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CARMAN ACIE M. 12/22/1895-12/22/1978 T P O/DN
  ADA TUCKER 9/18//1875-5/12/1958 T P O/DN
  ALLINE NOTTINGHAM CARMAN 12/27/1927-7/5/1994 T P O/DN
  AMON H. 9/5/1916-10/31/1969 T P O/DN
  ANNA MARIE GOATEE 8/17/1942 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  C. MILTON 4/19/1872-9/12/1952 T P O/DN
  CARLIE C. 4/19/1915-12/5/1982 T P O/DN
  DONNIE 5/11/1958-5/11/1958 T P O/DN
  EMMA LUCAS 2/16/1891-7/1/1969 T P O/DN
  EVA M. 2/22/1898-8/22/1989 T P O/DN
  EVERETT B. 10/2/1896-3/24/1973 T P O/DN
  GARY A. 9/29/1946-10/21/1986 T P O/DN
  GERTIE HINES 1/17/1899-9/28/1983 T P O/DN
  JANE TILDA 3/15/1913-3/10/1990 T P O/DN
  JESTER MATTHEW 8/22/1874-1/17/1958 T P O/DN
  LOTTIS 1/16/1924-8/13/1996 T P O/DN
  MAURICE 2/27/1908-6/8/1984 T P O/DN
  OMA D. ARMES 10/29/1925-6/2/1983 T P O/DN
  RACHEL HARPER 8/11/1915-3/27/1995 T P O/DN
  RANDALL 12/3/1967-10/7/2006 T P O/DN
  RICKY GLEN 8/27/1967-9/4/1993 T P O/DN
  RONNIE 5/11/1958-5/11/1958 T P O/DN
[D.C. gives name as following:
Sarah Elizabeth Nottingham]
9/2/1868-1/16/1938 T P O/DN
  STOY 12/26/1932-11/20/1994 T P O/DN
  VERNON MITCHELL, Sr. 7/29/1894-6/10/1984 T P O/DN
  WILLARD P. 4/15/1917-5/18/1979 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM DOUGLAS 6/23/1974-12/9/2006 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM H. 11/5/1891-5/11/1963 T P O/DN
CARR EDGAR R. 5/17/1896-10/6/1963 T P O/DN
  GEORGE 6/19/1932-6/19/1932 T P O/DN
  GEORGE E. 1901-1993 T P O/DN
  IVA EDGAR 3/3/1935-3/3/1935 T P O/DN
  MAMIE B. 1908-1988 T P O/DN
CLARK BETTIE LUCAS 9/6/1864-12/8/1926 T P O/DN
  BRANDON 1/14/1985-1/14/1985 T P O/DN
  CARRIE E. 4/19/1936-5/13/1954 T P O/DN
  HENRY ROGERS "Pete" 1/12/1910-1/23/1929 T P O/DN
  JOHN REDMAN 7/13/1870-5/28/1926 T P O/DN
  LIDIA FRANCES 7/--/1892 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
  OVA 4/2/1912-2/23/1994 T P O/DN
CONOVER HAZEL B. --/--/1922-1/30/1976 T P O/DN
CRUME E. M. (no dates) T P O/DN
DALTON ED. (no dates) T P O/DN
DENNIS ELZA 3/15/1922-1/9/1978 T P O/DN
  MARGIE HARPER 7/29/1929-1/20/2009 T P O/DN
  MILDRED ARMS 2/14/1924-7/21/1997 T P O/DN
  ROGER 1/16/1948-1/14/1991 T P O/DN
DRANE ADAM BRENT 8/6/1984-7/23/2007 T P O/DN
  ALBIN A. 10/15/1837-11/28/1901 T P O/DN
  CLIFF 9/8/1904-8/16/1969 T P O/DN
  GEORGIA L. 2/12/1910-4/12/1980 T P O/DN
  JACK 7/9/1931-2/21/2007 T P O/DN
  JESSIE MAE DAY 10/24/1903-5/13/1983 T P O/DN
  LEE J. 4/18/1971-4/21/1971 T P O/DN
  MARGIERENE 1/22/1923-12/5/1924 T P O/DN
  MARSHALL 3/24/1906-3/25/1918 T P O/DN
  MARY ALLINE 7/16/1915-7/28/1917 T P O/DN
  MATTIE FENTRESS 5/31/1891-11/10/1963 T P O/DN
  PAUL JAMES 4/11/1937-1/10/2014 T P O/DN
  R. M. (no dates) T P O/DN
  SOLOMON 10/15/1880-3/3/1956 T P O/DN
  THEADOCIA SMITH 10/15/1849 - -/--/----
[D.C. lists different cem.
