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A Surnames

Allison, Samuel to Henry Beghtol, 1851

Arnold, James to James Pope, 1839


B Surnames

Barnes, Wm. Sr. against heirs of Richard Barnes, 1847

Barnes, Wm. to Josiah Porter, 1834

Baughn, Richard to Wm. Jones, 1830

Beghtol, Abraham to James Samuels, 1853

Beghtol, Henry to Leonard Beghol, 1854

Bell, Elizabeth C., heirs of to Erastus Bell, 1908

Bell, Erastus and Henry to Robert L. Grant, 1917

Bell, Henry and Erastus to R.L. Grant, 1922

Bell, John to Edward Truman, Wm. Shoptaugh, Jesse Kerbey, Valentine Nicholas, Michael Troutman, George Bell 1796 & 1802

Bell, Robert to John Wheeler, 1829

Belsher, John to Isaac Patterson, 1817

Berkley, Ann (heirs) to James Allan, 1820

Bird, Jeremiah bound to William Lee, 1812

Bird, Samuel to Gordon Grundy, 1807

Birkhead, Eleazor to George Jones, 1842

Birkhead, Wm. H. to James C. Johnson, 1842

Bishop, George to Barlett Foster, 1806

Blandford, Charles (decd)(heirs) against Ignatious C. Aud (heirs of John Leewright, 1844

Bogard, Cornelius Sr. to Cornelius Jr., 1851

Bohon, Wm. to James Samuels, 1842

Bolton, John B. (witness to deed for Colored Union Meeting House) 1854

Bolton, John to Charles Crenshaw, 1851

Bowman, Jacob (heirs), 1788

Bowman, Jacob to George Bowman, 1809

Bowman, Jacob to Jacob Froman Jr., 1807

Bowman, Jacob to Wm. Tracey, 1806

Bowman, Joseph, Wear Tilford, to Jacob Bowman, 1827

Brashear, Barak to John Trunnell, 1851

Brashear, Dennis to Joseph Brooks, 1812

Brewer,  Rodham W. to John Langsdon, 1837

Brashear, Samuel to Moses Rouse, 1806

Briscoe, Harrison to Thomas Briscoe, 1817

Briscoe, Jerrard (decd) (heirs) (Nicolas Crist acting for them), 1806

Briscoe, Parmenias to John McMillan, 1817

Bristow, Gideon to Francis Fidler, 1801

Bristow, Gideon to Reson Lovelace, 1806

Bristow, Gideon to Samuel & Nicholas Osburn, 1808

Bristow, Gideon, Samuel Brown against Andrew Vaughn (heirs), 1822

Brooks, Eliza (widow of Wm.) to Perry Hilton, 1886

Brooks, Wm.  to John Hall & Joseph Von, 1817

Brown, Alexander to James Samuels, 1835

Brown, Archibald, Samuel & John, Archibald Cameron, to Joseph Swearingen, 1829

Brown, Ignatius against estate of H. C. M. Cartmell, 1839

Brown, Ignatius to John Coleman, 1836

Brown, James to Samuel Brown, 1818

Brown, Lewis to Joseph R. Hoskins, 1817

Brown, Mason to Eliza Poignard (Yoder)

