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ADKISSON EMMA L.McCOY 7/2/1891-8/1/1928 T P O/DN
  MARY LEE 12/31/1914-12/31/1914 T P O/DN
  OLLIE CURRANT 11/7/1888-11/18/1976 T P O/DN
  ROSA LOU 1/14/1922-1/14/1922 T P O/DN
  SUSANNA KENNEDY 2/15/1815-12/28/1899 T P O/DN
ALLEN HARLAN C. 11/8/1902-10/2/1986 T P O/DN
  MARY ESTELLE 6/19/1928-5/29/1972 T P O/DN
  MILDRED BASHAM 11/16/1905-6/6/1972 T P O/DN
ALLGOOD LEE ANN KINNISON 5/15/1880-11/23/1951 T P O/DN
ARMES RHONDA GAIL 6/29/1963-12/23/2013 T1 T2 P1 P2 O/DN
  WILBUR BRUCE 1/6/1960 - --/--/---- T1 T2 P1 P2 O/DN
BAGGETT KENNETH WAYNE, Jr. 2/14/1984-9/16/1985 T P O/DN
BASHAM ANNA C. HALL 9/15/1911-5/1/1990 T P O/DN
  BURTON 5/29/1885-5/17/19561956 T P O/DN
  DEVADA MEADOR 5/14/1888-2/15/1973 T P O/DN
  HERSHEL D. 2/6/1911-11/17/1990 T P O/DN
  JAMES R 6/7/1880-12/20/1943 T P O/DN
  MARY 5/27/1923-7/11/2008 T P O/DN
  MARY E. 11/22/1852-9/25/1878 T P O/DN
  MARY ILA NICHOLSON 4/2/1882-8/30/1941 T P O/DN
  MORRIS 1/8/1923-9/6/2000 T P O/DN
  PEARL SHOEMAKER 9/13/1887-6/1/1962 T P O/DN
  RICHARD O. 3/20/1874-8/30/1951 T P O/DN
BAUM ARAYIAH JEAN 3/4/2007-5/17/2015 T P O/DN
BEAUCHAMP CRAWFORD 11/13/1859-7/16/1919 T P O/DN
  JAMES WILLIS 12/2/1883-11/4/1891 T P O/DN
  NANNIE LURA BRUINGTON 11/5/1860-4/21/1911 T P O/DN
  ROBERT C. 6/7/1895-3/2/1898 T P O/DN
BELL CARRIE MABEL McCOY 6/3/1902-4/11/1934 T P O/DN
  DOROTHY HELEN ADKISSON 12/31/1916-6/4/2011 T P O/DN
  GLEN 1/29/1897-1/8/1954 T P O/DN
  HAROLD ALLEN 5/16/1945-8/18/1945 T P O/DN
  HAROLD T. 1/1/1925-1/4/1925 T P O/DN
  HENRY R. 11/7/1849-11/25/1885 T P O/DN
  JOHN TAYLOR 12/20/1872-1/5/1911 T P O/DN
  MARY GREEN McCOY 5/6/1872-2/19/1968 T P O/DN
  RAY G. 5/30/1908-10/23/2004 T P O/DN
BLAKE JOHN H. 1/21/1837-11/20/1896 T P O/DN
  LUCRETIA 1/9/1833-6/23/1899 T P O/DN
BOYD HENRY BRYAN, III 9/18/1974-6/14/2016 T P O/DN
BRUINGTON ARLIE MAE 12/31/1905-7/12/1991 T P O/DN
  AUGUSTUS C. 6/5/1839-1/27/1861 T P O/DN
  BENJAMIN M. 10/4/1889-5/25/1982 T P O/DN
  GEORGE --/--/1778-5/31/1844 T P O/DN
  GEORGE 8/25/1866-11/30/1951 T P O/DN
  JAMES 11/12/1809-1/22/1895 T P O/DN
  JAMES HOMER --/--/1905-4/5/1963 T P O/DN
  JAMES WILLIAM 3/6/1863-9/22/1929 T P O/DN
  JESSE ALFRED, Jr. 12/7/1923-4/19/1992 T P O/DN
  JOYCE ANN 10/31/1949-10/31/1949 T P O/DN
  LAWRENCE McADOO 2/4/1929-4/15/1931 T P O/DN
  MARJORIE TATE 3/23/1924-10/28/2003 T P O/DN
  MARY ANN ST. CLAIR 9/21/1820-5/25/1888 T P O/DN
  MARY W. 11/15/1900-5/25/1997 T P O/DN
  MILLIE FOWER 1/23/1885-4/19/1975 T P O/DN
  MYRNA LOIS LAYMAN 4/15/1941-11/2/2015 T P O/DN
  NANNIE W. SNIDER 4/23/1867-2/2/1941 T P O/DN
  ROBERT M. 11/10/1916-4/2/1955 T P O/DN
  VIRGINIA H. 10/8/1852-2/21/1859 T P O/DN
  W. LEE 3/27/1927-3/27/1927 T P O/DN
BULLOCK LAURA 1/5/1898-3/17/1981 T P O/DN
CARMAN MARY ELIZABETH 5/2/1930-3/15/1931 T P O/DN
  NANNIE HAYNES 1909-1930 T P O/DN
