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County Seat in Shepherdsville, KY

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Reference Files

Bullitt County Court Orders Book E, 4JUL1825

Bullitt County County Officials, 1893

Kentucky Lawyers in 1859

 A Surnames

Allen, William, heirs of, 1831

Allison, David apprenticed to John Bolton, 1814


B Surnames

Bird, James vs. Edward Dumar, 1848

Bullitt Court, First court to convene in Bullitt Co, 1797

Bullitt Court, Apr 1797

Bullitt Court, 1797-1799

Bullitt Court, Dec. 1807

Bullitt Court, May 1825

Bullitt Court, Apr 1930

Burch, Samuel to John Botton, 1831   image


C Surnames

Catlet, Peter vs. Thomas Cunningham, 1785

Clark, Mahala, guardian for James & Johnson Clark, 1886

Cochran, Martha, guardian for Kate & Virginia Easton, 1873

Crist, Henry S and Mary E (wife) on behalf of paupers, 1849

Crist, Henry S and Mary E (wife) on behalf of paupers, 1850 - [Cont.]

Croan, Wm. & wife vs. Wm. Pratt's heirs (and Wm Pratt's administrator vs. Wm. Pratt's heirs)

Cunningham, John & Thomas vs. Daniel Kerns, 1785

Cunningham, Thomas vs. Andrew Kimblick, 1785

Cunningham, Thomas vs. John & Alexander Merryfield, 1785

Cunningham, Thomas vs. Isaac Yates, 1785

Curtis, Jacob vs. Nathan Harris, 1822


D Surnames

Day, John vs. Joseph R. Hoskins, 1824


E Surnames



F Surnames

None Yet


G Surnames

Gentry, John vs. Martin Gentry, 1827

Gentry, John vs. Wyatt Gentry, 1825

Graham, Samuel (heirs) vs. John Hornback & John Graham, 1825

Gray, Jeremiah vs. Jacob Williams, 1785

Griffin, John vs. Benj. Summers, 1797


H Surnames

Hall, Wm. & Thomas Overstreet appoint Clifton Hall, 1797

Hoglund, James C. vs. Martin Hoglund, 1848


I Surnames

Irons, Jonathon vs. James Mattingly & James Campbell, 1815


J Surnames

Jones, Charles, 1822

Joyce, Harrison vs. Harrison Westfall, 1846

Joyce, Thomas vs. Charles Jones, 1821


K Surnames

Kendall, Wm. vs. Edmond Quirk/Quick, 1785

Kerns, Daniel vs. John Cunningham, 1785

King, John E. vs. Wm. Kelly & Abraham Uncell, & Thomas Williams, 1785


L Surnames

Lane, Moses vs. Jonathon Irons, 1807

Leewright, John vs. Joseph R. Hoskins, 1824


M Surnames

Maraman, Francis, 1822

Mathis, Mrs. W. V. (papers)

McAhron, William, Oct. 1840

McDowell, Ellen vs. Woodford McDowell, 1869

McDowell, Ellen administrators vs. Woodford McDowell, 1869

McIntire, Thomas vs. George Mayfield, 1785

Merriman, Frances, Feb. 1825

Morrison, Isaac & Co., vs. Wm. Lase, Hugh Conway, & Thomas Merryfield, 1785

Moore, Evans April 18, 1831


N Surnames

Neale, Eliza & Wm. apprenticed to Wm. Mockbee, 1808

Nicholas, Samuel vs. Seth Thornberry, 1826


O Surnames

Ormsby, H. guardian vs. W. C. Whitaker, 1870

Owen, Bertie Lee, name change of, 1942


P Surnames

Pearpoint, Francis, appointed surveyor, 1785

Petition 1780 with Bullitt Co signatures

Petition 1792 Porterfield, Alexander vs. James and George Wilmouth, 1808


Q Surnames



R Surnames

Reardon, John, 1825

Rouse, Allen against Cornelius Bess, 1822


S Surnames

Severn, Joseph vs. Baldwin Clifton, 1785

Shanks, James vs. Adam Shepherd, 1811

Shepherd, Adam vs. Thomas Cunningham, 1785

Shepherdsville Trustees to Francis Blondell, 1797

Simmons, John B. vs. Alex Merrifield, 1848

Spaulding, Phillip vs. Benj. Summers, 1806

Stibbins, Martha, guardian for Samuel, Susan, George, Perry, John & Noah Stibbins, 1885

Stovall, John B. vs. William Pennebaker, 1791


T Surnames

Thixton/Thickston, 1782-1797


U Surnames



V Surnames



W Surnames

Weaver, Michael vs. Michael Troutman, 1807

Westfall, Elizabeth vs. Robert Huff, 1804

Wilmouth, John B. vs. John B. Greenwell, 1810


X Surnames



Y Surnames



Z Surnames


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