Brown, Orville, John Ridgeway to Henry Trunnell, 1850

Brown, Wm. J.  to Samuel & Wm. Gentry, 1850

Buky, Rodolphus S. & Jacob Troutman to John Middleton, 1827

Burch, E. H., 1827   image Burch, Leonard to Richard Simmons, 1802

Burch, Leonard to Wm. Hilton, 1815

Burch, Samuel, 1807   image

Burch, Samuel, 1810   image

Burch, Samuel to Achilles Sneed, 1810   image

Burch, Samuel, to Wm. Hynes, 1812   image

Burch, Samuel, 1813   image

Burch, Samuel, 1813   image

Burch, Samuel, to Jn. Ferguson, 1818   image

Burch, Samuel to Stephen Cambron, 1822   image

Burch, Samuel, to Anna Aud, 1825   image

Burch, Samuel to Capias, 1826   image

Burch, Samuel to Kirkeans, 1830   image

Burch, Samuel to John Wakefield, 1834   image

Burkhead, Basil to James Holsclaw, 1835

Buckner, Nicholas to Mary Welch, 1819

Butler, Nancy (widow of Thomas), & Charles Butler to Joseph Ridgway, 1812

Buzan, John (heirs), to Peyton Burditt, 1853

Buzan, Joshua, Philip Buzan, to Nathaniel Saunders, 1841


C Surnames

Caldwell, Benj. to Wm. Kurtz, 1840

Caldwell, Benj. to Wm. Kurtz, 1846

Caldwell, John to Davis, John, 1816

Cambron, Stephen to Joseph Price, 1826   image

Cameron, & Brown  et al to Joseph Swearingen, 1829

Cartmell, Jacob (heirs) to Reuben Collings, 1837

Case heirs of Reuben to Thomas Whitledge heirs, 1824

Case, Reuben (heirs) to Benj. Chapeze, 1825

Case, Samuel to Humphrey Simmons, 1802

Caswell, David to Wilford Lee, 1843

Caswell, Peter & James to Robert F. Samuels, 1842

Charles, Wm, apprenticed to Elisha James, 1825

Chidsey, Wm. to Joseph Swearingen, 1835

Clark, Benj. to John Clark, 1805

Clarke, Benj. to Richard Pratt, 1832

Clark, Nathaniel to Benj. Clark, 1829

Clark, Wm. to Wm. Clifton, 1811

Clifton, Baldwin to James Richardson, 1805

Cofer, Wm. (heirs) to Wm. Ruby, 1810

Cole, Micajah & wife Sarah to Lee, Henry , 1818

Coleman, John to David E. Tyler, 1836

Collins, Ruth (heirs) to Edmond Morris, 1814

Cox, Gabriel (heirs), to heirs of Wm. Owen, 1809

Crenshaw, Simmons, Temple to heirs of Elisha Simmons, 1845

Crenshaw, James to Sharpe Spencer, 1798

Crenshaw, James to Wm. Rouse, 1840

Crenshaw, James to Lawrence Roby, 1804

Crenshaw, James- emancipation of  Pheby, Suck, Billy, Easther and "little Phebe", 1814

Crenshaw, James to Thomas Harris, 1837

Crenshaw, James to Lawrence Roby, 1837

Crenshaw, J. to District #18 of Bullitt Co., 1888

Crenshaw, Richard to Lawrence Roby, 1832

Crensahw, Thomas to Gideon Walker, 1815

Crist, Henry & Nicholas to Laurence Roby, 1797

Crist, Henry to Benj. Biggs, 1833

Crist, Henry to heirs of James Connell (decd) 1839

Crist, Nicholas to Briscoe heirs of Jarard, 1806

Croan, John to Henry Myers,   1848

Crow, Basil to Henry Younger, 1811

Crow, Edward to Moses Brown, 1807

Cundiff, Richard to John B. Cundiff, 1832

Cundiff, Richard to Samuel Niely, 1832


D Surnames

Dale, George W. to Chaddin [ Chaddic (sp?)], John, 1816

Davis, Gad to Davis & Jesse Clarke, 1846

Davis, Giles to Benjamin Culver, 1805

Davis, Tandy to Owen Goldsmith, 1846

Davis, Thomas to George Key, 1815

Davis, Thomas to Andrew Potts, 1820

Deacon, Thomas to Joseph Bridwell, 1850

Deacon, Wm. to Thomas A. Deacon, 1849

Deats, Benj. to heirs of Nathaniel Landers, 1854

Deats, Wm. to Richard Deats, 1842

Debo, Henry to Tolbert Waters, 1852

Dickey, John G. (with wife Elizabeth) to Otho B., James, & John R. James, (her brothers), 1854

