tabscott Margret A Young
Cummings, L F f w 22 Dec 1878      John B Cummings Margret J Therman
Pemberton, Joel A m w 15 Oct 1878     Obediah Pemberton Permilia Cockrum
Pittman, Martha B f w 15 Mar 1878 John Pittman Sarah F Johnson
Brown, Lounl m w 11 Mar 1878 Milton E Brown Malinda Cummings
Cummings, Perry P F f (sic) w 11 Sep 1878 P M Cummings Sarah E Therman
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MAnelly, James H m w 22 Mar 1878   William T M Anelly Elvirah Lowery
Downey, Peter S R m w 24 Mar 1878      Hector O Downey Martha A Lineberry
Swearinguin, Louisa K f w 24 May 1878  Soloman Swearinguin Sarah A Mc Anelly
Not named f w 18 Sep 1878 Richard Hafley Mary Shannon
Sinkhorn, Sintha A f w 27 Dec 1878 Richard Sinkhorn Ellen T Sinkhorn
Purdorn, Fannie E f w 1 May 1878 Wesley Purdom Mary E Coppage
Condor, James H m w 7 (or 8) Mar 1878 R M Condor T J Sherperson
Not named f w Dec 1878 Unknown Mary A Condor
Deaver, M O m w 17 Jul 1878 Philip Deaver Celice F Minor
Guthrie, A D (?) f w 14 Dec 1878 W B Guthrie P A Weatherford
Minor, Lulia B f w 18 Jan 1878 James M Minor Sarah J Purdom
May, James A m w 14 Oct 1878 William T May May (or Mary) E Payton
Rogers, James C m w 11 Nov 1878 S N Rogers Nancy E May
King, Martha B f w 16 Dec 1878 William S King Eliza Combs
Martin, Martha A f w 21 Feb 1878 John J Martin Nancy E Henderson (?)
Not named m w 25 Jun 1878 Samuel Pittman Mary J Turpin
Eades, James D m w 23 Sep 1878 A G Eades Lucy J Edwards
Sharp, A B m w 26 Dec 1878 Geo P Sharp Jane (?) Sharp
Alwood, John E m w 13 Apr 1878 William Atwood S E Brown
King, Syntha E m (sic) w 19 Apr 1878 Logan King Amanda Coffman
Napier, Lolia Menters m (sic) b 7 Apr 1878 Richard Napier Paula Carpenter
Sullivan, Furellia m w 7 Feb 1878         James W Sullivan Elizabeth Barker
Johnson, Franklin m w 4 Oct 1878 Elias Johnson C J Wilson
Sanders, Sarah J  f w 26 Jul 1878 Hilery Johnson Rhoda A Wheeler
Wheeler, Martin L m w 20 Oct 1878       Samuel P Wheeler Artemia Williams
Barger, Helen (?) f w 30 Sep 1878 John H Barger Sarah A Barger
Alstott, Flander m w 17 May 1878 J F Alstott Malvina Moore
Lyons, Wilmoth f w 14 May 1878 James Lyons Martha Jeffries
Brown, Addie B f w 27 Nov 1878 Thomas Brown C J Combs
Wilson, Sarah T f w 9 Mar 1878        Columbus Wilson Elizabeth Collins
Tartar, Jesse m w 19 Mar 1878 William Tartar June Collins
Edwards, Leroy m w 30 Jan 1878 Geo W Edwards Mary M Wood
Bell, Patsy L f w 10 Jan 1878 J G Bell Louisa Fair
Allen, Charles F m w 12 Nov 1878 E J Allen Sarah Coppage
Evans, Elias L m w 29 May 1878 John J Evans Julia Evans
Baker, Elias T m w 30 Jun 1878 Jacob Baker Josephine Thomas
Henson, Logan G m w 16 Mar 1878 James B Henson Martha B Ingle
Mc Daniel, Caroline f w 28 Jun 1878      William Mc Daniel Mariah J Davyson
Brown, Josy E f w 17 Mar 1878 Elishu Brown Francis E Norman
Rich, B L m w 16 Dec 1878 W H Rich Bastrin Wood
Wood, Mathew W m w 25 May 1878 Matthew Wood Delila Beaty
Wood, Henry M m w 25 May 1878 Matthew Wood Delila Beaty
Bell, Henry F m w 28 May 1878 Robert A Bell M J Rich
Henson, Amanda C f w 23 Dec 1878 David Henson Mary E Ingle
Baker, C C m w 1 May 1878 Geo A Baker Manerva Warren
Miller, L J f w 2 Jun 1878 Wm H Miller Lucinda Johnson
Roberts, Eveline f w 16 Feb 1878 Vincent Roberts Mary E Ellis
Thomas, Mary F f w 18 Oct 1878 William Thomas Rachel E Sharp
Rogers, Lucy A f w 6 Jun 1878 John Rogers Mary E Chapman
Henson, Laura J f w 1 Dec 1878 George Henson Elizabeth Thomas
Mason, Emma f w 16 Jan 1878 Elijah Mason M Eades
Thompson, David H f w 24 May 1878    John W Thompson Nancy E Austin
Mills, Laura M f w 1 Jun 1878 Elijah Baldock Isabell Hansford
Hansford, Matilda f w 1 (?) Jul 1878     William Hansford Martha Thompson
Bowman, Lucy f w 19 Dec 1878       Winston Bowman Amanda Portman
Goode, Claria f w 26 Nov 1878 Thomas J Goode Nannie Weathington
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Jackson, William D H m w 6 May 1878       William D Jackson Liddia S Pias (?)