burial and following info:
ESKRIDGE EDWARD L. 6/26/1880-4/15/1968 T P O/DN
  MARION E. 11/19/1936-12/10/1936 T P O/DN
  MARY ELIZA TUCKER 6/6/1886-3/10/1935 T P O/DN
FENTRESS MARY 4/7/1837-12/22/1908 T P O/DN
  RONNIE GENE 4/17/1950-3/24/1986 T P O/DN
GILLINGWATER ABEL E. 1/17/1914-8/29/1996 T P O/DN
  VERDA LASLIE 4/14/1914-11/28/2005 T P O/DN
GOODMAN FRANCES M. 12/5/1910-1/22/1911 T P O/DN
GOOTEE MONNIE 2/5/1935-3/30/2007 T P O/DN
GRAHAM BEN F. 2/27/1877-11/10/1915 T P O/DN
  LOYD FRANKLIN 4/12/1913-9/17/1916 T P O/DN
HALL MABLE CARY 12/15/1906-10/2/1996 T P O/DN
HARPER ALICE G. LASLIE 11/9/1882-1/25/1955 T P O/DN
  BEVIE M. NOTTINGHAM 2/27/1912-9/28/1974 T P O/DN
  ELLEN D. CARMAN 4/15/1903-2/11/1992 T P O/DN
  HOMER 4/9/1911-8/3/1982 T P O/DN
  JAMES GARLAND 2/7/1943-9/19/1950 T P O/DN
  JAMES W. 5/17/1907-1/18/1982 T P O/DN
  SIDNEY 5/1/1905-5/29/1989 T P O/DN
  WILLIAM "Willie" 12/28/1872-11/24/1961 T P O/DN
HAYCRAFT EARL D. 5/28/1914-11/12/1991 T P O/DN
  JESSIE 3/26/1891-11/7/1969 T P O/DN
  MARGARET 4/17/1913-3/9/1995 T P O/DN
HEAVRIN LEONA F. 8/20/1921 - --/--/---- T P O/DN
HOKE MARY LEE LASLIE 7/4/1935-6/23/1973 T P O/DN
HORSLEY LONARD LEE 1/29/1943-10/29/2014 T P O/DN
  MARLENA BETH 8/9/1978-8/9/1978 T P O/DN
HOWARD SARAH (no stone) T P O/DN
  WILLIAM F. (no stone) T P O/DN
KENNEDY JAMES EARL, Sr. 1/15/1916-9/25/1972 T P O/DN
  LORA ELLEN BASHAM 7/23/1928-9/11/2005 T P O/DN
KINNISON PAUL E. 5/22/1918-5/16/1925 T P O/DN
LAMPTON WILLIAM L. 9/12/1896-6/15/1965 T P O/DN
LASLIE ANDREW L. 6/11/1929-8/23/1966 T P O/DN
  AVA 5/4/1898-11/12/1984 T P O/DN
  BETTY 9/7/1918-1/11/1988 T P O/DN
  CATHERINE M. 3/7/1930-7/5/1983 T P O/DN
  ESSA 5/31/1902-11/29/1977 T P O/DN
  HELEN "Virginia" 1928-1930
[D.C. lists the following:
  JAMES FRANKLIN 1940-1946
[D.C. lists the following:
  LENA 9/23/1909-8/16/1910 T P O/DN
  LESTER C., Jr. 1/5/1967-6/22/1988 T P O/DN
  OLLIE MAE "Mae" Carman 9/18/1885-12/15/1968 T P O/DN
  MARGARET "Maggie" ARMES 2/14/1890-10/2/1970 T P O/DN
  PETER CRAVEN 8/7/1873-10/29/1957 T P O/DN
  REBA KINNERSON 5/27/1915-3/16/2001 T P O/DN
  ROY BOWMER 9/29/1914-2/13/1988 T P O/DN
  SHELLIE BROWN 7/11/1888-4/19/1969 T P O/DN
  SHERMAN 11/17/1911-3/12/1976 T P O/DN
  TRAMUEL DENNISON "Dennie" 11/27/1879-9/9/1949 T D O/DN
  VERBAL 11/22/1915-1/9/1943 T P O/DN
  VERBAL ALICE 2/15/1957-2/15/1957 T P O/DN
  VICTOR 12/17/1919-2/8/1920 T P O/DN
  VIRGINIA K. HALE 1941 - ---- T P O/DN
  WILLIAM L. 12/11/1877-6/10/1953 T P O/DN