Doolin, Jacob to Henry Myers, 1845

Dowdall, James to Henry Christ, 1805

Doyle, James to Joseph Bowman, 1845

Drake, Charles to Wm. Thurman, 1834

Drake, Jesse to Charles Drake, 1804

Drake, Jesse, Samuel Brown, to Samuel Stallings, Charles Butler, 1806

Drake, Jesse to Frederick Metzell, 1811

Drake, Jesse to Tunis Newkirk, 1818

Dunn, Francis to Wm. Thompson, 1846

Dunn, John (decd)(heirs) to James Gentry, 1842

Duvall, John to John Purcell & Anthony Shawler, 1822

Duvall, John to Richard Deats, 1836


E Surnames

Ellaby, Wm. H. & J. N. to Mary R. Jones, 1871

Elliby, David, Nancy Hunt to John Bridwell, 1838

Evans, Nathan to Thedosia Purcell, 1845

Evans, Nathan to David Caswell, Robert Samuels, Hamilton C. Ulen, 1842

Evans, Samuel to Jacob Fox, 1833


F Surnames

Farmer, Otho to James Holsclaw & John Dunn, 1808

Felker, H. J. et al to Curry, John et al, 1858

Fidler, Wm. to Josiah Porter, 1834

Figg, Andrew to Daniel Cotton, 1833

Fowler, John W., (heirs) against Michael Troutman (heirs), 1824

Fox, Allen to Richard Porter, 1835

Fox, Allen to Wm. Burket, 1835

Fox, Jacob to Charles Hall, 1839

Fox, Philip (decd) to David Wilson,1836

Friddle, Jacob to Ash, 1846

Fry, Edward to Nathan Miles, 1812

Fuquay, Henry to James Griffin, 1799


G Surnames

Ganote, Jacob to John Davis, 1850

Ganote, Jacob to Jeremiah Jones, 1850

Garrett, Goldie M. and Joe H. Gilmore, (affidavit) 1939

Garrett, Goldie and H.B. to Joe H. and Margaret A. Gilmore, 1939

Gentry, Blaxton to John Hall, 1830

Gentry, Blaxton to John Hall, 1832

Gentry, Henry & Pinah to Austin Hall, 1825

Gentry, James against heirs of John Dunn, 1842

Gentry, John to Enoch Leitch, 1825

Gentry, John against Martin Gentry, 1827

Gentry, Lewis & James, Wm. Stephens to Wm. Hall, 1854

Gentry, Martin (decd)(heirs) to Wm. Graham, 1848

Gentry, Nancy to Benj. Ridgeway, 1836

Gentry, Nicholas & Edward McDade to James to Austin Hall, 1825

Gentry, Wyatt & Nicholas, John Hall to Martin Gentry, 1825

Gilmore, Joe H. and Margaret A. to Goldie M. and H.B. Garrett, 1939

Gilmore, John W. and Emma and Isaiah James to Laura Grant, 1887

Gilmore, Joseph and Minnie to Isaiah and Susan James, 1898

Gilmore, Perry and Martha to Joseph Gilmore, 1882

Gilmore, Perry, heirs of to Joseph Gilmore, 1889

Gilmore, Perry, heirs of to Sam James, 1889

Gilmore, Polley to McCawley, Dean, Brown, Gilmore, 1847

Goldsmith, Owen to Granville Rouse, 1848

Goldsmith, Samuel to John Goldsmith, 1826

Goldsmith, Wm. to Benj. French, 1850

Graham, James & John - apprenticeship of Silas Fuqua, 1819

Graham, Samuel, Stephen & John to John Anderson, 1820

Grant, H.F. and Overall to Alfred M. Grant, 1883

Grant, Posey to Jesse Richee, 1839

Grant, Preston, Overall, John and Whitledge, Franklin and Betty to Alfred Grant, 1878

Grant, W.O. and Laura to George Armstrong, 1902

Grant, W.O., Jessie, Virgie, and Irene, Rosa, Owen, and Arch Prather to W.G. and Alonzo Jenkins, 1909

Grant, W.O. to Irene and Rosa Prather, Jessie and Virgie Grant, 1906

Grant, Wm. Sr. to Elzey Grant, 1843

Grayham, Andrew to Elenor Waters, 1812 (of Maryland)

Grayham, Wm. to Henry Oldham, 1808

Grayson, Frederick Wm. Spence to Wm. Lee, 1812

Grayon, Frederick Wm. Spence to Wm. Lee, 1813 (apprenticeshop of Jerry Bird)

Greenwell, John (decd) (heirs) to Ralph Greenwell, 1820


H Surnames

Hall, Asa to Wm. Burkett, 1822

Hall, Austin to Wm. Burditt, 1807

Hall, Austin to Buford & Henry Lewis, 1810

Hall, Austin & Margaret, appointing Buford Lewis as attorney to seek parcels from the estate of Henry Lewis, (decd), 1810

