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ROBERTS LOU ESTHER BUTLER 6/30/1872-10/6/1900 T P O/DN
ROBINSON B. THOMAS 9/12/1861-3/11/1912 T P O
  COVA PRIEST 1/9/1898-3/3/1962 T P O/DN
  ETHER/ESTHER LEE 2/18/1911-2/18/1911 T P O
  HANNAH PILE 5/31/1866-9/25/1932 T P O/DN
  HAZEL WHITWORTH 12/20/1895-4/1/1927 T P O/DN
  HOBART 3/11/1909-8/12/1961 T P O/DN
  INFANT DAUGHTER 3/6/1931-3/6/1931 T P O/DN
  JAMES WILLIAM 2/29/1859-1/30/1955 T P O/DN
  JOHN 10/13/1887-1/27/1937 T P O/DN
  JOHN THOMAS 3/9/1939-8/9/1959 T P O/DN
  MARY E. ROBERTS 8/9/1852-8/5/1927 T P O/DN
  NELLIE BUTLER 5/15/1884-6/5/1956 T P O/DN
  ORAL WAYNE 1/9/1917-6/10/1983 T P O/DN
  THOMAS 12/14/1910-7/22/1986 T P O/DN
  VIRGINIA ESKRIDGE 8/14/1918-7/6/1999 T P O/DN
SCHAFER ANNA MAE ARMES 10/14/1928 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  ARTHUR KENNETH 9/6/1913-11/3/1977 T P O/DN
  BANNARD F. 3/4/1926-4/14/1993 T P O/DN
  EDNA LASLIE 1/6/1923-6/23/2007 T P O/DN
SHREWSBURY ALBERT 5/23/1893-8/24/1915 T P O/DN
  JOEL THOMAS 4/12/1860-12/1/1925 T P O/DN
  JOHN LAWSON 3/23/1889-7/8/1944 T P O/DN
  LAURA BELLE SMITH 9/26/1863-5/21/1928 T P O/DN
  MARY LEIGH WHITWORTH 6/28/1890-7/13/1924 T P O/DN
  MARY T. 7/22/1891 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  PATTIE SCOTT 12/31/1895-1/23/1973 T P O/DN
  ROY LEE 2/18/1928-2/18/1928 T P O/DN
  SILAS 2/8/1938-3/31/1938 T P O/DN
  THOMAS MARIAN 2/28/1886-8/9/1961 T P O/DN
SKAGGS MYRNA BOARD 4/28/1921-7/12/1992 T P O/DN
  RENNIE LEE 2/23/1924-7/12/1992 T P O/DN
SMILEY AMON H. 3/29/1875-12/17/1950 T P O/DN
  AMIE CATHERINE SUTHERLIN 11/26/1893-9/19/1928 T P O/DN
  COVA FRANCES BASHAM 11/26/1899-3/31/1988 T P O/DN
  DAISY MAY SMILEY 5/12/1904-6/23/1971 T P O/DN
  DAVID STEPHEN 1/12/1929-1/15//1929 T P O/DN
  ELIZA E. LASLIE 9/13/1871-9/2/1961 T P O/DN
  ELIZA JANE NOTTINGHAM 5/3/1863-9/6/1931 T P O/DN
  EMMA BELL 7/8/1908-4/26/1920 T P O/DN
  EVA C. 7/27/1914-12/19/1918 T P O/DN
  EVELYN PRIEST 9/9/1933-9/19/1975 T P O/DN
  HARLEN RIGGS 12/30/1925-8/28/2004 T P O
  HARRISON THOMAS 1/12/1845-11/6/1923 T P O
  HAYS 12/13/1879-4/3/1929     O
  HAZEL RUDELL 2/25/1933-2/27/1933 T P O/DN
  HENRY D. 4/19/1895-1/20/1976 T P O
  HOLLIS D. 7/31/1903-2/8/1969 T P O
  JAMES N. 10/1/1855-9/10/1928 T P O/DN
  JOHN THOMAS 2/29/1884-6/30/1946 T P O/DN
  LEON REDMAN 1/28/1891-5/2/1945 T P O/DN
  LEONARD P. 7/31/1930-4/27/1972 T P O/DN
  LINDA SUE 4/22/1952-12/16/2006 T P O/DN
  MARY RUTH BASHAM 7/22/1829-3/23/1916 T P O/DN
  MATILDA BASHAM 11/11/1885-2/25/1969 T P O/DN
  NETTIE S. 2/2/1899-10/20/1976 T P O/DN
  ROBERT FRANKLIN 5/22/1926-10/24/1978 T P O/DN
