Carter County Kentucky Cemetery Survey

McGlone Creek Cemetery (Incl. Davis Family Cemetery)

Date of this document is: Dec 1, 1999 Updated and expanded July 26, 2003

Updated May 7, 2004

Date of original survey: Aug 14, 1999

Survey by: Brian Litteral

Location of Cemetery: McGlone Crk. Cem. is 100 yds S. of Kibby Chapel on McGlone Crk. Rd. on a high hillside W. of McGlone Crk. Rd., about 1 mi. WSW of Rooney

Davis Family Cem. is an add'l 50 yards S. of McGlone Crk. Cem., on the right (W.) side of the road, by some pine trees before you reach a large shed.


Unmarked graves and gravestones only bearing initials were not recorded at this time. Some gravestones were illegible.

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Approx. Global Position: N38.4024, W83.2235

Definition Keys:

1. Name, dates, and notes in [Brackets] are additions or corrections

2. Stone (STN) Key: SS = Single Stone; DS = Double Stone; TS = Triple Stone; FS = Footstone;

MM = Metal marker; BM = Bronze Military Marker

3. REL Key: H = husband; W = wife; S = son; D = daughter; C = child

F = father; M = mother; GP(F,M) = grandparent (father, mother); GC(S,D) = grandchild (son, daughter)

4. Notes Key: h/o = husband of; w/o = wife of; ossw = on same stone with; md = married

s/o = son of; d/o = daughter of; c/o = child of; f/o = father of; m/o = mother of

5. No date in the birth or death block indicates the date is missing or still living

Cemetery Name: McGlone Creek Cemetery (incl. Davis Family Cemetery)

NAME (Last, First) Born Died Stn Inscription, if any, (ossw) Add'l Info

Coburn, Lonnie T. 10-1-1895 10-2-1902 SS "7 Yrs. 1 Day"

Conley, J. O. Charles 5-7-1903 6-16-1956 SS "Son" Son of Idie and Will Conley

Conley, Nancy Ida 2-25-1876 11-6-1934 SS Nancy "Idie" Ida Davis; wife of Will Conley

Conley, Wm. Nelson 4-20-1873 1-5-1946 SS "Coon" William "Will" Nelson Conley, husband of Nancy "Idie" Ida Davis

Conn, Elbert 1-26-1892 1-24-1954 SS "At rest."

Conn, Minnie 3-3-1903 ?-22-1959 SS

Davies, Myrtie 8-28-1895 1906? SS Likely dau. of T.P. and M.C. Davis

Davis, Ada May 1890 1943 SS nee Ada May Hilger/Heldger; wife of C. N. Davis, Jr.

Davis, Bertha 1883 1965 DS (ossw/ Noah) nee Bertie/Bertha Collier; wife of Noah Davis

Davis, C. N. [Charles Nicholas] 6-10-1839 7-12-1900 SS "Co. E, 40th Ky Inf." "Nick", Inf. Pvt.: Aug 4, 1863 - Dec 31, 1864; 40th KY Infantry

Davis, Charles N. [Nicholas] [Jr.] 1883 1948 SS "Charlie", husband of Ada May Hilger/Heldger

Davis, Dorothy 8-26-1946 SS "Dau. Of Roy and Marie"

Davis, Infant Dau. 8-27-1897 SS "Inf. Dau. of T.P. and M. C. Davis" M.C. Davis = nee Matilda Cordelia Meadows

Davis, Irene 10-3-1923 7-9-1995 DS "Wife", "Married June 7, 1939"; (ossw/ James Floyd)

Davis, James Floyd 3-4-1916 DS "Husband", "Married June 7, 1939"; (ossw/ Irene)

Davis, Justin Scott 7-21-1995 SS "Beloved son", "Infant of Joey & Andria"

Davis, Malindaw J. 6-13-1872 7-21-1887 DS (ossw/ Squire) Sister of Squire; died the same time

Davis, Mary E. [Evaline "Bird"] 3-29-1843 9-25-1918 SS "Resting in hope of a glorious resurrection" nee Mary Evaline "Bird" McGlone, married C.N. Davis, Sr. on Jan 10, 1866