Hall, Austin to Noah C. Summers, 1832

Hall, Charles to Richard Pratt, 1832

Hall, David (decd) to Simeon Harris & John C. Clark, 1815

Hall, David (decd)(executors for him) to Simeon Harris & John Clark, 1815

Hall, John to Wm. Stephens, 1830

Hall, John to George Jones, 1837

Hall, John to Wm. J. Brown, 1838

Hall, John to Felix Owen, 1847

Hall, John and Permelia to Felix Owen, 1843

Hall, Nancy, and others to John Hall, 1843

Hall, Permelia E. and others to Richard F. Owen, 1893

Hall, Robert to Wm. L. Harris, 1892

Hamilton, George (heirs) to John Howlet, 1834 image

Hardin, John to Allen, Thomas October 11, 1822

Harris, Nathan to Griffin Simmons, 1826

Harris, Hezekiah (inventor) 1808

Harshfield, Martin to Christian Harshfield, 1832

Harshfield, John & Harshfield (Et Al) Elizabeth, 1832

Hatfield, John (decd)(heirs) to Washington Dawson, 1849

Hatfield, Nathan (decd)(heirs) - who was heir of John Hatfield (decd) to Washington Dawson, 1849

Hatfield, Wm. to Stillwell Heady, 1830

Hawn (Hahn), Peter to Peter Ricketts, 1796

Hays, Randall P. to Wm. Hays, 1852

Hays, Randall P. to James Hayes, 1852

Hedges, Joseph to Thomas Briscoe, 1817

Henson, Benjamin, Humphrey Simmons to John Middleton, 1836

Hibbs, Henderson to Levi Magruder, 1847

Hibbs, Joseph Jr. to Wm. Scott, 1804

Hilton, Alexander mortgage to H. C. Ulen (re: Wm. Crenshaw)

Hilton, Wm. F. to John P. Couchman, 1833

Hilton, Wm. F. to Charles Ratliffe, 1829

Hilton, Wm. F. to John Overall, 1834

Hogland, Arterberry to George Raymond, 1852

Hogland, Lorenzo & Richard to James Croan, 1851

Hoke, Adam to Catharine Welch, 1825

Holsclaw, Betty (indentured to David Paris) 1807

Holsclaw, James Sr. (heirs) to Wm. H. Holsclaw, 1842

Holsclaw, John to Henry F. Kalfus & George Jenkins, 1835

Hoke, Adam to Catherine Welch, 1825 (prenuptial agreement)

Hopewell, Thomas to John Beckwith, 1813

Horine, Michael to Henry Beghtol, 1835

Hornbeck, Abraham, appointing Solomon Hornbeck, as his attorney, 1800

Hornbeck, Elizabeth, (widow of Isaac), 1800

Hornbeck, James, appointing Sol Hornbeck, as his attorney, 1800

Hornback, John to Samuel, John, Saml Jr. Graham, Catherine Rouse, Stephen Workman, 1825

Hornbeck, Magdalen, appointing Sol Hornbeck, as her attorney, 1800

Hoskins, Robert to John McDowell, 1806

Horn, Peter to Peter Ricketts, 1796

Hoskens, Robert to John McDowell, 1806

Hough, Joseph - bond as deputy sheriff, 1812

Hough, Moses to Wm. Coal, 1827

Howlett, John to Luke Howlett, 1850

Howlett, John to heirs, 1847

Howlett, John Sr., to Benj. French, 1847

Howlett, John Sr. to  John Howlet Jr. et al, 1847

Huffman, Henry (Heirs of) to William Goldsmith, 1850

Huffman, Jacob & James Shawler

Hughes, Jesse to Elijah Wright, 1800

Hughes, Samuel to Rowland Hughes (guardianship) 1826

Hundley, John T. to William Kirk, 1867


I Surnames



J Surnames

James, Jesse to Solomon Cornwell, 1823

James, Julias to Wm. Lee, 1826

James, Richard, Samuel Stallings to John James, 1839

James, Richard, Sameul Stallings, & John James to Thomas Stallings Jr, Saray & Harriet James, 1839

