Births, 1875, Casey County, Kentucky. Contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Bonnie A. Parker,


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  Contributed By: Bonnie Parker  
Name of Child Gender Race Birth  Date Father's Name Mother's Maiden Name
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Not named m w 20 Oct 1875 John Ross Short
Sharp, Jas A m w 14 Mar 1875 Geo P Short, Jr. Jane Sharp
Autle, Susan f w 20 Mar 1875 John R Autle Martha Allen
Allen, James A m w 20 Jul 1875 Samuel T Allen Sarah Collins
Wheeler, Mardice B f w 8 Feb 1875 James Wheeler Sarah Fair
Allen, Elisha E m w 10 May 1875 Joseph Allen Dougherty
Allen, Rosa B f w 14 Nov 1875 Samuel E Allen Dora Sweeney
Groom, Mary E f w 1 Feb 1875 Wm F Groom Overstreet
Hansford, Bersheba f w 28 Feb 1875 Martin Hansford Shote
Thacker, Olive (?) L f w 28 Jun 1875 Charles A Thacker Turpin
Thompson, James M m w 12 Aug 1875 John W Thompson Austin
Brown, Christopher m w 8 Aug 1875 Milton Brown Lyon
Ellison, Zaner m w 16 (?) Jun 1875 Geo W Ellison Strong
French, John W m w 20 Oct 1875 James B French Wilson
Lynn, Cordia f w 12 Nov 1875 James A Lynn Jeffries
Mc Anich, Rosa L f w 1 Feb 1875 S J Mc Anich Wilcher
Douglass, Lucy f w 25 Mar 1875 William Douglass Denham
Meeks, James G m w 19 Oct 1875 John Meeks Patterson
Harris, Wm S m w 13 Aug 1875 H T Harris Mattie Allen
Carpenter, Manda N f b 31 Mar 1875 Overton Carpenter Elliott
Not named (born dead) f w 6 Aug 1875 Perry Warner Sammons
Miller, Perry H m w 23 Nov 1875 Saml Miller Roberts
Merritt, Edgar H m w 13 Nov 1875 Charles Merritt Vest
Not named f w 18 Aug 1875 J H Thomas Absher
Not named f w 18 Dec 1875 Joshua Absher Thomas
Pile, Lucy f w 15 Jul 1875 James Pile Miller
Wethington, Mc Martin m w 15 Feb 1875 Asa Wethington Wethington
Wethington, James T m w 11 May 1875 John W Wethington Wethington
Roy, Anna f w 6 Mar 1875 Bub Roy Tarter
Fedrick, Sophia A f w 15 Jun (?) 1875 G H Fedric Ellison
Hatten, Mattie f w 17 May 1875 John Hatten Fedrick
Not named m w 1 Mar 1875 Geo Buice Patterson
Not named m w 10 Jun 1875 Geo Ross Buice
Anderson, Maria f w 21 Jun 1875 J M Anderson Sternsberg
Anderson, Minnie (?) f w 21 Jun 1875 J M Anderson Sternsberg
Putteet, Mary S f w 13 Sep 1875 W O B Putteet Ross
Putteet, John N m w 14 Mar 1875 Geo S Putteet Phelps
Martin, Louisa F f w 12 Aug 1875 J V Martin Moore
Martin, Amanda f w 31 Jul 1875 S C Martin White
Collins, Minnie f w 1 Apr 1875 A J Collins M C Mc Cleland
Cravins, Albert M m w 20 Apr 1875 T S Cravens Morgan
Richardson, Milly W f w 10 Mar 1875 Benjamin Richardson Hines
Patten, John m w 20 Jun 1875 John Patten M J Mills
Ashley, Bryant S m w 20 Mar 1875 Silas Ashley Hamilton
Wesley, Ann C f w 9 May 1875 Robert Wesley Randolph
Clem (?), Frances M m w 15 Oct 1875 Nimrod Randolph M Clem
Not named f w 20 May 1875 John Barber Shaw
Crews, John W m w 15 Mar 1875 M G Crews Randolph
Lyons, Mollie f w 9 Aug 1875 Jesse Spears Lyons
Price, Mary E f w 8 Jun 1875 John Price Harden