Davis, Mary S. [Susan] 10-30-1866 4-28-1914 SS "The Lord is my shepherd; Wife of G.W. Litteral; Father let thy grace be given that we may meet in heaven." m. Nov 17, 1887 at the house of A.C. Davis in Carter Co., KY to G.W. Litteral

Davis, Noah 1870 1939 DS (ossw/ Bertha) Husband of Bertha "Bertie" Collier

Davis, Squire 12-20-1876 5-31-1887 DS (ossw/ Malindaw) Brother of Malindaw; died the same time

Davis, Thomas P. [Perry] 1873 1953 SS Husband of Matilda Cordelia Meadows

Davis, Virginia M. 1929 SS

Davis, Willie T. [Willard Thomas] 5-7-1905 2-24-1913 SS "Son of Noah & Bertha" Willard Thomas Davis

Kiser, Ida B. 1882 1963 DS "Gone but not forgotten"; (ossw/ J.W.) Wife of J.W. Kiser

Kiser, J.W. 1878 1965 DS "To die is gain"; (ossw/ Ida B.) Husband of Ida B. Kiser

Kiser, Lillie Belle 4-2-1936 4-2-1936 SS "Dau. of Lloyd & Golda"

Lewis, Beatrice 1911 DS "Wife", "Wed Mar. 8, 1930"; (ossw/ Gordon) Wife of Gordon Lewis

Lewis, Gordon 1906 1988 DS "Husband", "Wed Mar. 8, 1930"; (ossw/ Beatrice) Husband of Beatrice Lewis [Masonic emblem between his dates]

Lewis, Mary E. 1873 1934 SS

Litteral, Dolly F. [Dolliflower] 2-22-1875 11-6-1924 SS "My trust is in God." nee Dolliflower Davis, married Ephraim "Eaf" Litteral; b. Rooney, Carter Co., KY

Litteral, George W. [Washington] 1851 [1861] 1852 SS "Father" Actual birth year was 1861; per 1870 and 1880 censes b. May 5, d, Jan 12

McCormick, Elmer 1894 1974 DS (ossw/ Ruth) Also spelled McCormack elsewhere; b. Jun 22, Carter Co.; d. Mar 16, KY

McCormick, Ruth 1895 1987 DS (ossw/ Elmer) Dau. of Jame Marion McGlone; b. Sep 3, Rooney, Carter Co., KY; d. Jun 24, KY

McGlone, Achsal 12-1-1886 10-23-1915 SS

McGlone, Albert Winifere 5-1-1923 6-4-1980 SS "Winford"; In loving memory 5-1-1923 6-4-1980 SS "Winford", "In loving memory"

McGlone, Amos 1-26-1868 6-30-1869 SS "Age 1 Yr. 5 Mo. 14 Day" [sic] Died of cholera; Son of Ezekiel McGlone and Joannah Stamper

McGlone, Bennett E. [March] 1880 1932 SS b. March 1880; Son of Sanford Jackson McGlone and Parthena Jane Duncan

McGlone, Carlos E. 4-4-1872 4-25-1904 SS "He is not dead, but sleepeth." Son of T. P. McGlone and Sarah Ann Staggs

McGlone, Clide 1-3-1896 7-30-1896 SS "Son of W.T. & B." Son of Willard Thomas McGlone and B.

McGlone, Coon [William Cann] 4-13-1880 2-20-1968 SS William Cann "Coon" McGlone, husband of Magge Belle McGlone, m. Aug 1, 1902

McGlone, Dan B. [Daniel Boone] 1875 1973 DS "Their trust is in God"; (ossw/ Myrtle) Daniel Boone McGlone, b. Jan 17, 1876, d. Oct 1973; husband of Mary Wolford

McGlone, Elizabeth 6-18-1807 10-9-1888 SS "Wife of James McGlone", "Her end was peace" nee Elizabeth Stone; married to James McGlone on Nov 14, 1833

