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BICKETT Darrell Shane 4/5/1973 9/18/2001   h/o LaGina
CARMICKLE John Evan 4/27/1940 11/29/1999   h/o Margaret Yeager
DAVIS Charles   3/25/1936 11/17/1993   h/o Wilma
FLORES Helen Annette Taul 4/19/1957     w/o Robert Lee "Doc" Md. 11/29/1997
FLORES Robert Lee "Doc" 11/1/1950 2/5/2005   h/o Annette Taul  PFCArmy Vietnam
GIBSON Ronald Neal 3/21/1953 8/15/2006   h/o Linda F. Miller  Md. 9/8/1979
HOWEY Nancy Carroll Taul 9/8/1941 10/12/2012   w/o Harlan (Huey)
JACKSON Arthur 6/17/1921 3/2/2015   h/o Juanita Miller
MILLER Carl Thomas 4/21/1920 5/19/1997   h/o Imogene Fentress  Sgy Army WWII
MILLER Frank 1937 11/14/2008   h/o Sharon
MILLER Imogene Fentress 9/16/1929     w/o Carl Thomas
MILLER John Hubert 9/24/1917 2/15/2001  
MILLER Sharon 5/17/1939     w/o Frank
OREM Graydon B. 11/6/1934 2/6/2007   SR US Navy    Korea
PHILLIPS Wilma Jean Thurman Davis 5/19/1941 10/27/2015   d/o Henry & Mable Thurman
PRESTON James Robert 10/21/1931 1/13/2008   h/o Betty Jean Bruner
RILEY James Rondall (Billy) 2/11/1940 10/1/2014   h/o Shirley Taul
SANDERS Amiel Lee 8/27/1941 10/15/1995   h/o Mary
SIMMONS Barbara J. 11/10/1931 8/16/2002   w/o Estel G.   Md. 3/2/1947
SIMMONS Estel G. 4/2/1923 1/27/1998   h/o Barbara J.  PFC Army WWII
SIMMONS Kevin Jody 3/9/1963 2/28/2001  
SIMMONS Pamela Kaye 1/19/1959     w/o Raymond G. "Buck"
SIMMONS Raymond G. "Buck" 2/2/1950 1/29/2005   h/o Pamela Kaye
SMITH Carroll Thomas 1/10/1927 11/30/1980   h/o Mary Alice
SMITH Jesse Thomas 2/2/1950 1/7/1967   No marker  s/o Carroll & Mary A.
SMITH Mary Alice Weedman 8/3/1932 6/27/2011   w/o Carrol Thomas
STRASBURGER Shannon Rebecca Basham 5/16/1973 2/9/1995   w/o Terry Wayne
STRASBURGER Terry Wayne 6/27/1973 2/9/1995   h/o Shannon Rebecca Basham
TAUL Bernice Hinton 1/3/1935 1/25/2011   w/o Charlie
TAUL Charles Homer III 10/21/1983 3/31/1984   s/o Charles H. & Cheryl D.
TAUL Debbie Rene Egbert 12/7/1958 8/4/2005   w/o Lory Phillip Jr.
TAUL Hilda Ann Jolly 12/1/1937     w/o Lory Phillip "Pete"
TAUL Houston Carroll 12/16/1915 1/26/1992   h/o Marcella Wells
TAUL Iva Myrtle Ball 1/28/1894 3/26/1991   w/o John Homer
TAUL James Franklin (Buster) 4/9/1937 6/23/2012   h/o Ruby Duke
TAUL James Houston 7/11/1948 5/14/1980   h/o Norita Harris
TAUL James Lafayette 8/25/1915 12/5/1998   h/o Stella Marie Brickey
TAUL James Michael (Mike) 12/4/1957 1/20/2014   h/o Lisa Smith
TAUL John Homer 3/10/1892 10/25/1973   h/o Iva Myrtle Ball  Md. 6/15/1912
TAUL John Nirom 1/22/1923     h/o Lillian Irene Keenan  Md. 9/4/1943
TAUL Lillian Irene Keenan 10/18/1922 12/22/2004   w/o John Nirom
TAUL Lory Phillip "Pete" 9/24/1935 3/26/2005   h/o Hilda Ann Jolly  USNavy Korea
TAUL Lory Phillip Jr. 10/5/1956     h/o Debbie Rene Egbert
TAUL Marcella Wells 6/24/1926 4/8/2016   w/o Houston Carroll
TAUL Margaret Ann DeJarnette 10/31/1928 10/16/2013   w/o Sherman
TAUL Margaret Ellen Keenan 3/22/1916 8/4/1999   w/o William Henry Harrison
TAUL Ruby Jane Duke 7/24/1943 5/12/2014   w/o James (Buster)
TAUL Sherman 12/10/1925 11/11/2011   h/o Margaret DeJarnette
TAUL Stella Marie Brickey 3/23/1916 1/14/2004   w/o James Lafayette
TAUL William Allen 10/3/1946 6/3/2015   h/o Judith Lee
TAUL William Henry Harrison 10/10/1913 11/22/2003   h/o Margaret Keenan  Md. 11/28/1932
THOMAS Wilma Jean Taul 1/7/1934 3/26/2012   w/o James Thomas
WEEDMAN Ernest L. 3/19/1955 11/13/2009   s/o Jeff & Ethel
WEEDMAN Ethel 5/7/1917 5/9/1990   w/o Jeff
WEEDMAN Jeff 11/17/1895 9/20/1968   h/o Ethel
WEEDMAN Joseph Allen 1/7/1951 1/7/1967   Wood cross marker  s/o Jeff & Ethel
WEEDMAN Leonard M. 10/13/1934 7/28/1978   h/o Sylvia M.
WEEDMAN Sylvia M. 8/14/1938     w/o Leonard M.
YEAGER Ellen A. 2/13/1923 1/15/2002   w/o Seward L.    Md. 9/10/1938
YEAGER Seward L. 1/23/1919 2/3/1989   h/o Ellen A.  Army WWII