Jenkins, George to Wm. Arnold, 1836

Jenkins, T. & Samuel Burch, 1834   image

Jewell, Barnett to Pressley Jewell, 1852

Jewell, Presley, John & James Bridwell to Benj. & Richmond Ridgeway, 1853

Jobe, Abraham to Arthur Quinn, 1819

Johnson, Green B(erry) to Wilford Lee, 1837

Johnson, Richard to Benj. Newkirk, 1796

Johnson, Richard to Tunus Newkirk, 1798

Johnson, Wm. to Cornelius Bogard, 1805

Joyce, Thomas to Simmons, Richard P., 1837


K Surnames

Kalfus, Henry R. - Shawler, James B. & William November 16, 1846

Kellar, Abraham & Moses to Daniel Sparks, 1808

Kemp, Reuben to Joseph Hibbs, 1801

Kennedy, Daniel to Wm. Brown, 1835

Key., George, Samuel Hilton to John Rowland, 1830

King, John Edward to various, 1797

King, John, Sarah, Lemuel, James, Barbar, Yelverton & Elizabeth to
George & John Markwell, Walter Sparks, David E. Tyler, Robert Hough, (trustees), 1836 

King, Nelson (decd)(heirs) to Jas. J. Johnston, 1846

King, Polly to heirs of James Cunningham (decd), 1820

King, Weathers (decd) to Lavicy Caldwell (decd), to Polly Caldwell (decd) to their heirs, 1848

King, Wm. to John E. King, 1808

Kirk, Wm. to John T. Hundley, 1867

Kinnison, Alonzo, & John M. Jones to Joel Vaughn, 1833


L Surnames

Lampton, Robert N. to Phelps (sheriff), Westley March 18, 1861

Langsdon, John to John Anderson, 1837

Lasley, Benj. to Jonathon Ricketts, 1806

Lee, Miles to Richard H. Field, 1852

Leewright, John to Caleb Wise, 1821

Leewright, John to Samuel Burch, 1817

Lemon, Lemuel to George Jones, 1810

Lisman, Adan to Henry Trunnell, 1850

Lloyd, various


M Surnames

Magruder, James to George Washington Bivens, 1896

Magruder, Levi to Mathew Mudd, 1853

Mariman, Elmira - Troutman, Levi March 5, 1861

Marquess, Wm. to James Magruder, 1801

Martin, Jacob & Melissa (heirs) to Lloyd S. Martin, 1929

Mason, Nathaniel to David Hall, 1836

Mattingly, James to Thomas Buskirk, 1808

Mayfield, John to Wm. Mayfield, 1844

McAhron, Albert, Ann Elizabeth, Paul T., Elizabeth, Aretas, Thomas Peyton, Shadrach & Ellen J. Nichols to Gabriel E. Cox, 1851

