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NOTE TO GUESTS/RESEARCHERS: Please only submit information that you have written yourself, rather than information from
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ANTHONY EDWARD R. 3/15/1883-4/14/1944 T P O/DN
  LINDA L. CORDER 7/23/1948-10/23/2003 T P O/DN
  SARAH F. LEWIS 3/27/1884-3/27/1964 T P O/DN
  STANLEY L. 12/30/1940 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
ARMES JAMES D. 7/17/1924-1/17/1976 T P O/DN
  JAMES EDWARD 10/31/1904-4/14/1989 T P O/DN
  JAMES ONIE 4/11/1878-11/3/1954 T P O/DN
  JENNIE HOWARD 11/17/1887-2/4/1961 T P O/DN
  JOSEPH ALTON 11/9/1950-12/16/1950 T P O/DN
  LARRY, Jr. 1/8/1949-5/16/1997 T P O/DN
  MARGARET MITCHELL 7/25/1913-11/28/1993 T P O/DN
  MARY D. OBENCHAIN 11/16/1920-11/9/2004 T P O/DN
  MARY ELLEN 4/2/1946-4/2/1946 T P O/DN
  MARY JANE CARWILE 4/4/1882-1/1/1963 T P O/DN
  OLA WILSON 8/14/1883-6/17/1939 T P O/DN
  RICHARD O. 6/6/1876-4/7/1961 T P O/DN
  VIOLA FRANCES 10/1/1959-1/16/1960 T P O/DN
  WILLIS G. 11/11/1870-9/12/1955 T P O/DN
BALL CHARLES 11/25/1870-6/11/1933 T P O/DN
  COVA L. MATTINGLY 8/27/1895-12/8/1972 T P O/DN
  FLOYD J. 6/24/1912-7/20/1912 T P O/DN
  JOSEPH O. 5/23/1890-9/30/1968 T P O/DN
  LEONARD NELSON 4/16/1914-5/7/1914 T P O/DN
  MARY FRANCIS FURROW 10/10/1864-4/1/1911 T P O/DN
  MABEL L. 1/12/1926-4/9/1938 T P O/DN
BARKER MARY JO BALL 1/12/1923-2/11/1982 T P O/DN
  MARSHALL THOMAS, Sr. 4/10/1938-10/11/2012 T P O/DN
  MARTHA JANET THOMPSON 4/14/1934-10/10/2010 T P O/DN
BEAVIN ELIZA H. 2/2/1860-11/13/1937 T P O/DN
BENNETT GARY DALE 6/23/1952-6/24/1952 T P O/DN
BERN VIRGINIA WRIGHT 5/18/1925-9/23/1964 T P O/DN
BERRY RALPH GORDON 4/17/1927-8/16/2015 T P O/DN
BLAND EARL BERNARD 12/6/1915-12/16/1989 T P O/DN
  JOHNNY E. 6/17/1921-6/29/1948 T P O/DN
  MARGARET BALL 2/27/1921-10/27/1988 T P O/DN
BOCOCK THOMAS LOUIS 3/25/1945-11/17/2004 T P O/DN
BOWLIN JOHN C. 8/30/1924-9/11/1990 T P O/DN
  NELLIE R. IVEY 7/25/1930-8/8/1988 T P O/DN
BROWN BENNIE J. ARMES 5/22/1907-9/8/1995 T P O/DN
  CINDY SUE GODSEY 5/17/1959 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  HOBART H. 6/8/1950-11/24/1982 T P O/DN
  IMOGENE MORRIS 11/4/1929 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  JAMES WILLIAM 5/18/1936-5/19/2010 T P O/DN
  RALPH C. 10/11/1926-4/6/2008 T P O/DN
  STEVEN H. 8/27/1971-5/10/1992 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM H. 10/22/1902-7/27/1976 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM PERLIS "George" 7/2/1938-9/13/1980 T P O/DN
BRYANT ABE SKILLMAN 5/2/1882-5/17/1963 T P O/DN
  ALLENE MORRIS 1/22/1920-8/8/1993 T P O/DN