Tarter, Celestin f w 3 Jun 1875 John D Tarter Hendrickson
Hensen, Nancy A f w 2 Jul 1875 James F Henson Henson
Hensen, Patsy W f w 28 Jun (?)1875 James A Henson Henson
Flanagin, Emma L f w 15 Apr 1875 Enoch Flanagin Bernard
Davenport, Electice f w 19 Oct 1875 N J Davenport Riggins
Morgan, George F m w 16 Dec 1875 W H Morgan Cravens
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Mc Donald, Effie f w 1 Nov 1875 John M Mc Donald Luttrell
Watson, W W m w 1 Nov 1875 John C Watson Dannon
Godby, Charles m w 3 Jun 1875 John C Godby Chilten
Bowman, Zackariah B m w 21 Mar 1875 Shelby S Bowman Shaw
Lawson, Milton m w 9 May 1875 Robt Lawson Standfield
Lawson, William m w 20 Jun 1875 Stephen Lawson Cokes
Edwards, Allethrie f w 18 Dec 1875 Wm A Edwards Lidia A Bright
Zackary, Lina A f w 3 Apr 1875 James M Zackary Malinda Selby
Ruberts, James B m w 1 Jul 1875 Rouzia J Ruberts Mary B Carnes
Lee, Lorie E f w 17 Jun 1875 M H Lee Catherine Williams
Henson, Silas B m w 13 May 1875 James B Henson Martha B Tuggle
Helen, Saml L m w 18 Dec 1875 James M Helen Phebe J Brewster
Blackford, Lucy Temple f w 4 Apr 1875      Joseph A Blackford Mary E Baker
Bell, Sarah A f w 24 Sept 1875 Robt A Bell Rich
Black, John W m w 11 Oct 1875 Calvin Black Roena Halter
Bell, Josey M f w 11 Jun 1875 Thomas Bell Rich
Black, Sarah A f w 24 Mar 1875 Marshal G Black Bastin
Wethington, Geo T m w 28 Sep 1875 Caleb Wethington Wethington
Wethington, David m w 19 Feb 1875 W P Wethington Wethington
Bland, Lizzie f w 29 Aug 1875 A G Bland Pointer
Wethington, Susan f w 27 Apr 1875 J W Wethington Goode
Lucas, Lucinda f w 21 Jun 1875 John Lucas Lanham
Jones, Louisa (?) f b 15 Sep 1875 Anderson Jones Rhoda Vanderer
Not named (born dead) m w 30 Dec 1875 John Breeding Smith
Evans, C T m w 18 Jan 1875 John Evans Campbell
Fox, Jefferson m w 30 Jun 1875 James Fox Cumbert
Thomas, Virginia f w 12 Mar 1875 B A Thomas Taylor
Jones, Marion G m w 13 Dec 1875 F S Jones Cravens
Luttrell, Richard m w 23 Aug 1875 John P Luttrell Luttrell
Not named m w 23 Jul 1875 Logan Luttrell West
Polsten, James H m w 2 Nov 1875 Elijah Polston Johnson
Smith, Charles B m w 8 Mar 1875 W T Smith Tayler
Smith, W N m w 7 Apr 1875 A J Smith Roberts
Merritt, Isiah m w 14 Mar 1875 Neal Merritt Henson
Roberts, Cleo m w 17 Mar 1875 Logan Roberts Dye
Roberts, Bettie f w 3 Sep 1875 Hansen M Roberts Henson
Cain, Cornelius m w 24 Apr 1875 E F Cain Raborn
Wright, Ella B f w 20 Jan 1875 James M Wright Marple
Napier, W H m       mulatto 27 Sep 1875 M W Napier Gunn
Not named f b 25 Nov 1875 Jessee Vandiver Colter
Hall, Mardice f w 16 Sep 1875 A G Hall Short
Lawhorn, Mary A f w 11 Jan 1875 Reben Lanham Mills
Godby, Matilda f w 27 Nov 1875 William Godby Wesley
Ellison, Laura f w 28 Jul 1875 Henry Ellison Ashley
Richardson, John R m w 19 Oct 1875 Vincent G Richardson Hines
Not named m w 13 Dec 1875 John H Newell Catherine Baston
Not named f w 23 Dec 1875 Not known Nancy A Durham
Hatter, Mattie f w 11 Dec 1875 George Hatter Sarah Dulis (?)