McCormick, Andrew (decd)   image

McDaniel, Clement to Colley McDaniel, 1797

McDowll, John to Jacob Froman, 1809

McGee, James to Nicholas Porter, 1822

McGee, John to Joseph McGrew, 1805

McGee, John to Spencer Collings, 1805

McGee, John to Moses Hogland, 1805

McGee, Patrick and Rachel to Jacob Ambrose, 1805

Melton, Nancy to John Melton, 1844

Melton, Samuel to Richmond Ridgeway, 1855

Middleton, Ann N. to Walter Middleton, et. al., 1837

Middleton, John (heirs), Upton Troutman, to Benj. Newton, 1849

Middleton, Thomas to Greenberry Johnson, 1833

Middleton, Thomas to Joseph Hoskins, 1806

Milam, Elijah to Thomas W. Riley, 1846

Miles, George to Warren Merrifield, 1848

Miles, Henry to Joseph Brooks, 1816

Miller, Jacob Jr. to Marton McMullen, 1843

Miller, Peter Sr. to Jacob Miller Jr., 1834

Miller, Peter Sr. to Jacob Miller, 1843

Miller, Peter Sr. to John Miller, 1845

Mitchell, Warren to Albert M. McAhron, 1850

Mockbee, William to Benjamin Howell, 1816

Moore, James F. (decd) to Tunis Newkikr, 1816

Mothershead, Charles to Samuel Meeks, 1806

Mt. Washington Trustees, 1831

Mudd, Walter to Joseph Hibbs, 1804

Myers, Henry, John & James Shoptaw to Christopher Harshfield  1850

Myers, John to James D. Craig, 1835

Myers, John (decd)(heirs), Wm. Welch (decd)(heirs) to Wm. Welch, 1850


N Surnames

Napper, James to William Shawler, 1861

Neal, Benj. to Wm. Pope, 1799

Neal, Benj. to Gabriel, George & Charles Mothershead, 1806

Neale, Eliza & William to Wm. Mackbee, 1808

Neil, Benj. to Benj. VanCleave, 1792

Newbolt, William to Cuthbert Bullitt, 1822

Newboult, William to James Carrico, 1822

Newkirk, Isaac to David Hall, 1827

Newkirk, Peter and Polly to William, Richard, & Isaac Newkirk, 1804

Newkirk, Wm. to David Hall, 1833

Newton, Peter to Christopher Vansdall heirs, 1818

Northern, Ruben to Robert & Samuel Bell, 1829


O Surnames

O'Brian, Christopher to Joseph P. Simmons, 1852

Orme, James T., to Archibald Magruder, 1844

Osburne, Benj. to Samuel C. Grubb, 1829

Osburne, John to Jacob Yoder, 1826

.Overall, John to Overall Et Al, Clayborn May 15, 1861

Overall, Thompson to Alexander Hilton, 1804

Overton, Walter to Robert Simmons, 1811

Owen, Felix to Gamaliel

Owen, Gamaliel and Eliza to John Hall, 1843

Owen, Gamaliel, heirs of to Sarilda Owen, 1883

Owen, John A. to Otho Owen, 1850

Owen, R. F. to Bullitt County, 1945

Owen, R. F. Ameail Fitzgerald, 1948

Owen, R. F. to Ruth Owen Cox, 1952

Owen, R. F. to A. L. Cox, 1953

Owen, William Robey to John Owen, Jr., 1779

Owens, Wm. to David Paris Sr., 1798


P Surnames

Paris, David, apprenticeship for Betty & John Holsclaw, 1807

Paris, David Jr. to Nelson King, 1807

Parris, John to Enos Kerr, 1834

Parris, John & David Jr. to David Parrish Sr., 1852

Parrish, Liston D. to Joseph Stephens & Samuel Evans, 1833

Parrish, Liston to Emanuel Stuckey, 1835

Parrish, Liston to Edmund Stuckey, 1835

Parrish, Nelon to Edmund Parrish, 1833

Parrish, Nelson to Liston Parrish, 1833

Patten, William (heirs of) indenture to Thomas Speed, 1818

Perkins, Ezekiel, Wm. Hughes, to Jacob Conder, 1810

Peyton, Craven, Benj. Osborne, Edward McDade to Gabriel Cox, 1827

Pierce, Uriah, Louisa Stringer to William Pratt, 1848

Polk, Edmund to Jacob Yoder, 1826

Polk, Wm. to George Miller, 1851

Pomroy, George to Joseph Gentry, 1815

Pope, Wm. Jr., Michael Troutman, as securities for Sarah Harris, 1811

Porter, James to Liston Parrish, 1842

Porter, James to Wm. Thurman 1842

Porter, John to Nicholas Simmons, 1847

Porter, Josiah to David Hall, 1833

Porter, Nicholas to Seth King, 1808

Porter, Nicholas to Richard E. Birch, 1845

Potts, Andrew to Morris Orm, 1820

Prather, John, Lewis Willcoxen to Henry Thompson, 1811

Pratt, Richard to Wm. A. Graven, 1837

