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  Contributed By: Bonnie Parker  
Name of Child Gender Race Birth  Date Father's Name Mother's Maiden Name
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Gibony, Cleman m w 27 Mar 1874 Wm M Giboney Mary Goode
Williams, Thomas m b 15 Mar 1874 John Williams Walls
Kissee, Mary E f w 8 Oct 1874 Wm Kissee Roberts
Mason, Wm A m w 1 Oct 1874 Joseph A Mason Pigg
Brown, James D m w 18 Jul 1874 Bailey Brown Raborn
Baldock, Mary E f w 10 Mar 1874 Levi Baldock Brown
(Above child born in Adair Co., KY)
Wilcher, Betsy A f w 1 Jun 1874 James Wilcher Gifford
Lanham, Viney J f w 11 Dec 1874 Elijah Lanham Martin
Martin, Lenora (?) B f w 16 May 1874 Harrison (?) Martin Smith
Mc Tosh, William C m w 22 Nov 1874 James D Mc Tosh Coulter
Vandiver, Sally D f w 8 Dec 1874 Uriah Vandiver Coulter
Wall, Lennera (?) f w 14 Feb 1874 Franklin Wall Wall
Cooley, Nicey (?)D f w 26 Apr 1874 James Cooley Wall
Cannon, William L f (sic) w 1 Mar 1874 Harvey Cannon Sharp
Purdy, Elvin G m w 5 May 1874 Wm R Purdy Cannon (?)
Black, Thos C m w 16 Oct 1874 Silas K Black Anderson
Douglas, James H m w 9 Jun 1874 Arch Douglas Packrial (?)
Willams, Jane f w 6 Sep 1874 John B Williams Durham
Williams, Eliza f w 2 Sep 1874 Simon Elliott Durham
Not named (born dead) m w 5 Oct 1874 Nimrod Godby Wesley
Mc Aninch, Matie f w 15 Feb 1874 Geo Mc Aninch Trobrage (?)
Saterfield, Martha f w 15 Nov 1874 Joseph Saterfield Requey (?)
Hatter, Mary M f w 7 Nov 1874 Samuel Hatter Patterson
Neal, Melvina A f w 30 Sep 1874 R C Neal Sherrel
Merrit, Melvina A f w 16 Apr 1874 D J Merrit Wall
Coleman, Betty f w 22  Dec 1874 F T Coleman Spears
Shackelford, Fancy B f w 10 May 1874 A J Shackelford Williams
Belton, Ira m w 9 Jan 1874 James Belton Staton
Sandusky, James M m w 18 Feb 1874 Milton Sandusky Marple
Not named (born dead) m w 20 Apr 1874 Joseph Campbell Eads
Woodram, Ann V f w 20 Jun 1874 Abner Woodram Eads
Long, Fletcher m w 29 Sep 1874 Fletcher Long Bland
Bland, Mary E f w 21 Feb 1874 Abner T Bland Pointer (?)
Beard, Robert L m w 19 Oct 1874 Wm D Beard Bland
Wethington, Francis m w 5 May 1874 James A Wethington Wethington
Wethington, Ellison f w 9 Sep 1874 David A Wethington Clements
Wethington, Thomas M m w 15 Sep 1874 Peter B Wethington Saders
Clements, Wm H m w 20 Jul 1874 James A Clements Wethington
Wethington, Jeremiah F m w 27 Mar 1874 Basil Wethington Ward
Not named (born dead) f w 5 Sep 1874 Phillip Y Clements Wethington
Montgomery, Geo m w 28 Jan (?) 1874 George Montgomery Wethington
Wethington, Rosenia C f w 21 Oct 1874 George H Wethington Wethington
Williams, James D m w 8 Sep 1874 Pleasant Williams Belton
Goode, James F m w 31 Dec 1874 Joseph P Goode Wethington
Goode, Evan T m w 15 May 1874 George A Goode Wethington
Not named f w 28 Dec 1874 Martin T Wethington Wethington
Wethington, James m w 25 Jul 1874 John Wethington Ward
Marple, Milton Z m w 14 Feb 1874 Alexander Marple Sandusky
Marple, David J (father) f w 10 Jun 1874 David J Marple Woodrum
Sweeny, Marcus L m w 23 Nov 1874 Dock F Sweeny Allen
Allen, Henry C m w 22 Mar 1874 John T Allen Roberts
Marple, Harlen m w 17 Jul 1874 Elmore Marple Daugherty
Yates, Wm M m w 25 Sep 1874 James D Yates Ward
Lane, Delphy B f w 25 Mar 1874 George Lane Pittman
Not named (born dead) m w 25 Mar 1874 George Lane Pittman
Pigg, Geo W m w 13 Oct 1874 James A Pigg Peach (?)
(Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)
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Allen, Elizabeth J f w 1 May 1874 James T Allen Mary C Henson
Branson, James M m w 5 Aug 1874 Ben F Branson Ann P Sharp
Bowman, Winston m w 9 Apr 1874 George D Bowman          Elizabeth Bowman
Williams, Joseph D m w 7 Apr 1874 Andy B Williams Sarah E Sharp
Henson, Benjamin m w 4 Nov 1874 Robert D Henson Taletha C Allen
Young, Augusta m w 7 Nov 1874 Samson Young Sarah M Bransam
Sweeney, William m b Mar 1874 Alphonzo Sweeney Ellen Wilkinson
Lay, Magighiby J f w 1 Jan 1874 John A Lay Martha S Brown
Cook, Wm M m w 10 Feb 1874 Bird Cook Martha A Shoopman
Brown, Mongrief m w 1874 Galen M Brown Rebecca E Sharp
Shoopman, John D m w 1874 James Shoopman Elizabeth A King
King, William J m w 1874 Geo A King Sarah E Edwards
King, Geo A m w 1874 John D King Mary C  Hale (?)
Lee, Jemima Bet m (sic) w 1874 Uriah F Lee Sarah E King
King, George F m w 1874 Robert King Sarah M Cockram
Not named m w 1874 Louis J Cockram Martha B Kimble
Cockram, Nancy E f w 1874 Wm Cockram Harriet G Kimble
Peyton, Sarah J f w 1874 Daniel Payton Sarah Taylor
Edwards, Charles T m w 1874 Richard Edwards Frances Suttrell
Brown, Berton M m w 24 Nov 1874 Washington M Brown    Margaret A Raborn
Brown, Emma D f w 24 Nov 1874 Washington M Brown    Margaret A Raborn
Brown, Nancy A f w 13 May 1874 Thos J Brown Charlotte C Combs
Burger, Franklin J m w 19 Nov 1874 John H Burger Sarah A Rowe
Rains, Julia A f w 20 Jan 1874 Wm G Rains Mary E Royathy
Goode, Clara f w 20 Dec 1874 Wm J Goode Sarah D Goode
Not named (born dead) f w 10 Sep 1874 James D Selby Elizabeth Morris
Wilkinson, Mary J f w 8 Jul 1874 Wm H Wilkinson Mary Ann Wright
Witt, Eliza J f w 23 Oct 1874 James D Witt Sarah E Bell
Raborn, James W m w 3 Sep 1874 James E Raborn Malissa E Bell
Justice, Delia D f w 2 Sep 1874 Thomas Justice Sarah E Foster
Hazard, Theresa B f w 22 Dec 1874 James T Hazard Sarah E Edwards
Not Named f w 3 Dec 1874 Wm Hansford Sarah J Turpin
Ellis, Jessee F m w 26 Apr 1874 J M Ellis Martha E Wedale (?)