King, Panthis A f w 6 Feb 1875 James E King Jackson
Elliott, Logan m w 27 Oct 1875 S T Elliott M B Floyd
Ware, Lucetta B f w 24 Nov 1875 Reid Ware Talitha Haggard
Brown, Exa f w 24 Nov 1875 Geo W Brown Lucy A Adams
Brown, Margaret A f w 24 Aug 1875 Lafayette Brown Carmicle
Merritt, Aaron C m w 7 Aug 1875 Jesse D Merritt Patterson
Elliott, Lucetta f w 8 Jan 1875 David G Elliott Ann Wesley
Debord, Mattie M f w 18 Feb 1875 Geo W Debord Chaudoin (?)
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Cockran, Angeline f w 3 Feb 1875 Preston Cockran Prudence Lynn
Wilcher, William Z m w 9 Jul 1875 George Wilcher Mary Tayler
Mills, Sophia A f w 12 Jan 1875 Marion J Mills Sarah E Hafley
Cooley, Minnie B f w 30 Oct 1875 Albert T Cooley Leanna Crawley
Clinton, Dewitt m w 4 Aug 1875 Unknown Margaret F Clinton
Conder, Noah Fielding m w 16 Jan 1875 John P Conder Sarah Ellen Cooley
Lane, Phebe A f w 12 Mar 1875 George Lane Lutitia Sinkhorn
Johnson, Ida L f w 2 Sep 1875 Larry G Johnson Julia Weatherford
Wetherford, Sarah E f w 4 Jul 1875 Joel Wetherford Mary E Johnson
Brewer, George T m w 16 Mar 1875 Smith Brewer Amanda J Sheran
Sinkhorn, Mary B f w 14 Apr 1875     Richard D Sinkhorn Ellen Sinkhorn
Sproule, Sarah f w 20 Jun 1875         Lafayette Sproule Didama Marcum
Reed, Olive D f w 8 Nov 1875 David Reed Ann E  Burns
Cooley, P C P f w 28 Oct 1875 John B Cooley Nancy J Wiser
Mills, Lucinda W f w 26 Oct 1875 William W Mills Amanda Ellis
Simpson, Sarah E f w 19 Sep 1875 William Simpson Darcus A Coffman
Turpin, John H m w 12 Jul 1875         William Turpin Sr Eliza J Pendleton
Cloyd, James W C m w 4 Jun 1875 Woddson Cloyd Francis Pigg
(Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)  
Falconberry, Franklin m w 10 Apr 1875  George A Falconberry Sarah J Green
Not named m w 10 Mar 1875 Jesse W Wall Sims
Snow, James N m w 6 Oct 1875 R D Snow Woodson
Coulter, Lena C f w 6 Apr 1875 James Coulter Lena Mc Anich
Falconberry, Micael T m w 12 Jun 1875 W R Falconberry Sallie Barnett
Carman, Ida f w 29 Oct 1875 James Carman Susan Floyd
Carman, Sarah S f w 2 Mar 1875 John Carman Sarah Wall
Carman, Mand F f w 30 Aug 1875 D W Carman Sarah Burton
Salyers, Nannie (?) m w 8 Feb 1875 Hiram Salyers Sarah Perkins
Tilford, Martha f w 6 Apr 1875 John Tilford Hatter
Not named m w 28 Dec 1875 Leslie Carman Bastin
Colman, Ruth f w 4 Dec 1875 Fountain J Colman Spears
Wall, Ida f w 1 May 1875 Jacob Wall Jeffries
Durham, Callie f w 1 Jan 1875 Isaac Durham Grey
Allen, Drimain m w 23 Mar 1875 James M Allen Mary G Sharp
Pike, Forest f (sic) w 29 Mar 1875 William Pike Porter
Carpenter, Naomi B f w 3 Jan 1875 Sandy Carpenter Hughs
Powell, Anna f b 25 Dec 1875 Green Powell Burdett