  EVA BELLE BRUMFIELD 10/31/1886-11/7/1971      
  MARY AMELIA BLAND 4/27/1845-1/12/1945 T P O/DN
  ROBERT F. 1/1/1912-6/1/1983 T P O/DN
BURNETTE GLADYS M. FRANK 5/26/1921-6/7/1989 T P O/DN
BURTON BYRD BAXTER 8/7/1901-1/29/1975 T P O/DN
  CARL 8/10/1937-3/13/2010 T P O/DN
  CARTER 6/4/1902-1/11/1989 T P O/DN
  DIANA TATE 5/13/1944-8/22/2004 T P O/DN
CAMPBELL DONNA RAE 8/24/1952-8/26/1952 T P O/DN
CARMAN ANDREW S. 1/30/1904-6/7/1974 T P O/DN
  ANGELA KAYE 9/13/1979-12/7/2008 T P O/DN
  FRANKLIN SKILLIE 8/16/1922-5/2/1977 T P O/DN
  HENRY WASH 10/31/1916-9/28/1974 T P O/DN
  KAYE TAUL 2/6/1947-6/26/2014 T P O/DN
  LEE 12/11/1893-3/7/1972 T P O/DN
  LULA E. DUNN 4/22/1923-4/14/2002 T P O/DN
  MARY WARDRIP 6/15/1917-6/22/1991 T P O/DN
  NELLIE 6/29/1948-7/4/1948 T P O/DN
  SARAH ANN DAUGHERTY 7/28/1913-5/27/1983 T P O/DN
CARR NEAL 3/12/1954 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  TERRIE DeJARNETTE 9/10/1954-10/15/2012 T P O/DN
CHAMBLISS DORIS ROGERS 9/17/1925 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  ELMINA LYONS 4/9/1897-12/20/1985 T P O/DN
  HENRY LYONS 6/28/1920-7/10/1987 T P O/DN
  HERBERT 2/7/1887-4/13/1952 T P O/DN
  PAUL BRYAN 1/25/1896-5/13/1979 T P O/DN
  PAUL WILTON 3/23/1931-4/5/2002 T P O/DN
  RUTH VERNON 3/8/1934-8/10/1934 T P O/DN
  VERNON L. 12/22/1896-11/9/1970 T P O/DN
CLARK KATIE DUNN 11/6/1886-6/8/1984 T P O/DN
COLYER MATTHEW CHASE 1/12/1934-5/12/1995 T P O/DN
COOPER HARRY M. 1/12/1934-5/12/1995 T P O/DN
  MARTHA A. 12/3/1936- --/--/---- T P O/DN
CORDER JAMES M. 5/17/1915-6/23/1992 T P O/DN
  MILDRED D. LYONS 6/28/1924-8/10/1994 T P O/DN
CURRY BELINDA CARMAN 3/14/1956-3/13/2009 T P O/DN
DAUGHERTY MARY GRACE DUNN 12/25/1931-3/19/2008 T P O/DN
  ROBERT L. 5/24/1930-4/8/1985 T P O/DN
  GEORGE T. 10/6/1879-1/19/1954 T P O/DN
  NANCY JANE FRANKS 9/--/1855-2/28/1943 T P O/DN
DEAN BEN J. 5/2/1907-10/19/1982 T P O/DN
  BESS MOORMAN 3/4/1877-11/9/1953 T P O/DN
  BOB F. 6/30/1914-12/24/1970 T P O/DN
  DOROTHY DIX MOORMAN 9/16/1926-1/15/1974 T P O/DN
  DOROTHY JEAN JACKSON 9/16/1926-4/14/1978 T P O/DN
  ELNORA A. SQUIRES 3/20/1910-11/19/1999 T P O/DN
  ERNEST R. 9/24/1905-3/1/1985 T P O/DN
  FRANK F. 5/4/1867-11/19/1954 T P O/DN
  GEORGE MICHAEL, Sr. 12/18/1957-8/6/2013 T P O/DN
  HENRY R. 4/21/1902-1/3/1970 T P O/DN
  JAMES A. 6/16/1872-9/30/1944 T P O/DN
  JOHN D. "Dave" 10/7/1911-6/9/1991 T P O/DN
  MAY MOORMAN 8/28/1878-2/15/1974 T P O/DN
  NONA ROBINSON 6/30/1934 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  THOMAS F. 7/27/1932-11/24/2015 T P O/DN
DECKER ARVIN 2/11/1922-11/11/2006 T P O/DN
  CHARLES W. 5/31/1853-6/16/1944 T P O/DN