Purcell, John  to Theodosia Purcell 1845


Q Surnames



R Surnames

Rairdon, Jefferson to Sydney Monroe, & Margaret Ferguson, 1848

Rairden, John to John Croan, 1847

Raymond, Frederic to Squire Ash, 1851

Raymond, James M. to George & John B. Thompson, 1852

Raymond, John  to John Hardman, 1836

Relfe, Thomas (heirs), 1844

Rezner, Soloman to Wm. Shoptaugh, 1821   image

Ricketts, Jonathon to Wm. Ricketts, 1857   image

Ricketts, Peter to Jonathon Ricketts, 1812   image

Ricketts, Peter to Jonathon Ricketts, 1813

Ricketts, Peter to Azeriah Davis, 1818   image

Ricketts, Wm. to Joseph Milligan, 1864   image

Ridgeway, Benj. to Richmond Ridgeway, 1854

Ridgeway, Katherine to Henry Trunnell, 1850

Ridgeway, Wm. to John Trunnell, July 1825

Ridgeway, Wm. to John Trunnell, Sept. 1828

Ridgway, Bettie, Arabell, and William to Wm. O. Grant, 1898

Riley, John to Jacob Miller, 1825

Risley, Elihu to James Risley, 1828

Robards, Lewis to Elisha Dodson, 1804

Robb, Henry to Jacob Miller, 1827

Roby / Ridgeway, Reason (heirs) to George W. Roby, 1850

Roby, Lawrence (decd)(heirs) 1839

Roby, Lawrence Jr. to Wm. Roby, 1846

Roby, Reason (heirs of) to George W. Roby 1850

Rogers, Edward to Wm. Snelling, 1807

Rouse, Moses to Wm. Shurley, 1807

Russell, Nicholas Sr. to Nicholas Russell Jr. 1829

Russell, John, Benj., Samuel Crooks, to Thomas Russell, 1832


S Surnames

Samuels, Henry H. to James B. Shawler

Samuels, James (decd)(heirs) to
John Shawler, Frances & Isaac & Thomas Hatfield, Frederick Pennebaker, Luke Green, ____Lard/Land, Nathan David, 1838

Saunders, Christian J. - (bond as Deputy Sheriff)

Saunders, Christian, James, John, Joseph, Nathaniel, Thomas

Sanders, Thomas to Agnes Irons, 1813

Scott, James to Wm. Lux, 1797

Shadwick, John to Elisha Johnson, 1816

Shain, Temperence to Philip Grable, 1831

Shain, Wm. (heirs) against John Essery, 1822

Shanklin, Robert (decd)(heirs) to John Shanklin, 1826

Shanklin, Robert to John Shanklin, 1838

Shanklin, Sarah (widow of Richard), against heirs of Richard Shanklin, 1834

Shawler, Jacob & Michael (heirs of) to William Shawler

Shawler, Jacob against Jacob Huffman, 1836

.Shawler, William to Napper, James March 1, 1861

Shepherd, Adam to Michael Ryon, 1797

Shepherd, Adam to Jacob Shawler & George Shock, 1797

Shepherd, Adam to James McKever, 1805

Shepherd, Adam to Ephraim Johnson, 1806

Shepherd, Adam to John Masdon, 1806

Shepherd, Adam to Christian, Andrew & Jacob Gore, 1808

Shepherd, James to Martin Hoagland, 1854

Shepherd, John B. (heirs of) to Lorenzo Hogland, 1852

Shepherd, Peter (heirs) to James McKever, 1805

Shoptaw, James & John, Henry Myers to Christopher Harshfield, 1850

Shoptaw, Wm. to Lloyd B. Magruder, 1844

Simmons, Heirs of Esau Simmons 1845

Simpson, James to Absalom Simpson, 1801

Simpson, James to Thomas Sanders, 1801

Slaughter, George to Clifton Hall, 1804

Sliger, Thomas & John, Kenner Seaton, Clifton Hall, Kenner Risinger to Upton Sliger & David Sliger Jr., 1839

Smith, Samuel to Jonathon Ricketts, 1814   image

Smock, James to Zealy Williams, 1835

Smock, Mathias - Williams, Henry March 3, 1843

Sparks, Daniel to John Collins, 1808

Sparks, Daniel to Jesse Jones, 1810

Spinks, Ignatious to Henry Crist, 1808

Spinks, Sarah, Francis, Raphael, & Elisabeth Margaret, Ann Burch to Wm. Spinks, 1806
Spinks Et Al, Francis Spinks heirs vest William Spinks with power of attorney for land sale; 1806
[Updated file]

Stallings, Isaac to Richard James, 1828

Stallings, Samuel (heirs) to Richard James 1827

Stewart, Thomas to Nathaniel Clarke, 1816

Stone, Wm. to Nelson Crenshaw, 1851

Stranney, James to James Deacon, 1827 & 1833

Stringer, Thomas to Wm. C. Stephens, 1829

Summers, Benjamin & wife Verlinder to Justices of the Bullitt County Court, for a school house, 1831