CARWILE LARRY ALEX, Sr. 6/1/1950-3/5/2015 T P1 P2 O/DN
  LOUIS FRANKLIN 12/11/1954-3/24/2004 T P O/DN
COLLARD GEORGE JACKSON 2/20/1878-11/24/1946 T P O/DN
  MARVIN O. 1/1/1897-11/27/1984 T P O/DN
  PRISCILLA KINNERSON 8/2/1880-6/27/1936 T P O/DN
  SAMUEL T. 11/5/1915-3/7/1933 T P O/DN
  NELLIE A. MONTGOMERY 11/23/1904-9/18/1983 T P O/DN
  DONNIE EUGENE 6/8/1945-1/28/1987 T P O/DN
  LONNIE A. 3/8/1906-3/14/1985 T P O/DN
  MARY ROSE 2/13/1950 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  ROY A. 3/27/1952-9/28/1977 T P O/DN
CONNER ALVIN R. 5/31/1912-11/20/1985 T P O/DN
  ARTHUR WALLACE 4/14/1886-11/15/1965 T P O/DN
  EVELYN MEADOR 11/21/1916-11/24/1985 T P O/DN
  JESSE L. 4/6/1904-12/10/1986 T P O/DN
  LEOTA MABEL 8/24/1919-5/20/2008 T P O/DN
  LULA HAYNES 2/19/1890-11/6/1984 T P O/DN
  MARY J. WOODS 10/13/1838-12/28/1876 T P O/DN
DENNISON JACOB 1/22/1886-8/5/1965 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM ROBERT 4/12/1919-7/14/1988 T P O/DN
DOWELL ALBERT E. 9/27/1868-3/16/1947 T P O/DN
  ARTHUR L. 11/10/1902-12/27/1985 T P1 P2 O/DN
  ARTILDA WOOD 9/11/1874-1/18/1951 T P O/DN
  AUSTIN T. 4/24/1880-11/16/1968 T P O/DN
  BEULAH NORTON 5/5/1899-10/11/1977 T P1 P2 O/DN
  BRINDA ALLENE 7/28/1943-8/3/1943 T P O/DN
  CLARENCE BERRY 10/30/1893-4/2/1969 T P O/DN
  CLARENCE C. 11/15/1883-11/17/1885 T P O/DN
  EDGAR 8/31/1870-5/14/1879 T P O/DN
  ERNEST T. 12/8/1908-10/1/1915 T P O/DN
  EVERETT 5/12/1890-6/14/1891 T P O/DN
  EZRA 3/24/1846-2/8/1925 T P1 P2 O/DN
  FRANCIS A. McCOY 10/24/1837-5/4/1897 T P O/DN
  FRANCIS M. 10/3/1886-12/11/1947 T P O/DN
  HARVEY 10/24/1878-12/29/1904 T P O/DN
  HIRAM V. 10/8/1866-8/13/1889 T P O/DN
  HOWARD A. 11/27/1915-3/7/2001 T P O/DN
  INFANT 3/3/1873-3/3/1873 T P O/DN
  JAMES CORBETT 11/15/1829-11/10/1899 T P O/DN
  JAMES FRANK 4/7/1895-3/9/1978 T P O/DN
  JAMES G. 4/8/1896-7/5/1896 T P O/DN
  LENA BEAUCHAMP --/--/1895-8/14/1968 T P O/DN
  LETITIA 1/14/1869-12/6/1885 T P O/DN
  LITTLEBERRY 4/9/1796-1/2/1873 T P O/DN
  LUCRETIA "Creasy" ANN WOOD 9/18/1858-9/16/1890 T P O/DN
  LULA KINNISON --/--/1893-1/23/1966 T P O/DN
  MALCOLM 1/24/1907-1/24/1907 T P O/DN
  MARY A. NORTON 8/8/1873-9/19/1928 T P O/DN
  MORRIS M. 3/29/1916-7/26/1916 T P O/DN
  MYRNA JANE BALL 3/7/1896-6/12/1969 T P O/DN
  NANCY E. 6/1/1839 - --/--/1851 T P O/DN
  NORMA LEE 1931 - ---- T P O/DN
  OMAR ACKLEY 4/16/1903-9/27/1904 T P O/DN
  PAUL WILLARD 1/1/1928-12/14/1969 T P O/DN
  RACHEL McCOY 11/5/1835-5/13/1857 T P O/DN
  RHODA McCOY 3/27/1828-11/16/1922 T P O/DN
  RICHARD 5/15/1865-2/7/1905 T P O/DN
  SARAH J. 6/5/1879-6/25/1879 T P O/DN
  SARAH PAYNE --/--/1805-7/27/1865 T P O/DN
  SUSAN 2/8/1858-9/15/1862 T P O/DN
  SUSAN G. HAYNES 9/30/1870-4/14/1914 T P O/DN
  THOMAS 6/23/1843-10/19/1876 T P O/DN
  VIOLET COLLARD 12/25/1919-11/25/1982 T P O/DN
  VIRGIL M. 9/21/1888-8/11/1979 T P O/DN
  WILLIE WILBERT 2/15/1870-5/14/1879 T P O/DN