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Reference Files:
Handfast - a form of early marriage
Smock Wedding - explanation of the term
Colored Marriages
Colored Marriages Bk 2 , A-J surnames
Selected Marriages from 1854
Selected Marriages from 1798-1880
Misc Marriages
Robinson, Mariceta, wedding showers

A surnames

Alcorn, Henry to Angelina Croan, 1873
Alcorn, John to Arabell Ridgway, 1874
Anderson, to Florence Gaither, 1876
Armstrong, Everette to Ollie B. Yopunger, 1912
Armstrong, John to Mary Ann Sheridan, 1843
Armstrong, Robert to Eliza Stallings, 1898
Armstrong, William to Prudence Rayman, 1870
Ash, Matthias to Catherine Roby, 1840


B Surnames

Babbit, J. A. to Mary Jane Johnson, 1874
Bailey, J. M. to Pearl Stallings, 1898
Bailey, William to Sallie Sillman, 1882
Barrall, C.H. to Mary Samuels, 1877
Barrall, John to Mildred Ann Miller, 1856
Bartness, James to Kitty Deats, 1858
Beghtol, Harvery to Lavinia Houghlan, 1879
Bell, John to Katie Howlett, 1875
Berry, F.J. to Nancy Jane Cape, 1878
Bishop, David M. to Mary M. Stader, 1881
Biven, John to Vina Browning, 1915
Bivins, George to Jane Fox, 1895
Black, Anna Jane - Carr, C. C. July 4, 1881
Bolton, James to Louisa W. Shaw, 1860
Bolton, John to Annie Raman, 1881
Bolton, J.R. & Mary, 50th Anniversary, 1909
Bowman, Thomas to Amanda Weller, 1877
Boyette, Herman O. to Bettie J. Crenshaw, 1948
Brady, Roy to Nora Ford, 1909
Breeding, J.H. to Dolly Ann Stofer, 1878
Bridwell, Doctor to Louanna Chandoin, 1883
Bridwell. Thomas to Geneva Stallings, 1897
Brooks, Silas Levi to Sallie Browning, 1895
Brown, Marriages
Brown, J.W. to L. C. Showalter, 1876
Brown, Thomas to Maud Browning, 1918


C Surnames

Carrithers, E. C. to Nancy Jasper
Carter, Horace to Sally Johnson, 1876
Caswell, Oliver to Eliza Hibbs, 1855
Cheshire Marriages
Cheshire, George to Mary Hibbs, 1852
Cheshire, Wm. J. to Ann Car Montgomery, 1847
Clark, J.H. to Sue Anna Litsey, 1887
Pearl, J. W. to Sarilda M. Clark, 1885
Clark, George W. to Francis Winson, 1852
Clark, John to Billie/Bettie Perkins, 1886
Clark, John to Rachel Jane Troutman, 1879
Clark, John to Emma Trunnell, 1833
Clark, John A. to Juli Ann Whitledge, 1838
Clark, William to Francis Jane Farris, 1879
Clark, William to Landers, Mary A., 1878
Clark, Zadoc to Mariah Quick, 1855
Clarke, Davis to Mahala Dickey, 1840
Clarke, Harrison to Martha Clarke, 1839
Collings, Benjamin to Nancy Deats, 1858
Cook, Fred to Maggie Martin, 1900
Cotton, Matthew to Lida Crumbaugh, 1876
Cornell, Solomon to Nancy Jones, 1807
Crenshaw, George A. to Eliza J. Collier, 1879
Crenshaw, Wilson to Hannah Magoffin, 1875
Crist, Marriages 1797-1876
Crist, Rebecca - McGee, Enoch, 1824
Crist, Sarah - Collins, Reuben 1824
Croan, Angelina to Alcorn, Henry, 1873
Crow, Angelina - Alcorn, Henry, 1873
Cunningham, Thomas to Amanda Johnson, 1875


D Surnames

Deacon, Christopher to Mary Swearingen, 1880
Deats Marriages
Dickerson, Charles to Elizabeth Myers, 1874
Dobson, William to Louisa Lee, 1879
Dodd, Thomas to Annie Quick, 1881
Drake marriages in Bullitt Co. 1807-33
Duvall, John to Martha Hatfield, 1879


E Surnames

Ellaby, Calvin to Eugenia Wheeler, 1927
Emrich, H.P. to Prudie Weller, 1881
Evans marriages for Bullitt Co


F Surnames

Farmer marriages for Bullitt Co.
Fidler, Martin to Judah Jones, 1799
Fidler, Rebecca A. - Pratt, William C. 1872
Field, William to Sarah Parrish, 1876
Fink, James to Minerva Ward, 1877
Flick, Wilson to Rebecca Shaw, 1844
Fox. C. to Eliza Browning, 1904
Fox, Harvey to Kate Browning, 1888
Fox, J.A.. to Mrs. Missouri Cape, 1895
Fox, J. Alfred to Sallie Davis, 1892
Fox, Joyhn to Hulda Roby, 1885
Fox, John to Rachel Wright, 1886
Fox, P.N. to Sarah Bridwell, 1879
Fox, Thos. to Francis Ash, 1891
French marriage for Bullitt Co.
Funk, Clinton to Mary Horine 1876