Murphey, John B m w 21 Feb 1874 R P Murphey Sarah E Pelly
Mason, Susan E f w 8 Jan 1874 Elijah G Mason Missouri Eads
Bowman, Charles m w 15 May 1874 Winston Bowman Amanda Partman
Lanham, John m w 26 Mar 1874 Robert Lanham Artema Mc Whorter
Passmore, Wm T m w 9 Mar 1874 James H Passmore Ann E Wilson
Williams, Joseph B m w 29 Feb 1874 J A Williams Elizabeth D Givens
Moore, Geo C m w 21 Sep 1874 Geo W Moore Zippora Toms
Pemberton, Dolia A f w 20 Oct 1874 Samuel Pemberton Pittman
Sharp, Robert M m w 17 Sep 1874 James W Sharp Elizabeth Davis
Coyl, Malinda f w 4 Aug 1874 Harrison Coyl Yarbury
Not named f w 7 Dec 1874 Jacob A Wall Spears
Newel, Joshua m w 9 Sep 1874 John W Newel Barton (?)
Elliott, Susan C f w 1 Dec 1874 Calvin T Elliott Barton (?)
Patterson, Nancy J f w 13 Aug 1874 Christopher Patterson Remecal (?)
Patterson, Henry C m w 5 May 1874 James Patterson Phelps
Richardson, James m w 10 Dec 1874 Benjamin Richardson Hines (?)
Anderson, Catherine f w 12 Dec 1874 Lanis (?) R Anderson Butt
(Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)
Henson, Elijah D m w 4 Aug 1874 John B Henson Shackelford
Richardson, Johnson G m w 10 Apr 1874 Joseph Richardson Williams
Douhern, James D m w 25 Jan 1874 Wm Douhern Durham
Baston, Geo A m w 20 Aug 1874 John Baston Hogue
Walern, Josephus f w 26 Jun 1874 James T Walern Sharp
Carter, Laura f w 28 Aug 1874 James B Clayton Mc Whorter
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Woody, Joseph M m w 7 Jun 1874 James M Woody Morgan
Campbell, Chalis W m w 2 Jul 1874 Ben Campbell Gilpin
Hancock, John P m w 13 Aug 1874 Geo T Hancock Ross
Talent, Chales P m w 10 Apr 1874 Aaron Talent Williams
Christie, Lavina (?) f w 4 Jun 1874 Cromwell Christie Ross
Tucker, Susan B f w 29 Aug 1874 Geo A Tucker Sandusky
Not named m w 4 Mar 1874 O P Heeston Mercer
Sharp, Russell B m w 23 Aug 1874 Milford D Sharp Christie
Edwards, Franklin Y m w 11 Jul 1874 Albert Edwards Wheeler
Thomas, Elizabeth f w 29 Apr 1874 John B Thomas Cooper
Faircloth, Edna f w 18 (?) May 1874 James H Faircloth Low
(Above child born in Garrard Co., KY)
Mc Donald, Bob W m w 2 (?) Nov 1874 Wm C Mc Donald Dammen (?)
Not named (born dead) f w 14 Jul 1874 Logan Luttrell Sweat (?)
Not named (born dead) m w 13 Dec 1874 James T Owens Turner
Owens, James P m w 15 May 1874 Martin Owens Paul
Thomas, Charle W m w 6 Nov 1874 John H Thomas Wilkeson
Luttrell, Cora F f w 4 Mar 1874 Geo Luttrell Luttrell
Luttrell, Zury  F f w 10 (?) Apr 1874 David Luttrell Luttrell
Not named (born dead) f w 18 Dec 1874 Robert C Childers Lawson
Luttrell, Parker m w 18 Jan (?) 1874 Louis Luttrell Robards
Russell, Carrie E f w 3 Feb 1874 John M Russell Richardson
Luttrell, Rich L m w 12 Sep 1874 Liberty Luttrell Southerland
Eades, Vina E (?) f w 4 Aug 1874 Wm Eades Owens
Mc Donald, Robert E m w 16 Jan 1874 John W Mc Donald Luttrell
Luttrell, Anna L f w 23 Jun 1874 Wm T Luttrell Taylor
Carson, James B m w 21 Nov 1874 Seth T Carson Boldock
Not named m w 3 Jun 1874 Wm S Russell Lawson
Luttrell, Sarah B f w 28 Oct 1874 James M Luttrell Taylor
Not named (born dead) f w 28 Dec 1874     Blank Blank
(Above child born in Russell Co., KY)
Turner, Wm M m w 23 Dec 1874 Thomas Turner Thomas
Not named m w 19 (?) Oct 1874 James A. Jones Thomas
Sweeny, Amanda Y f w 20 Nov 1874 Charles Sweeny Hutson
Cullen, Robert D m w 3 Aug 1874 Henry C Culen Tate
Mc Donald, Leanana f w 4 (?) Jan 1874 Morgan Mc Donald Toms
Russell, James M m w 16 (?) Oct 1874 Bird Russell Spiner/Spencer?