McGlone, Finley 1-4-1880 4-17-1888 SS "Son of T.P. and S.A. McGlone" aka "Finalson" in 1880 Carter Co. Census (shows b. Dec 1879); Twin bro. Farice

McGlone, George SS Possibly son of William Cann McGlone or James Squire McGlone

McGlone, Hubert 9-20-1903 8-16-1904 SS "Son of D.B. & Myrtle" Son of Daniel Boone McGlone and Myrtle Frazier; brother of Lucy McGlone

McGlone, Ida Jane 1875 1958 DS "Not my will but thine be done"; (ossw/ James Harry) Dau. of James Squire "Flatwoods Jim" McGlone and Mary Jane/Alice Burton

McGlone, James 4-14-1808 11-19-1895 SS "His memory is blessed" Death year could be 1898; Husband of Elizabeth Stone McGlone

McGlone, James Harry 1869 1946 DS "Not my will but thine be done"; (ossw/ Ida Jane) Husband of Ida Jane McGlone; Son of T. P. McGlone and Sarah Ann Staggs

McGlone, James M. [Marion] 12-26-1845 6-18-1924 DS (ossw/ Mary A.) James Marion McGlone; m. Dec 14, 1877 to Mary Ann Hilger/Hilgar/Heldger

McGlone, Jessie 9-15-1890 12-25-1939 Son of Joseph McGlone and Carrie Holdbrook

McGlone, Laura L. 11-18-1867 4-21-1896 SS "A light from our household is gone. A voice we loved is stilled. A place is vacant in our hearts that may never be filled." Dau. of Sanford Jackson McGlone and Parthena Jane Duncan

McGlone, Loyd T. [Thomas] 6-13-1904 9-21-1918 SS "Son of J.H. & Ida J." Lloyd Thomas McGlone; Son of J.H. McGlone and Ida Jane/Alice Burton

McGlone, Mary A. [Ann] 7-26-1855 8-2-1922 DS (ossw/ James M.) nee Mary Ann Hilgar; wife of James M. McGlone

McGlone, Mort 1895 1982 DS "Precious Lord take my hand"; (ossw/ Susie) Husband of Susan D.

McGlone, Mrs. Parthenia [Parthena] 9-13-1844 8-26-1913 SS "Faithful to her Lord." nee Parthena Jane Duncan; m. Jan 17, 1866 to Sanford Jackson McGlone

McGlone, Myrtle 1885 1958 DS "Their trust is in God"; (ossw/ Dan B.) nee Myrtle Frazier; wife of Daniel Boone McGlone

McGlone, S.J. [Sanford Jackson] 8-17-1840 4-7-1908 SS Sanford Jackson McGlone, son of James McGlone and Elizabeth Stone

McGlone, Susie D. 1898 1985 DS "Precious Lord take my hand"; (ossw/ Mort) Wife of Mort McGlone

McGlone, T.P. [Thomas Perry] 3-20-1842 9-29-1903 SS m. Nov 15, 1866 to Sarah Ann Stagg in Clarksburg, KY; Father of Finley/Finalson

McGlone, William A. [Ambrose] 3-3-1854 3-14-1869 SS "Son of James & Elizabeth" William Ambrose McGlone; son of James McGlone and Elizabeth Stone

Meadows, Mary J. 9-5-1874 DS (ossw/ Sherman) Wife of Sherman Meadows; mother of Viola Meadows

Meadows, Sherman 10-16-1869 2-2-1910 DS (ossw/ Mary J.) Husband of Mary J.; father of Viola Meadows

Meadows, Viola 11-17-1893 9-26-1899 SS "Dau. of S.& M.J.", "Not my will but thine be done." Daughter of Sherman and Mary J. Meadows

Mullins, Robert [son of George Tinder] 3-25-1888 5-28-1963 SS "Kentucky, PVT., 22 RCT CC GEN SVC INF, WORLD WAR I" Born ***Robert Tinder***, later took stepfather's, Richard Mullins' last name

Stamper, Mae McGlone 1888 1979 SS

Whitman, Liza 1865 1902 SS

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