G Surnames

Gaiter, Henry to Caroline Moore, 1876
Garr, Ed to Laura Williams, 1875
Gentry, Charles to Amelia Smith, 1879
Gentry, James to Sarah Ellen Showalter, 1877
Gerkin, Thomas to Catherine Easton, 1877
Gibbons, Alfred to Julia Vanvactor, 1898
Gist, Henry to Elizabeth Bowls, 1876
Grant Marriages 1798-1860
Grant, John to Mahala Whitledge, 1828
Grant, Mathew to Sabina Jones, 1798
Grant, Posey to M. E. Wheeler, 1854
Greenwell, William to Mattie Tindle, 1907
Greenwell, Melissa A. - Rayman, John R. October 2, 1873
Grezzard, Philip to Mary Jane Junifier, 1874
Guest, William to Mip Sinnie Willis, 1877


H Surnames

Hagerman, Orris to Sallie Hazard, 1870
Hall Marriages
Hall, David to Tabitha Stalllings, 1840
Hall, Harrison to Julia Tucker, 1875
Hall, Nick to Mary Armstrong, 1907
Hall, Robin to Mary Simmons, 1875
Hall. Thomas to Kate L. Maraman, 1879
Hamilton, Mary Lee - Ingrahm, Floyd, 1872
Harris Marriages
Harris, Charles B. to Laura L. Carrico, 1880
Harris, David to Stringer, Mary E., 1873
Harris, J.E. to Dora Tyler, 1890
Harris, J. S. to Alice B. Abell, 1873
Harris, M. A. to Pearl Buky
Harris, Nathaniel L. to Dent, Sallie G, 1883
Harris, W. F. to Heffley, Mary A., 1894
Harris, William S. to Jones, Bettie E., 1883
Hatfield, Elias to Sarah Ellen Shaw, 1845
Hatfield, Wilson to Josephine Troutman, 1878
Hefley, George Oscar to Kirtz, G. E., 1875
Hefley, John to Pew, Maggie, 1895
Henderson, Joseph to Sallie Lewis, 1875
Hibbs Marriages, 1877/79
Hibbs Marriage Bonds, 1877
Hibbs, Henry to Mollie Swearingen, 1881
Hibbs, Isaac to Ann Eliza Goldsmith, 1843\
Hill, James to Mary Ann Lee, 1876
Hill, Marion to Mary Jane Carter, 1876
Hilton, Alexander to Martha Sands, 1809
Hurst, William to Judith Porter, 1959
Huston, Joseph to Nancy Jones, 1810


I Surnames

Ingram, Floyd to Mary Lee, September 22, 1872


J Surnames

Jacobs, William to Mollie Johnson, 1875
Johnson, L. J. to Betty Ann Neal, 1877
Jones, George to Betsy Harris, 1804
Jones, Henry to Elender Maraman, 1820
Jones, James to Mary C___, 1816
Jones, Jesse to Agnes Harris, 1810
Jones, John to Eliza Crist, 1821
Jones, John to Josie Rouse, 1878
Jones, William to Nancy Willson, 1804
Jones, William to Anna McCoy, 1812
Jones, William to Celia Irvin, 1818


K Surnames

Keith, George to Fronia Cape, 1907
Keith, Richard to Carrie Dodd, 1908
Keith, Stonewall to Lida Shepherd, 1908
Kelly, C. A. to Laura E. Lee, 1879
Kester, Riley A. to Maggie H. Roby, 1878
King Marriages - (partial listing


L Surnames

Lambert, A. R to Maggie Stulck, 1873
Landers, F.W. to Tena Weller, 1877
Larue, John T. to Carrie L. Bowman, 1878
, Richard to Brightman, Alice, 1882
Long, Robert to Wilma Graham
Looney, E. C. to Catherine Clevidence 1879
Lutz, Claud to Hallie Stallings, 1901


M Surnames

Markwell, George to  Kizziah Harris, 1874
Masden, Felix to Mary Deats, 1854
Mason Marriages - (partial listing)
Mathis, George to Julia Alcorn, 1873
McAfee Wade to Charlotte Thompson
McAlister, Joseph S. to Ridge, Nancy, 1874
McNutt Marriages
McGaughey, John to Ann Stallings, 1839
Melton, Eli Jr. to Eliza Stallings, 1822
Merrifield Marriages - (1845, & 1859, & 1865)
Miles, Nathaniel to Sally Jones, 1810
Miles, Patrick to Anna Bell Sheckles, 1877
Miller, George Thomas to Virginia L. Easton, 1877
Miller , Mary Belle to Roberts, Jr., James, 1951
Monroe, George W. to Laura Cleveland, 1879
Mooney, John F. to Alice V. Brady, 1878
Moore, A.G. to Maggie E. Clark, 1878
Moore, Hardin to Kate Harris, 1874
Morow, Nathan to Alice Ball, 1877
MooneyJohn F. to Alice V. Brady, 1878


N Surnames

Newkirk, Asa to Catherine Settle, 1878
Noe Marriage Bonds, 1887
Norris, James to Jane Johnson, 1877