Carrole, Geo m w 28 Sep 1874 George Carrole Combest
Gadbury, Johnathon m w 12 Jan 1874 George Gadbury Johnson
Thomas, Millie f w 13 Sep 1874 Winston Thomas Russell
Peyton, Walker m w 2 Apr 1874 Wm Peyton Dunn
Ellis, Walace m b 3 Jul 1874 Uriah Ellis Carpenter
Hafley, John W m w 17 Aug 1874 John Hafley Hill
Swearingin, Mahanie f w 13 Jan 1874 Sam Swearingin Downey
Rowsey, Geo W m w 2 Jan 1874 Jordan Rowsey Mc Anuley
Not named m w 17 Nov 1874 James Southerland Pendergast
Mills, Winfield m w 13 Sep 1874 Geo W Mills Anderson
Brewer, James C m w 25 Apr 1874 John G Brewer Minor
Not named m w 7 Jan 1874 Isham Coulter Minor
Elder, Emary F m (sic) w 26 Apr 1874 Robert Elder Kirkham
Chatham, Emma (?) S f w 21 Jan (?) 1874 B F Chatham Cutter or Walker
Miner, Siller E (?) f w 31 Mar 1874 Reuben Miner Elder
May, Wm m w 18 May 1874 James May Minor
Condor, Martha E f w 28 Dec 1874 Robert Condor Shipman
Condor, Lilla D f w 4 Feb 1874 Samuel Moore Condor
Whitlock, Isabella f w 10 Jan 1874 M D Whitlock Purdom
Taylor, Adalin f w 13 Dec 1874 Wm Taylor Poindexter
Not named f w 10 Jan 1874 John Luttrell Cooley
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Miner, Oscar W m w 31 Jul 1874 James M Miner Purdom
Shepherson, Wm M m w 16 Jun 1874 Wm D Shepherson Wilcher
Johnson, Lucy E f w 23 Sep 1874 Samuel Johnson Penn
Burke, Roana f w 2 Jan 1874 A J Burke Cunningham
Russell, John W m w (?) Sep 1874 C C Russell Peyton
Johnson, Nalira (?) E f w 10 Oct 1874 Sampson Johnson Francis
Woodson, Mary L f w 9 Jan 1874 A J Woodson Logan
Toms, Annie (?) f b 18 (?) Jan 1874 Sye Toms Rifler
Simpson, Sophia E f w 11 (?) Sep 1874 Elam Simpson Singleton
Edwards, Charles m w 6 Feb 1874 Wallas Edwards Brown
Powell, Geo m w 13 Apr 1874 Ben Powell Powell
Jones, Abner S m w 3 Jan 1874 G W Jones Cox
Coulten, Mary B f w 15 Aug 1874 William Colten Griffin
Grifon, Manerva A f w 15 Nov 1874 Andrew Grifon Paaget
(Above child born in Lincoln Co., KY)
Hill, Geo W m w (?) Sep 1874 Wm Hill Baxter
Moore, Clara f w 6 Nov 1874 Evan G Moore Armstrong
Coffman, Jennie G f w 5 Jan 1874 John Coffman Hafley
Ellis, Robert M m w 6 Jan 1874 Wm J Ellis Powell
Lane, John m w 13 May 1874 Benj Lane Coffman
Lane, Mary m w 9 Mar 1874 David Lane Phillips
Critcher, Leander f w 30 Apr 1874 Wm A Critcher Chasten
Hafley, Sarah P f w 25 Jul 1874 Thos J Hafley Starnes
Mills, Nancy L f w 17 Jan 1874 John C Mills Cox
Edwards, Ben F (?) m w 20 Nov 1874 James H Edwards Mills
Deavor, Luaresy f w 17 Jul 1874 John Deavor Ervine
Not named (born dead) m w 5 Jul 1874 A L Mc Auelly Ellis
Burns, Isaac L m w 24 Nov 1874 Thos L Burns Ellis
Carington, Allerson m b 12 Nov 1874 Unknown Carington
Malone, Ida f w 25 Sep 1874 Taylor W Malone Coppage