  CHARLIE 2/15/1904-8/29/1989 T P O/DN
  DOSHIE SMITH 7/31/1905-1/17/1948 T P O/DN
  EDNA M. VOYLES 1/24/1929-6/26/2011 T P O/DN
  GARLAND EUGENE 11/26/1948 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  GEORGE W. 3/1/1877-4/25/1951 T P O/DN
  HULDA ANN SAPP 3/15/1880-10/22/1956 T P O/DN
  JAMES FRANKLIN 3/13/1947-3/13/1947 T P O/DN
  JERRY RAY 6/23/1956-1/15/1998 T P O/DN
  LOWELL THOMAS 2/9/1948 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  PAUL EDWARD 6/26/1946-6/26/1946 T P O/DN
  STELLA 11/10/1936- --/--//---- T P O/DN
DEHART DAVID JONATHON 10/15/1922-7/26/1923 T P O/DN
  MARY 8/24/1924-6/13/1926 T P O/DN
  MARY L. GANNAWAY 9/17/1884-8/25/1924 T P O/DN
DeJARNETT BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 10/10/1885-11/23/1962 T P O/DN
  JAMES E. 3/9/1910-11/6/1942 T P O/DN
  RESSIE BEAVIN 12/15/1888-12/23/1974 T P O/DN
DeJARNETTE ADRIAN B. 4/2/1933-2/21/2016 T P O/DN
  ARTHUR L. 12/29/1905-7/30/1968 T P O/DN
  BARBARA PATTON 1/5/1937 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  BARNEY MILTON 7/26/1879-5/30/1971 T P O/DN
  BURN 11/23/1887-7/17/1973 T P O/DN
  CORA BUTLER 6/30/1911-1/9/1967 T P O/DN
  DARWIN DELL 1/7/1950-4/1/1970 T P O/DN
  ELOISE RAE BEAUCHAMP 6/6/1931-4/5/2014 T P O/DN
  FLOY CHANCELLOR LYONS 9/28/1907-2/21/2003 T P O/DN
  FRANKLIN 8/12/1911-8/12/1990 T P O/DN
  GRACE 9/27/1921-8/5/1994 T P O/DN
  HAROLD LYONS 10/12/1919-5/3/1994 T P O/DN
  LARRY NEIL 11/8/1931-1/25/2014 T P O/DN
  LOUIE WADE 1/6/1908-8/15/2006 T P O/DN
  MARY E. BATES 3/30/1899-10/23/1964 T P O/DN
  MARY E. LYONS 8/19/1887-10/28/1966 T P O/DN
  MARY MARGARET BLAND 10/22/1913-1/25/1984 T P O/DN
  MELINDA 2/15/1955-10/16/1997 T P O/DN
  MOLLIE E. BALL 8/8/1861-9/14/1945 T P O/DN
  MORRIS L. 8/21/1903-10/7/1972 T P O/DN
  NANCY JANE SQUIRES 5/18/1920-7/1/2014 T P O/DN
  NELL THOMAS 4/26/1940 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  ROBERT F. 4/27/193-5/11/2009 T P O/DN
  SALLY K. "Katie" SHREWSBERRY 7/--/1882-1/8/1959 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM E. 10/3/1906-10/25/1958 T P O/DN
DUKE ARTIE LEE 4/19/1914-2/7/1994 T P O/DN
  BERTHA HOCKENBERRY RUSHER 5/24/1914-8/30/1999 T P O/DN
  BETTIE L. 3/16/1942-3/16/1942 T P O/DN
  CHARLOTTE R. 3/27/1939 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  JAMES PETER 3/17/1878-10/27/1954 T P O/DN
  JAMES W. 8/31/1934 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  JANE "Jennie" MAE SMITH 4/2/1916-6/20/1997 T P O/DN
  JULIA M. LACEFIELD 9/8/1882-7/24/1962 T P O/DN
  LOWELL E. 6/13/1950-6/13/1950 T P O/DN
  ROOSEVELT 5/12/1915-10/19/1986 T P O/DN