Shelby, Mary B f b 25 Mar 1875 Robt Shelby Carter
Moore, Julia T f w 30 Oct 1875 Evan G Moore Armstrong
Popplenill, John m w 25 Aug 1875 Mason Popplenill Wetherford
(above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)    
Carpenter, Arthur m w 23 May 1875 Adam Carpenter Wetherford
Not named m b 20 Mar 1875 Anderson Gogins Thomas
Lenard, Christopher m w 20 Aug 1875 Samuel Lenard Brown
Griffin, Robt W m w 25 Jul 1875 Thomas Griffin Ellison
Murphy, Matthew N m w 21 Jul 1875 John Murphy Lanham
Not named (born dead) f w 26 Dec 1875 George Wilcher Pemberton
Smith, Obediah m w 20 Jul 1875 John Smith Trusty
Pemberton, Catharine f w 11 Aug 1875 Charles Pemberton Rose
Reed, Maley f w 31 Aug 1875 Benjamin Reed Lynn
Thomas, Osom (?) m w Apr 1875 G A Thomas Buice(?)
Thomas, Nathan m w 19 Mar 1875 J W Thomas Thomas
Fox, Patsy L f w 7 Jul 1875 James Fox Thomas
Thomas, Martin B m w 12 Jan 1875 E D Thomas E Luttrell
Merritt, Dollie f w 31 Mar 1875 Milford Merritt Johnson
Watson, Mary E f w 7 May 1875 R J Watson Buice
Montgomery, Ida E f w 2 Nov 1875 S Montgomery Marple
Dougherty, Ruth E f w 19 Apr 1875     William Dougherty Malinda Allen
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Belton, Thomas S m w 14 Jun 1875 William F Belton Hendrickson
(Above child born in Taylor Co., KY)    
Vaughn, William F m w 26 Sep 1875 Wilson Vaughn Margaret Morgen
(Above child born in Taylor Co., KY)    
Miles, George m w 5 Sep 1875 Raymond Miles Gaddis
Wethington, Edmond m w 24 Feb 1875 B F Wethington Wethington
Clements, John W m w 15 Apr 1875 J G Clements Good
(Above child born in Davis Co., KY)    
Lyons, Nancy J f w 1 May 1875 Benjamin Lyons Noe
Belton, Beria f w 22 Jan 1875 John Belton Speakes
Not named f w 21 Apr 1875 John L Bland Marple
Not named (born dead) m w 19 Jan 1875 Matthew Wethington Wethington
Wood, William A m w 13 Dec 1875 Thomas Wood Wethington
Not named m w 20 Oct 1875 Milton Emerson Rainwaters
Wills, Silas m w 10 Jul 1875 Daniel Wills Sarah Holt
Eads, General P m w 13 Feb 1875 William Eads Delk
Muce, Mary A f w 12 (?) May 1875 Pinkney Turner Muce
Luttrell, Nancy E f w 17 Jun 1875 Harrison Luttrell Cumbess
Thomas, Lulu A f w 3 Mar 1875 James M Thomas Luttrell
Noe, Raymond L m w 8 (?) Mar 1875 James Noe Shelton
Atwood, Martha J m (sic) w 14 Mar 1875 James D Atwood Stroud
Sandusky, Susan A m (sic) w 28 Mar 1875 James B Sandusky Philips
Duncan, Wm P D m w 23 Aug 1875 B M Duncan Emma Young
Wheeler, James H m w 11 Feb 1875 C C Wheeler Coffman
Gilpin, Oliver m w 24 Oct 1875 James Gilpin Lowe
Bailey, Algeria f w 7 Dec 1875 A J Bailey Chelf
Sublett, James E m w 17 Oct 1875 S H Sublett Pinkster (?)