Cox, John W m w 4  Apr 1874 Wm S Cox Young
Moore, Wm R m w 2 May 1874 Wm H Moore Powers
Pembleton, Samuel A m w 13 May 1874 Alfred Pembleton Cockram
Lynn, Pruity R f w 10 Oct 1874 James Lynn Linn
Taylor, Marildin J f w 27 Jul 1874 H C Taylor Cummins
Not named f w 7 Aug 1874 R M Coulter Ellis
Smith, Jas W m w 10 Oct 1874 Wm H Smith Lowe
Reed, Richard L m w 2 Jun 1874 John Reed Pigg
Snow, George W m w 3 Jan 1874 R D Snow Woodson
Penn, Luther M m w 20 Jun 1874 G W Penn Skinner
White, Christopher m w 18 Sep 1874 M M White Sharp
Sharp, Mathew A m w 27 Feb 1874 Texton Sharp White
Edwards, Martha J f w 27 Apr 1874 William Edwards Evans (?)
Not named f w 25 Dec 1874 W J Mc Whorter Jones
Wilkerson, Alice f b 15 Oct 1874 Thort (?) W Wilkinson Sweeney
Toms, Isaeter F f w 21 Apr 1874 James W Toms Thomas
Combest, Rosetter f w 3 Oct 1874 Wm Combest Gadbury
Rainwaters, Milton D m w 18 Jul 1874 W G Rainwaters Emberson
Harris, Leora f w 9 Jan 1874 Wm H Harris Johnson
Minton, Maria f w 15 Jan 1874 Isaac Minton Gadbury
Delk, Andrew m w 20 Dec 1874 Andrew Delk Sharp
Riggin, Sophia E f w 16 Jun 1874 Geo W Riggin Clifton
Luttrell, Jessie D f w 9 Feb 1874 James A Luttrell Meeks
Baldock, Milton J m w 1 Jul 1874 James W Baldock Cravens
Shelton, Mary A m (sic) w 7 Feb 1874 J W Shelton Minton
Shelton, Sarah E m (sic) w 27 Nov 1874 G W Shelton Chelton
Carpenter, Clay B m w 10 Nov 1874 Wm A Carpenter Murphey
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Coppage, John H m w 26 May 1874 Moses Coppage Maloney
Not named f w 9 Apr 1874 Levi Smith Elton
Duegeon (?), Minnie (?) f w 7 Dec 1874 James A Duegeon (?) Tabler
Not named f w 30 Oct 1874 James M Pursey (?) Overstreet
Not named (born dead) m w 17 Jul 1874 Aaron Overstreet Spears
Woodram, Arzelia f w 13 Sep 1874 John R Woodram Gilpin
Bell, Cloyd m w 25 Jun 1874 Joseph G Bell Fair
Baker, Charles m w 28 Aug 1874 Joseph H Baker Aaron
Baker, Martha E f w 23 Jan 1874 John M Baker Aaron
Edwards, Thos S m w 30 Sep 1874 Robert T Edwards Burris
Evans, Scott H m w 20 Nov 1874 D J Evans Thomas
Miller, Smith (?) f w 13 Dec 1874 Wm Miller Johnson
Thompson, William J m w 2 Oct 1874 Dickerson Thompson Stargel
Baker, Sallie E f w 18 May 1874 Geo A Baker Warner
Warren, Logan S m w 18 Dec (?) 1874 Thos L Warren Shope
Not named m w 10 Feb 1874 Robert Bell Rich
Millsap, Mike D m w 1 May 1874 Alfred J Millsap Lewallen
Stevens, Joeter (?) f w 8 Nov 1874 Wiley Stevens Hudson
Rich, Margaret A f w 25 Oct 1874 William Rich Holt
West, Bettie T f w 22 Jun 1874 James West Burnet
Reston, Susan f w 20 Jan 1874 Samuel Reston Daverson
Pelly, George G m w 26 Mar 1874 James C Pelly Mills
Not named m w 14 Dec 1874 Anderson Holliday Taylor