O Surnames

Owen Marriages - (partial listing)
Owen, Edward to Ann Eliza Thompson, 1878
Owen, George to Fanny Tuell, 1876


P Surnames

Parker, David to Francis Briscoe, 1877
Paulley, Charles to Lizzie Clark, 1884
Peak marriages for Bullitt, Hardin, Nelson, & Washington Co.
Pifer, Margaret - McCumpsey, William June 26, 1879
Porter, Chester to Elizabeth Renegar, 1932
Porter, Thomas to Lora Crenshaw, 1905
Pratt, William C. to Rebecca A. Fidler, 1872


Q Surnames



R Surnames

Raymon/Raymond Marriages - 1807-1873
Relf, Stephen to Kate Farnes, 1875
Ridgway, Jessie to Mattie Stallings, 1900
Ridgway, John T. to Susan C. Clark, 1879
Robinson, Alfred to Lydia Sheckels, 1874
Roby, Isaac to Ludie Cornell, 1878
Roby, Lawrence Jr. to Nancy Ritchie, 1840
Roby , M.C. to Rutha Arabel Biggs, 1887
Roby, O. W. to Jane Fox, 1916
Rodgers, J. E. to Carolyn Shank, 1873
Rowland, Marvin to Elizabeth Harris, 1935
Rowland, Richard to Laura Showalter, 1879


S Surnames

Samuels, William to Margaret Purcell, 1879
Sanders, James to Louisa Foreman, 1877
Scott, Jacob to Julia Scott, 1875
Shaffer, W. A., to Lucinda Tilford, 1875
Shaw Marriages
Shaw, William to Julia Hibbs, 1900
Shaw, Jesse to Mary J. Quick, 1856
Shaw, Washington to Mary Hibbs, 1841
Sheckles, William W. to Elizabeth Clark, 1840
Shepherd, Cecil to Nora M. Dever, 1955
Shepherd, James to Lucinda Condiff, 1845
Shepherd, James to Sarah Smith, 1874
Shoptaw Marriages - (partial listing)
Showalter, Charles to Kate Porter, 1879
Showalter, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. E., 50th Anniversary
Sillman, James to Elvira Fulkerson, 1861
SimmonsAnderson to Lucy Glenn, 1874
Simmons, Henry to Prudy McAtee, 1975
Simmons, J. W. T. t Mary Francis Winsor, 1891
Simmons, M. D. to Rhoda Winsor, 1891
Sliger, Thomas to Octavia Stallings, 1837
Smith, Abner to Sarah Crume, 1876
Snawder, George W. to Nanie Travis, 1881
Snellen, G. W. to Elizabeth Ricketts, 1858
Stader, Wm. A. to Mary K. McKinley, 1881
Stallings, Charles to Louisa E. Owens, 1897
Stallings, Edward to Mary F. Brashear, 1892
Stallins, Henry to Mary E. Adams, 1858
Stallings, Henry to Emma Deacon, 1899
Stallings, Isaac to Rebeca Bashear, 1824
Stallings, Jeremiah to Mary J. Stallings, 1877
Stallings, John to Lillie Whitledge, 1901
Stallings, Rufus S. to Jennie Deats, 1899
Stallings, Samuel to Susan Hoskins, 1837
Stallings, W. P. to Damaris Summers, 1857
Stewart., John L. to Eliza Stallings, 1838
Stump, Stith to Mary Jones, 1877
Swearingen, Charlie to Eliza Walker, 1875
Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. V. T. 1917


T Surnames

Taylor, Levi to Sidney Johnson, 1876
Taylor, John W to  Mary Ann Hayman, 1874
Tewel, Joseph to Eliza Wilmouth, 1821
Thomas, Wiliam to Rachel Dickerson, 1874
Thompsen, Harry to Sallie Wise, 1876
Thompson, George to Mary Knight, 1875
Thompson, William to Elizabeth Shaw, 1843
Thurman, Nicholas to Sarah Stallings, 1837
Tindle, George to Margaret Thompson, 1873
Tinnell, Bennie to Mamie Adams, 1814
Tinnell, James to Ida Thompson, 1908
Tyler, James to Jennie Roby, 1879


U Surnames



V Surnames



W Surnames
Weathers, John to Betty Bolton, 1877
Weathers, Robert to Maria Johnson, 1876
Welch Marriages for Bullitt County
Welch, John to Lydia Carpenter, 1877
White, Anderson to Martha Greathouse, 1877
White, James Henry, to Lydia F. Sheckles, 1877
Whitledge, Robert to Martha Ellen Grant, 1877
Willett, Daniel S. to Bettie N. Magruder, 1879
Williams, Bill to Christean Armstrong, 1948
Williams, Samuel to Maria Miller, 1876
Wilmouth, James to Elizabeth Hilton, bond, 1803
Wilmouth, John to Elizabeth Wilmouth
Wilmouth, John to Eliz'ith Hilton, bond
Wilmouth, Samuel to Eliza Rightmire, bond, 1827
Winsor/Windsor Marriages - (partial listing)


X Surnames



Y Surnames



Z Surnames


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