  RUTH LEE M. 10/24/1938-11/16/1938 T P O/DN
  VOL 6/2/1909-11/23/1994 T P O/DN
  UBIE 3/31/1913/4/22/1990 T P O/DN
DUNCAN DAVID 12/17/1952-4/5/2011 T P O/DN
  HAROLD 11/7/1943-6/28/1999 T P O/DN
  HENRY I. 6/4/1899-11/17/1966 T P O/DN
  LAURA ANN 5/30/1955-7/10/1955 T P O/DN
  NELL M. BISHOP 10/31/1912-5/17/1989 T P O/DN
DUNN ALLIE N. 5/13/1896-11/1/1982 T P O/DN
  ELLA MAE DUKE 6/20/1918-4/24/1985 T P O/DN
  JOHN A. 7/2/1915-9/12/1987 T P O/DN
  LEE 9/15/1888-10/17/1949 T P O/DN
  LILLIE R. 3/12/1899-8/11/1978 T P O/DN
  LUCINDA F. CORDER 1/31/1922-9/30/1989 T P O/DN
  LILLIE RUSHER 3/12/1899-8/11/1978 T P O/DN
  SETTIE RUSHER 3/23/1897-12/30/1977 T P O/DN
  THOMAS LEE 9/15/1888-10/17/1949 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM HOMER 9/18/1917-12/10/1977 T P O/DN
DYER ALBERT RAYMOND "Ray" 5/10/1906-10/26/1980 T P O/DN
  LULA E. JORDAN 8/25/1906-4/8/1991 T P O/DN
ELDER JONATHON MONARCH 3/29/1992-2/28/1999 T P O/DN
EMBRY LARRY EUGENE 7/30/1944-6/23/1945 T P O/DN
  LOIS MARIE JENKINS 10/12/1955-6/8/1995 T P O/DN
FARLEY DONALD 7/7/1952-2/8/2004 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM THOMAS 11/1/1945-6/13/1996 T P O/DN
FARRIS HAZEL 2/16/1919-8/5/1936 T P O/DN
FILBIN JAMES P. 5/23/1965 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  MARY FRANCES BOCOCK 6/29/1942-1/17/2001 T P O/DN
FORD BESSIE CLARK 12/25/1910-12/12/1980 T P O/DN
  EARL 7/31/1911-1/27/1997 T P O/DN
  GEORGE P. 9/4/1875-1/6/1944 T P O/DN
  LUTHER --/--/1907-8/16/1966 T P O/DN
  ROSIE E. DUNCAN 9/2/1886-10/6/1966 T P O/DN
  JESSE MAITLAND 12/10/1916-7/25/2006 T P O/DN
  LINDA B. 11/5/1942 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  ROBERT J. 12/17/1943 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
FRANK ANNA GUILLORY 1/8/1935-3/1/1995 T P O/DN
  BERMAN W. 11/14/1913-1/27/1985 T P O/DN
  CORA E. JORDAN 9/--/1878-2/2/1969 T P O/DN
  ESTIL LEWIS 5/29/1891-12/2/1967 T P O/DN
  GERALD D. 1/6/1934- --/--/---- T P O/DN
  JOHN L. 11/1/1863-9/18/1934 T P O/DN
  LUCILLE M. 7/2/1915-8/30/1983 T P O/DN
  LULA MAE BRUMFIELD 4/25/1895-8/29/1995 T P O/DN
  RHODA BRICKEY 9/22/1860-5/29/1942 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM W. 12/2/1871-8/11/1952 T P O/DN
FUQUA ANNA E. LAMB 7/5/1879-11/13/1953 T P O/DN
  AUGUSTUS 3/24/1925-3/5/1980 T P O/DN
  BARBARA DUNN 4/23/1940-12/22/2008 T P O/DN
  BONNIE L. 7/13/1948-7/30/1948 T P O/DN
  CHARLES 5/30/1951-2/21/1989 T P O/DN
  DAVID E. 10/17/1955-11/7/1979 T P O/DN
  LAURA MAY 12/24/1912-12/24/1912 T P O/DN
  MURLE V. 7/16/1937-3/28/2013 T P O/DN
  PRESTON WILSON 7/15/1878-5/23/1967 T P O/DN
  SHIRLEY LEE SMITH 3/7/1935-4/24/2003 T P O/DN