Copley, Harry m w 30 May 1874 James Copley Hatfield
Foster, Leny A f w 16 Mar 1874 Geo T Foster Combs
Goode, Susan A f w 5 Apr 1874 Thos J Goode Wethington
Hicks, Hennie C f w 10 Aug 1874 Jessee Hicks Clements
Wethington, Lawrence J m w 22 Mar 1874 Urban G Wethington Wethington
Wethington, Charlotte f w 9 Apr 1874 Wm H Wethington Murphey
Wilson, Clara B f w 5 Apr 1874 Wm Wilson Fair
Sanders, Sarah B f w 7 Feb 1874 Thos Sanders Cole
Not named (born dead) f w 23 Dec 1874 F M C Done Goodman
Morgan, Ann D f w 4 Feb 1874 John Morgan Phillips
Gaddis, Geo M m w 14 May 1874 Stephen Gaddis King
Cox, Wm H m w 20 Oct 1874 Felix C Cox Cook
Whitehead, Donzeter f w 10 Apr 1874 James Whitehead Norder (?)
Swigget, Thomas m w 11 Dec 1874 John D Swigget Adams
Mc Auelly, Mary D f w 5 May 1874 John G Mc Auelly Southerland
Not named m w 20 Sep 1874 John Cockrum Cox
Not named f w 21 Dec 1874 Fount Tartar Toms
Brown, Richard L m w 25 Jan 1874 Joseph S Brown Butt
Richardson, May L f w 19 Oct 1874 Vincent G Richardson Hines
Richardson, Rebecca A f w 18 Aug 1874 James R Richerson Wesley
Gentran, Amelia C f w       8 Jan (or Jun) 1874 Carrol Gentran Ashly
Wesly, Nancy J f w 28 Aug 1874 James K Wesly Cox
Richardson, Millard m w 24 Aug 1874 Thos Richardson Mc Aninch (?)
Smith, Siatha (?) f w       8 Jan (or Jun) 1874 Wm Smith Carmikel
Ware, Marion m w 8 Apr 1874 Rice Ware Gadbury
Terry, Ann E f w 8 Nov 1874 Samuel Terry Lawhorn
Henson, Mary J f w 6 Nov 1874 James E T Henson Hamilton
Gifford, Willis T m w 9 Aug 1874 Harry D Gifford Wall
Not named m w 19 Mar 1874 J T Hughs Gadbury
Vest, Henry D m w 10 Feb 1874 John W Vest Cravens
Wall, William C m w 17 Sep 1874 John W Wall Brown
Spaw, Sarah F f w 28 Oct 1874 Frank P Spaw Rigney
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Folley, James N m w 6 Oct 1874 Hirum Folley Louisa Carnes
Riggin, Carrol C m w 21 Oct 1874 Carrol Riggin Sarah F Bowman
Owens, Charles D m w 21 Dec 1874 Wm Owens Rachel Mc Donald
Mc Donald, George W m w 21 Jul 1874 Richard Mc Donald Mary E Owens
Baldock, George R m w 6 Nov 1874 Richard Baldock Sarah McDonald
Absher, Tiney f w 15 Oct 1874 Joshua Absher Mary J Thomas
Not named f w 15 Oct 1874 Joshua Absher Mary J Thomas
Wall, Wm D m w 3 Aug 1874 Jacob A Wall Singleton
Abbot, Charles H m w 22 Dec 1874 Geo H Abbot Reynolds
Not named f w 31 Aug 1874 David Humphry Floyd
Moore, Wm R m w 19 Jul 1874 John D Moore Williams
Mc Clure, Albert m w 9 Apr 1874 Wm H Mc Clure Humphrey
Ashly, Donna M f w 14 Apr 1874 J P Ashley Debourd
Wesley, Albert H m w 2 Mar 1874 Joshua Wesley Tilford
Godby, Naomy f w 19 Jun 1874 Perry Godby Ashley
Wesley, Aquila f w 20 Mar 1874 Pleasant Wesley Stroud (?)