Wilkenson, Earnest m w Jun 1875            John H Wilkinson Elma Bowman
Adams, Lucian m w 1 Feb 1875 Albert L Adams Boling
Atwood, Jefferson D m w 24 Aug 1875    William H Atwood Elizabeth Brown
Not named f w 23 Sep 1875 William Lynn Stanly
Vandner, John m b 5 Sep 1875 George Vandner Cobbell
Not named (born dead) f w 1 Mar 1875 James L Campbell Harrison
Sweeney, James m b 7 Mar 1875 Nathaniel Sweeney Fogle
Not named (born dead) f w 31 Dec 1875 Carter Lawson Luttrell
Ruberts, Wm E m w 28 Sep 1875 Vincent Ruberts Ellis
Marcum, Florence S f w 4 May 1875 C S Marcum Brown
Not named f w 31 Dec 1875 Geo D Wolford Royalty (?)
Henson, Sarah N f w 5 Feb 1875 D V Henson Tuggle
Lay, Franklin C m w 20 Dec 1875 Richard Lay Rayburn
Gye, Viola f w 17 Sep 1875 John Gye Morris
Wilkinson, L J f w 8 Sep 1875         Joseph Wilkinson May C Branson
Not named m w 25 Mar 1875 Jefferson Short Elvira George (?)
Bratten, Malinda A f w 1 Oct 1875 James B Bratten Hester Monday
Coffey, Susan A f w 12 Dec 1875 Moses Coffey Catherine Goode
(Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)  
Wilkinson, Wm C m       mulatto 9 Jun 1875 B G Wilkinson F E (?) Napier
Dodd, James C m w 3 Jan 1875 W T Dodd Catherine Lane
Sharp, Lena P f w 30 Sep 1875 John M Sharp Elizabeth Pigg
Martin, Killis G m w 29 Jun 1875 James A Martin Joanna Gifford
Holt, Wm T m w 27 Mar 1875 Shelby Holt Lucinda Brown
Swiggett, Nancy f w 28 Jul 1875 J T Swiggett Miranda Mills
Not named m w 18 Jun 1875 William Allen Atwood (?)
Murphy, John m w 16 Sep 1875 William Murphy Mc Farland
Sanders, Mary J f w 20 Dec 1875 Thomas Sanders Cole
Not named (born dead) f w 16 Jun 1875 Allen Pemberton Stanley
Lane, Wm W m w 18 Jan 1875 Joseph Lane Taylor
Edwards, Susan f w 21 Jul 1875 Stanton Edwards Lanham
Peyton, Nannie f w 8 Mar 1875 Christopher Peyton Clarkston
Not named m w 5 Jul 1875 D B Sharp Arnetta Williams
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Wesley, Ella f w 11 (?) Apr 1875 Lee Wesley Godby
Hines, John W m w 8 Jan 1875 Ephraim Hines Watson
Haggard, John C m w 20 (?) Mar 1875 Hanson Haggard Butt
Mc Anich, James H m w 20 Nov 1875 George Mc Anich Trobridge
Not named m w 20 Nov 1875 Perry Godby Ashley
Godby, Sarah A f w 6 Nov 1875 Jeremiah Godby Watson
Chapman, Minnie A f w 29 Jul 1875 T J Chapman Wilson
Floyd, Viola f w 10 Mar 1875 Fountain Floyd Humphrey
Wesley, Josiah m w 29 Mar 1875 Wm G Wesley Godby
Vest, Dela f w 5 Apr 1875 John W Vest Cravens
Dye, Sarah f w 16 Feb 1875 E T Dye Dye
Not named m w 5 Apr 1875 Tyler Jasper Gossett
Sharp, Martha R f w 3 Apr 1875 Louis Sharp Johnson
Clements, Linus m w 9 Sep 1875 Philip Clements Yates
Belton, Norman (?) m w 10 May 1875 Quinton Belton Bettie Eads
Miles, Araminth J m w 3 Jan 1875 Benjamin Miles Eliza C Passey
Not named m w 5 Oct 1875       Charles C Monday Francis Fair
Breeding, Danl H m w 21 Oct 1875      Harrison Breeding Mary Thomas