Swan, Justinian to Michael Troutman, 1799

Swearingen, W. W.  to Matthew Mudd, 1848


T Surnames

Taylor, James to Simeon Harris & John Clark, 1825

Temple, Wm. to Samuel Wells, 1849

Thickston, Mary (heirs), 1813

Thompson, Eli to Zecheriah Harris, 1802

Thompson, Henry to Francis Blandford. 1814

Thompson, William to Joseph Blandford, 1832

Thornberry, John & Benj., Thomas Whitledge, John Ridgeway to
Arthur Quinn, William Willson, Susannah & John Cooms, Edmund Thornton, Russell K. Thornberry, 1826

Thurman, Baze to Martin Allen, 1831

Thurman, Meeker, Felix Cundiff to John R. Larkin, 1852

Thurman, Prior to John Howlett Sr., 1841

Tomlinson, Benj. to Isaac Greathouse, 1801

Tomlinson, Septamus to Jefferson Rayerdon & John Munro, 1838

Tomlinson. Septimus to Robert Davis, 1840

Troutman, Elizabeth to Thomas Hall, (prenuptial agreement), 1816

Troutman, Jacob, Rodolphus Buky, John Middleton, 1827

Troutman, Martin to James Cundiff, 1852

Troutman, Philip, Ignatious Aud, Henry C. M. Cartmell to Levi Magruder, 1830

Troutman, Richard M. to Matthew Rust, 1843

Trunnel, Eliza to Joseph M. Gray, 1848

Trustees of the town of Shepherdsville to Francis Blondell, 1797

Tucker, James to John Coleman, 1836


U Surnames



V Surnames

Vaughn, William to Jacob Vaughn, 1849

Von, Joseph to John Hall, 1818


W Surnames

Walton, Matthew to Henry Younger, 1802

Walters, Tolbert/Talbot, et al to Noah Hobbs, 1848

Waters, William 1851

Weathers, Sophia & Henry Crist to James Deacon Jr., 1835

Weller, Thomas to James Crawford, 1821

Weller, Philip to Julius James, 1834

Wells, Abraham to Austin Hall, 1808

Wells, Carty to Abraham Miller, 1810

Wells, Stephen to George W. Mathis, 1850

Wells, Wm. to Michael A. Wade, 1852

Wheeler, John administrators against his creditors, 1844

Wheeler & Stansberry, Robinson - & Breckenridge, Pope, 1831

Whitaker, Aquilla to John Budd, 1810

White, James to Charles Lee, 1851

Whitledge, John to Daniel Thornberry, 1825

Whitledge, John to Wm. Whitledge, Wm. Brooks & John Clarke, 1838

Whitldege, Overall to Wm. Pope Jr, Worden Pope & Robert Breckenridge, 1813

Whitledge, Thomas to Justinian Swan, 1799

Whitledge, Thomas to Joseph Brooks, 1820

Whitledge, Wm. to John Whitldege, 1802

Whitldege, Wm. to Thomas Whitledge, 1802

Whitledge, Wm. & Overall to Wm. Taylor, 1815

Wigginton, H. B., Sampson, & Wm. to Joseph Swearengen, 1851

Wigginton, Wm., Nancy, Henry B., Thomas, Sampson, Jane & Timothy, Perlina & Valentine King to
Barnett Wiggington, Jemima Stringer, Clarkey Barbor, Thomas Mills, & J. Q. A. Hall, 1851

Wilhoit / Wilhite, Tobias to Simeon Yewell, 1808

Williams, Zealy to James Williams, 1835

Williams, Zealy to Zealy Williams Jr., 1835

Williamson, Henry to Samuel Brown, 1814

Willson, David to Nelson King Jr., 1838

Wilson, Frances, James, John & Wm. to John Hall, 1843

Wise, (various), 1844/45

Wise, Caleb to Richard Wise, 1847

Wise, Caleb to John Burch, 1850

Withers, James - appointing Wm. Withers as attorney, 1810

Withers, Sophia to James Deacon, 1845

Withers heirss to Joseph A. Brooks, 182

Wood, Henry to Samuel Bird, 1802

Wood, Mary to Gardom Grundy, 1805 (sale of slaves)


X Surnames



Y Surnames

Yewell, Simeon to Tobias Wilhoit / Wilhite, 1808


Z Surnames


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