Rigney, Anny G f w 20 Apr 1874 Joab Rigney Fleming (?)
Wall, Clara f w 30 Apr 1874 James J Wall Durham
Not named m w 9 Nov 1874 James D Mills Shackelford
Wall, Elias J m w 20 Aug 1874 Elias G Wall Wall
Wilson, Mc Dowel m w 11 May 1874 John F Wilson Wesley
Watson, Elizabeth f b 25 Jan 1874 Jefferson Watson Frye
Dye, Emily S f w 5 Jul 1874 Nicholas Shearer (?)
(Above child born in Pulaski Co., KY)
Roy, Mariah f w 20 Nov 1874 Isaac N Roy Lyon
Not named m w 8 Nov 1874 Isaac L Morgan Milton
Godby, Carlin M f w 21 Jan 1874 E J Godby Wesley
Land (?), Lannera (?) f w 21 Jun 1874 John Land (?) Lanham
Wheat, Sarah E f w 18 Jan 1874 Joseph W Wheat Stapp
Frank, Mary L f w 26 Apr 1874 William Frank Lewis (?)
Jones, Franklin L m w 10 Aug 1874 Major D Jones Lucas
Staton, Salley J f w 1 Jan 1874 John O Staton Wall
Salyers, Spicy F f w 10 Nov 1874 Ephram Saliers Duglas (?)
Wall, William U m        mulato 25 Jul 1874 Welas Wall Wilkenson
Rigney, George m w 10 Jun 1874 Alex Rigney Hogue
Staton, Willamuth f w 8 Jul 1874 Robt Staton Nervel (?)
Bastion, Juera (?) A f w 2 Jan 1874 Eli (?) C Bastion Cannon
Vardaman, Samuel m mulato 19 Sep 1874 Samuel Vardaman Riffe
Lanham, Lanis R m w 9 Mar 1874 Ancel Lanham Davenport
Russel, Moley L f w 28 Mar 1874 Wm C Russel Durham
Not named f w 31 Mar 1874 Isaiah Durham Durham
Portman, Ephram m w 25 Apr 1874 R N Portman Vardiman
Daugherty, John D m w 4 Jul 1874 James Daugherty Ellen Belton
Bland, John D m w 10 Sep 1874 Samuel H Bland Sarah Vaughn
Coonts, George M m w 4 Jul 1874 John A Coonts Taylor
Sweeney, Coleman m w 2 Apr 1874 Jonathan Sweeney Mary J Edwards
Not named f w 21 Dec 1874 John T Atwood Louisa Anaceys (?)
Edwards, Thomas M m w 19 Jul 1874 Jessee Edwards, Jr Martha Williams
Wheeler, Treletha f w 2 Apr 1874 Samuel P Wheeler Artema Williams
Brown, Wm m w 26 Jun 1874 Joshua W Brown Elizabeth Toms
Deringer, Sarah f w 9 Oct 1874 James Deringer Elizabeth Royal
Murphy, Garnet m w 9 Mar 1874 John Murphey Mahale Edwards
Deringer, James T m w 22 May 1874 John T Deringer Nancy A. Johnson
Tucker, Susan S f w 1 Jul 1874 Charles H Tucker Pointer
Eads, Jeremiah m w 29 Jan 1874 Wesley B Eads Harrison
Tucker, Rhoda A f w 24 Nov 1874 Joshua B Tucker Martha Edwards
Lyon, Eliza J f w 16 Oct 1874 Geo D Lyon Phillips