Douglass, Nancy E f w 6 Apr 1878 Josiah Douglass Francis Hogue
Trusty, Manerva f w 26 Feb 1878 William Trusty Ellen Heneger (?)
Adams, Denis m w 5 Nov 1878 Henry C Adams Margret A Trobridge
 Not named m w 8 Aug 1878 William Morgan Louisa Williams
Hubble, Doctor J m w 4 Nov 1878 Adam J Hubble Amanda J Phelp
Oliver, William m w Mar 1878 Marion Oliver Elizabeth Land
Gouch, James S m w 21 Feb 1878 George C Gouch Malinda Wall
Eastes, James S m w 6 Jun 1878 Thomas J Eastes Rhoda M Gilpin
Carman, Rutha E f w 23 Feb 1878 David Carman Sarah Bastin
Rigney, Anna L f w 1 Jun 1878 James Rigney S Hogue
Bastin, Sarah A f w 20 Jul 1878 James Bastin Perlinia Coil
Hogue, Magaline f w 16 May 1878 James Hogue Mary J Hogan
Wilkerson, Mattie f w 20 Nov 1878    Thomas Wilkerson Mary T Patent (?)
Merritt, Annie f w 17 Apr 1878 Milford Merritt July A Johnson
Not named f w 18 Aug 1878 John C Durham Rachel Black
Redman, Perley f w 1 Jul 1878 Nathan Redman Lucinda Baxter
Wall, James C m w 8 Jul 1878 Peter Wall Mary J Lucas
Wall, John A m w 16 Dec 1878 William A Wall Nancy J Dice
Patterson, Jacob L m w 7 Oct 1878          Morgan Patterson E M Patterson
Nichols, Bettie B f w 6 Aug 1878 John Nichols Mary L Patterson
Durham, M A f w 2 May 1878 David Elliott Nancy A Durham
Brown, Julia f w 15 Sep 1878 George Brown L A Adams
Mc Clun, Everit m w 22 Aug 1878 S W Mc Clun Luencey Humphrey
Mc Henry, Mary f w 25 Oct 1878 John Mc Henry Sarah Trobridge
Not named f w 21 Dec 1878 George Elliott Elizabeth Carman
Falconberry, Eliza f w 2 Aug 1878       Talbot Falconberry Laura Campbell
Oliver, William J m w 15 Mar 1878 Marion Oliver Elizabeth Mann
Falconberry, Mary L f w 29 Mar 1878     James Falconberry Nancy A Wall
Fredrick, Fanny E f w 15 Feb 1878      Anderson Fredrick Nancy A Wall
Coulter, Lidy f w 2 Apr 1878          William T Coulter Elizabeth Mc Anich
Lay, James T m w 7 Nov 1878 John Lay Sarah Mc Anich
Lucas, James W m w 10 Mar 1878 William C Lucas Margrit
Coffman, John T m w 29 Sep 1878 George Coffman Margrit Estes
Godby, John W m w 16 May 1878 Nimrod Godby S Wesley
Sharp, Sanford W m w 12 Mar 1878 William T Sharp Martha Peach
Staton, Lena B f w 5 Nov 1878 John O Staton Malissa Hall
Jones, Orsters m w 12 Mar 1878 Morgan Jones Mary Lucas
Davenport, Lantha f w 15 Nov 1878   William Davenport Martha F Lucas
Rains, William m w 5 Dec 1878 William G Rains Mary Royalty
Stapp, Shrrel m w 5 Dec 1878 John Stapp Mary E Burard (?)
Allen, James R m w Apr 1878 James Allen Mary Sharp
Walter, Siotha f w 24 Oct 1878 Joseph W Walter Hyli Durham
Goode, Nannie B f w 19 Mar 1878 William Goode Sarah Goode
Passmor, James F m w 23 Jan 1878 H Passmor Annice Wilson
Weathington, Mary C f w 9 Apr 1878    Irvin G Weathington Lucinda Weathington
Weathington, Lucy A f w 27 Apr 1878  Ezekial Weathington Weathington
Weathington, William G m w 1 Nov 1878        W H Weathington Lucinda Murphy
Marples, Lucy J f w 24 Dec 1878 W H Marples J Vaughn
Sanders, Samuel T m w 15 Nov 1878 Milton Sanders Louisa Marples
Not named f w 22 Dec 1878 Abner T Bland Scintha Pointer
Woodson, Mary B f w 7 Nov 1878 John Woodram Moranda Gilpin
Tucker, Fedrie m w 4 Sep 1878 Joshua Tucker Martha A Edwards
Sweeny, Loley f w 25 Apr 1878        Jonathan Sweeny Mary J Edwards
Woody, S A f w 10 Aug 1878 James Woody Elizabeth Morgan