  ROBERT LEE 1/19/1877-2/26/1936 T P O/DN
  ROBERT PIERCE 4/12/1860-5/18/1929 T P O/DN
  ROXIE LUCAS 5/23/1871-11/21/1965 T P O/DN
  RUBY ALLGOOD 5/12/1905-7/8/1998 T P O/DN
  SETH WILLIAM . 3/22/1859-12/9/1930 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM CRAVEN 11/18/1894-12/11/1966 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM JORDAN 1/14/1886-1/13/1953 T P O/DN
SMITH ADA 11/11/1899-2/28/1990 T P O/DN
  AUDRA L. 9/16/1911-5/25/1944 T P O/DN
  CRAVEN 6/29/1861-12/16/1924 T P O/DN
  EMILY FENTRESS 6/1/1842-5/6/1928 T P O/DN
  LUCY ELLEN FRY 11/17/1872-7/17/1941 T P O/DN
SOSH GUTHREY CURTIS 2/22/1909-12/19/1910 T P O/DN
SPENCER AMANDA ARMES 5/13/1872-4/27/1919 T P O/DN
  JAMES W. 1/29/1866-8/12/1919 T P O/DN
TUCKER AMANDA C. 3/13/1907-9/14/1913 T P O/DN
  AVA 3/22/1880-5/21/1904 T P O/DN
  DORA G. 6/5/1898-10/4/1913 T P O/DN
  ELZA, Sr. 11/28/1897-12/26/1972 T P O/DN
  ESTILL 1904-1982 T P O/DN
  INFANT DAUGHTER 11/22/1909-11/22/1909 T P O/DN
  INFANT SON 8/12/1926-8/12/1926 T P O/DN
  IVA 9/17/1873-1/13/1929 T P O/DN
  JOHN BERRY 2/28/1838-5/7/1913 T P O/DN
  SARAH "Mattie" GRAHAM 1/20/1874-1/15/1953 T P O/DN
  NINNIE D. ARMES 9/6/1906-10/7/2003 T P O/DN
  PAULINE NIX 1/17/1919-12/12/1991 T P O/DN
  SUSAN CRUME 4/7/1843-7/22/1929 T P O/DN
WHITWORTH CARVIE M. 12/20/1900-2/9/1958 T P O/DN
  FLOYD M. 2/28/1901-1/14/1982 T P O/DN
  GEORGE 5/12/1869-2/22/1957 T P O/DN
  JOHN H. 5/23/1867-1/24/1949 T P O/DN
  LAWRENCE 7/21/1898-11/7/1902 T P O/DN
  MARY C. 3/11/1926 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  MYRTLE RAY TUCKER 3/11/1903-6/27/1969 T P O/DN
  SARAH ELIZABETH KINNISON 8/3/1870-4/10/1931 T P O/DN
  THOMAS L. 11/24/1922-9/24/1965 T P O/DN
  TRECIA ANN HOWARD 2/9/1907-4/17/1973 T P O/DN
WILLIAMS ANNA I. 2/17/1937-4/28/1948 T P O/DN
  CALVIN W. 10/13/1923-11/16/1923 T P O/DN
  (Rev.) CHARLES R. 9/26/1890-6/24/1971 T P O/DN
  DONNIE DEWAYNE 7/22/1958-6/21/1980 T P O/DN
  ELZORA. MAY 9/5/1897-6/5/1985 T P O/DN
  EARL L. 12/24/1932-8/20/1934 T P O/DN
  HARLAND RANDALL 5/16/1925-8/9/1925 T P O/DN
  INFANT DAUGHTER 3/28/1912-3/28/1912 T P O
  JAMES DALLAS 2/12/1892-7/16/1982 T P O/DN
  LULA IDA BUTLER 3/22/1895-5/16/1981 T P O/DN
  LURA BUTLER 8/28/1903-11/2/1983 T P O/DN
  SHELBY WARD 6/16/1895-9/7/1979 T P O/DN
  TEMPLE 10/27/1907-10/28/1907 T P O/DN
WILSON GRANVILE I. 6/2/1889-3/5/1924 T P O/DN
  HEZ 1/19/1896-8/11/1983 T P O/DN
  IDA BELL HARPER 3/29/1894-12/1/1952 T P O/DN
  KATHLEEN ROBINSON 11/17/1913-10/19/1979 T P O/DN
  LULA ANN KISSINGER 2/23/1886-3/23/1968 T P O/DN
  MARY E. 4/10/1915-4/10/1915 T P O/DN